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English Tawse / Lochgelly Strapp - For Whipping And Erotic Spanking Pleasure

This English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap is a must have for traditional schoolroom discipline and corporal punishment role playing scenes. This very fine, hand-crafted English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap slapper from The Stockroom has a rich, rusted-brown and black finish with an attractive tooled pattern on the handle.

The English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap has an 18" total length, 6" of which is the handle, and is 2" wide. The slapper end is split in two, giving the implement its distinctive sting on the hands, thighs or bare buttocks.

Tawse Definition: A tawse - known in Scotland as a Lochgelly strap - is an implement for corporal punishment. It was formerly used for educational discipline, primarily in Scotland, but also in schools in a number of English cities.

A tawse traditionally consists of a strip of leather, with one end split into a number of tails. The thickness of the leather and the number of tails varied. The most effective tawse used by Scottish teachers for many years was produced by three generations of the Dick family of saddlers and leather workers based in Lochgelly, Fife. Their belts were made from hard and dense leather, split into two or three stiff tails at the business end to maximise the sting. The English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap produced by The Stockroom is a variant of this traditional Scottish implement of corporal punishment.

Scottish schools used the tawse to punish pupils of either sex on the palm of the hand. They were usually instructed to hold out one hand, palm uppermost, and supported by the other hand, which made it difficult to move the hand away during infliction of the punishment, and also ensured that the full force of each stroke was taken by the hand being strapped.

In Walsall and Gateshead, and in some schools in Manchester, male students were tawsed on the seat of the trousers.

A 1982 judgment of the European Court of Human Rights about parental choice in education led to the use of the tawse being banned in UK state schools.

Original English Tawses / Lochgelly Straps are now considered collectibles and may be sold for several hundred pounds each.

The English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap was also used for judicial corporal punishment in parts of Scotland and England as an alternative to the more usual birch. Courts could sentence boys of over 14 but under 16 to up to 36 strokes with an extra-heavy tawse for any offence. This was administered to the offender's bare buttocks. Judicial corporal punishment was abolished in Britain in 1948.
English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap
Online Price : $85.00
English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap - For Whipping And Erotic Spanking Pleasure
Buy English Tawse / Strap For Fetish Spanking And Flagellation At Discount Online Price From JT’s Stockroom
English Tawse / Strap For Bondage, BDSM And S&M Flagellation, Whipping And Erotic Spanking Role Playing
English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap - For Whipping And Erotic Spanking Pleasure

Traditionally, within schools, the English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap was mostly used on the hands, whereas for domestic use there was a preference for application on the usually bare buttocks. Whether this duality of use was due to modesty as in the case of the cane is difficult to say. Certainly in England the birch lost it's place to the cane because it could not be applied over clothing. The cane was effective over trousers and underwear and so it became the weapon of choice in schools. The domestic situation did not change so swiftly though and because bottoms could easily be bared in the home disciplinary situation the English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap was still being employed by parents and governesses well into the early nineteen hundreds.

The best size of English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap - length, weight, thickness and number of tails - depends much on the experience of the recipient and the executioner and upon the place where it is to be applied. The Tawse was most popular in Scotland and Tyneside where it was traditionally applied to the outstretched palms of schoolchildren. In the home the English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap was also used by parents on bare bottoms. Scottish Tawses were generally manufactured by local saddlers from harness leather. Last century Lochgelly in Fife became a legendary epicentre for Tawse manufacture when the Philip (later Dick) family produced high quality belts, as tawses or straps were known, for school teachers throughout Scotland and further afield. Other famous manufacturers include MacRostie & Stevenson of Glasgow, Brownlee of Banff and Drysdale of Dundee. In Glasgow the Corporation also produced its own tawse, always in black leather.

The Dick models from the 1950’s are probably the most fearsome of the English Tawse / Lochgelly Straps available as they were made from thick leather that is no longer available.

“In the old days, I remember that it was called a gym whacking. One female teacher - the Senior Mistress - was in charge of disciplining girls. She was a formidable lady in her late 60's and was Scottish. The girls were quite intimidated by her and it was rumoured that girls sent to her for serious infractions of regulations could end up being tawsed with a twin tailed leather belt that she kept in her desk drawer. I can't help but feel that there must have been some substance to this scholastic folklore. As the cane was the preferred method of discipline - for boys at least - it would seem strange for pupils to know about the tawse which wasn't used officially in Cumberland at that time. The Senior Mistress had trained at Jordanhill Teacher Training College in Glasgow, Scotland and had taught in Scotland before and after the war. As a teacher qualifying in the late twenties or early thirties she would have been trained in the use of the English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap and would most certainly have been given, or would have bought, a tawse on completion of her training. To go into a Scottish classroom without a tawse would have been a sign of weakness. I feel sure that when she came to England to teach she would have brought her tawse with her but she would never have been able to display it in the same way she could in Scotland. The 1960's was the time of the miniskirt and she would instruct whole years of girls to attend the gymnasium where she'd have chairs set out for them. On arrival they were instructed to bend over the chairs while she went along with a ruler to check for uniform infringements. In some cases these hemline inspections also included a check on underwear, especially on non games days, and any girls caught with too short hemlines or wearing unsuitable underwear were in trouble. It was said that in some cases she'd take girls who'd seriously infringed the rules, or who had talked back, to her office and that once there they'd be tawsed on their bare bottoms. Surprisingly, so far as I know none of the girls who received a bare bottom belting with her English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap ever complained.”

“I've received most belts on the backside over the years and would suggest that for adult discipline English Tawses / Lochgelly Straps are best for proper corporal punishments. For obvious reasons a three tail belt will hurt more than a two tail belt but the true test of a belt comes from its ability to cover a bare backside in bright red welts with little more than a dozen strokes. Gentler prolonged application also produces a red bottom and that lovely afterglow that we corporal punishment aficionados so desire. Hard strokes laid on with thirty or more seconds recovery time between them produces a superb punishment. For a good quality modern reproduction English Tawse / Lochgelly Strap at an affordable prices you should look no further than The Stockroom.”
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