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See England’s Award Winning MILF Fetishist
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Do you enjoy watching other people having uninhibited sex in public places, including at parties, in car parks and sex on the beach? Are you an exhibitionist who gets turned on when you are seen having sexual intercourse or indulging in oral sex outdoors or in a public place, such as dogging a car park? If so, our handpicked selection of hardcore voyeur exhibitionist, public sex, outdoor sex and sex on the beach DVDs are right up your street, and are available to order at discount online prices!

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Public sex means having exhibitionist sex in a public environment, including outdoors. It also describes an exhibitionist sex act performed outside. Dogging sex means engaging in sexual acts, often with strangers, in a semi-public place - typically a secluded car park or a movie theater, or watching others having sex in public places. Frequently, there are more than two participants in public sex acts. Group sex and sometimes even gang bangs can occur. Observation of these public sex acts is encouraged, thus voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging and public daysplays of sexual activity at parties and on the beach. The people involved often meet either randomly or arrange to meet-up beforehand via specialist dogging and public sex web sites.

Public Sex Porn DVDs : Enjoy Watching Hardcore Voyeur Beach, Dogging, Exhibitionist, Party, Public And Outdoor Sex On High Quality DVDs

The Internet and text messaging are common ways of organising public sex and outdoor sex meetings. The original definition of dogging is spying on couples having sex in a car or other public place. This can become habitual and is a fetish known as voyeurism. Dogging once attracted mass media attention to the point that it has become difficult for couples to casually park at a recognised dogging site and have sex without almost immediately being surrounded by a circle of rather pushy single males. This led to harassment of members of the public on some occasions, police involvement, and a tendency for some couples to move their public sexual activities to other locations and towards soft swinging. Although it was originally a British phenomenon, public dogging sex has spread to other countries, such as the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Spain.

Public Sex - Including Dogging Sex - Is Enjoyed By Many People

At first, there was a strict code of etiquette regarding approaching or not approaching parked cars where couples were engaged in semi public sexual activities, but this has now largely been broken. This has also caused distress to other non-dogging couples who have unwittingly entered the same car park looking for privacy, leading to police involvement in some places. In the light of this, many couples, especially those who prefer mutual voyeurism to casual group sex, have increasingly transferred to meeting new friends via the Soft-Swinging scene and now do their dogging and allow others ro watch their sexual activities in a more social atmosphere in the relative safety, comfort and privacy of each other's homes.

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