Rubber Bondage Gear For Fetish Sex Pleasure

*** Female Rubberwear ***
Blade Top - Latex
Buckle Tank - Latex
Contrast  Briefs - Latex
Corset Dress - Rubber
Courtney Garter - Latex
Courtney Stockings - Latex
Cropped T Shirt - Latex
Front Laced Tank - Latex
Garter Dress - Rubber
Halter Top - Latex
Heart Corset - Latex
Leggings - Latex
Military Jacket - Latex
Mini Skirt - Rubber
Natalie Panties - Latex
Natalie Stockings - Latex
Nipper Corset - Rubber
Pias Frill Panties - Latex
Pia Frill Stockings - Latex
Spanking Skirt - Rubber
Sport Top - Rubber
Story Of O Cuffs - PVC
Tank Dress Latex
Stockings - Thigh-Hi Latex
Trench Coat - Latex
Waist Cincher - PVC
Women’s Thong - Latex

*** Male Rubberwear ***
Chest Harness - PVC
Classic Jockstrap - Rubber
Cycle Shorts - Rubber
Execution Hood - Rubber
Military Breeches - Latex
Military Tank Top - Latex
Military Tee - Rubber
Penis Prison - Rubber
Surf Suit - Rubber
Tank Top - Latex
Thong For Men - Rubber
Tighty Whitey - Latex
Torso Harness - PVC
Uniform Shirt - Latex
Y Harness - PVC

*** Unisex Rubberwear ***
Apron - Leather
Apron - Rubber
Bondage Suit - Latex
Catsuit w/ Zipper - Latex
Double Fist Binder - Latex
Double Fist Mitt - Latex
Extreme Hood - Rubber
Fist Mitts - Rubber
Head Harness - Rubber
Imobilizing Vac-Bed - Latex
Laceup Gauntlet - Rubber
Leg Binder - Rubber
Motorcycle Chaps - Latex
Padded Hood - Rubber
Sleepsack - Rubber
Straitjacket - Rubber 1
Straitjacket - Rubber 2
Wrist Cuffs - Rubber

Black Beauty Polish
Pjur Eros Lubricant

*** Rubber Fetish DVDs ***
Day Spa DVD
Dominating Divas DVD
Kinky Girlfriends DVD
Maximum Kink DVD
Pain B4 Pleasure DVD
Painful Pleasures DVD
Paying The Price DVD
Rubber Slaves DVD
Rubber Starlets DVD
Slave Chronicles DVD
Strap-On Sluts DVD
Trapped In Latex DVD

Syren Celebrities

Latex & Rubber Fetishism
Shining Rubber Clothing
Wearing Rubber Clothing
Maintaining Rubberwear

Rubber Fetish Photos 1
Rubber Fetish Photos 2
Rubber Fetish Photos 3
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Lady Sonia Photos 1
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Lady Sonia Photos 4
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Trapped in Latex 1 DVD - Rubberwear And Rubber Fetish DVD

Mistress Jacqueline Du Monde's Rubber Save is under her complete control! He is Trapped In Latex, and held completely immobile inside an inflatable body bag.

Trapped In Latex securely to the bondage table, he can't move a muscle. He whimpers as she applies the electro-stimulation to his exposed body parts. When finished, she moves him to the form-fitting vacuum bed. Once inside he is teased and tortured even more.

Trapped In Latex DVD Features: Inflatables, Vac-bed, Hoods and Hot Latex FemDom action!

Cast: Jacqueline Du Monde and Rubber Slave

Director: Isabella Sinclaire

Studio: GwenManor

Trapped in Latex 1 DVD - Rubberwear And Rubber Fetish DVD
Trapped in Latex 1 DVD
Online Price : $24.95
Buy ‘Trapped in Latex 1 & 2’ With Jacqueline Du Monde Rubber Fetish DVD At Online Price From JT’s Stockroom
‘Trapped in Latex 1 & 2’ DVD With Jacqueline Du Monde -  For Fetish And BDSM Rubber Sex Play By GwenMedia
Trapped in Latex 2 DVD - Rubberwear And Rubber Fetish DVD

The hapless Rubber Slave is encapsulated even further in this second Trapped In Latex DVD installment.

Suspended from an Inflatable Body Bag, he is nothing more than a Play Toy for the two Doms. Then he is taken down and Laced into Restrictive Ballet Boots and succumbs to Genital Torments and the Violet Wand. Next, he is blinded with the insertion of solid black contact lenses. Inflatable Latex Mitts adorn his hands, rendering them useless.

Cast: Jacqueline Du Monde, Anna Valentina and Rubber Slave

Director: Robert Zak

Studio: GwenManor

Trapped in Latex 2 DVD - Rubberwear And Rubber Fetish DVD
Trapped in Latex 2 DVD
Online Price : $24.95
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