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See England’s Award Winning MILF Fetishist
Pussy Party DVDs : Buy Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party Hardcore Lesbian Sex Porn DVDs At Discount Online Prices - Part Of Seymore Butts’ Family Business

Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party DVDs : The notorious hardcore lesbian masturbation and squirting / female ejaculation porn DVD series produced by the legendary Seymore Butts’ foul mouthed Cousin Stevie Glasser. The infamous Family Business Showtime reality TV series about the life Seymore Butts aka Adam Glasser featured his dirty minded Cousin Stevie as his porn DVD empire business manager and sidekick. Cousin Stevie produces the infamous Pussy Party DVDs, an award-winning gonzo porn series featuring nasty female porn sluts who compete in front of a panel of horny judges, for the prize of best lesbian sex action, best female masturbation sex action, best self fucking sex toy action, and best female ejaculation and squirting action.

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One of the most infamous reality TV shows ever screened was Family Business, Showtime's revealing sex and porno industry series. Revolving around the life and work of Adam Glasser - aka Seymour Butts - and featuring his Cousin Stevie Glasser, it is a salacious but revealing look at how the little guys battle to earn a living in the billion dollar porn movie industry, while keeping his relatives from ruining everything. Seymore’s Cousin Stevie - creator of the Pussy Party DVD series - is a notorious crank with the F-word constantly poised on his lips.

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“Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party Porn DVDs are well-shot and produced with high-quality equipment, and the audio is equally vibrant and emotive. These nasty lesbian ladies genuinely seem to be enjoying furiously fucking themselves and each other with fingers and toys, and to look at all the squirting puddles on the floor I don't doubt it. With plentiful extras, Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party DVDs are thoughtfully assembled and well worth collecting if you like women on woman gonzo sex action.”

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Seymore Butts foul mouthed Cousin Stevie Glasser has his own explicit, hardcore series of gonzo female only adult DVD titles, known as Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party. This all-female pussy and ass fuck fest has an interesting scenario - Horny lesbian porn sluts demonstrate their solo and mutual masturbation, orgasm and squirting abilities as they cum and cum again with massive orgasms and plenty of squirting. Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party DVDs feature nasty, hardcore pussy fucking and deep ass drilling lesbian sex action - with plenty of squirting and female ejaculation, sex toy fucking, pussy licking, cum tasting, huge anal dildo drilling, a deep throat contest, and much more nasty lesbian sex action, all to be found in every one of the Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party DVDs!

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Watch hot and horny lesbian sluts have pussy pounding and asshole drilling sex with one another, and which ever one is the best at pussy fucking, cumming and squirting wins a big bonus for her paycheck. The result is that the girls who actually like girls, like making girls cum, and are excited about cumming themselves are rewarded for doing what they like to do best. Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party is totally hot! It's fun watching girls who really like having furiously orgasmic sex with one another.

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“I watched a Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party Porn DVD with my girlfriend, and it was the hottest porn ever - realistic female gonzo masturbation sex action all the way! The girls look like they're having a lot of fun as they fuck themselves senseless then squirt cum juice out of their wet pussies as they experience massive orgasms. Any Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party DVD is a must just for the bonus footage alone. You find out what lesbian porn stars are really like when they are with each other, or alone and ready for some extreme solo female masturbation. The girls are young but there are a few quite well known porn stars. Unfortunately quite a few dildos but don't worry, there is deep pussy fingers and tongues as well. We both found it very exciting watching them finger fuck then lick each others ass holes.”

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10 - Lick This -  Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party 9 Lesbian Sex Action DVD
2 - Original Pussy Party -  Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party 1 Sex Action DVD
14 - Squirt, Squirter, Squirting -  Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party 13 Sex Action DVD
4 - Tarzania -  Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party 3 Lesbian Sex Action DVD
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