The Facts About Penis Stretching For Penis Enlargement And Strengthening

Introduction To Penis Stretching

Modern penile traction devices have conventionally been used by patients who have undergone penis lengthening surgery. In fact, such devices are so fundamental to the success of the lengthening procedure that without their consistent use during the recovery period, permanent increases are seldom made. A common misconception is that surgery produces immediate gains in length, but in reality it is through the application of post operative traction in the following months that length increases are steadily achieved. Due to this reliance on traction to achieve results, many have questioned the validity of penis lengthening surgery. The point has rightly been raised that if traction is responsible for the majority of length increases achieved through surgery, then surely the use of a penile traction device on its own should produce similar results without the associated risks.  

The Principle of Penis Stretching

The principle behind the use of weights and stretching devices is based on the tendency of human tissue to adapt when exposed to sustained tensile force. In other words, when tissue within the body is subjected to consistent, long term stretching it grows to better deal with the stresses placed on it. The cells within the tissue are forced to divide and multiply under the strain of the applied tension, and over time this leads to an increase in tissue mass. The whole idea of being able to permanently stretch various parts of the human anatomy may seem a little far fetched, but in reality the practice has had quite a successful track record.  

Examples of Penis Stretching in Human Culture

Over the centuries ritualistic stretching of various parts of the human body has been seen and documented in a number of cultures. Even today, various cultures throughout the world are still known to employ simple stretching methods to accentuate certain features. Numerous African tribes for example, are well known to stretch the soft tissues of the face, in particular the lips and earlobes. The East African Maasai people, living on the borders of Kenya and Tanzania, pierce and stretch their earlobes to many times their normal size. Whilst the South West Ethiopian Mursi women insert progressively larger clay plates in their mouths to gradually stretch their lower lips to extraordinary proportions.  Most incredible of all though, are the women of the Padaung tribe in Burma, who from youth place increasing numbers of metal rings around their necks. These gradually stretch their heads from their bodies by up to an extra ten inches over the course of many years – earning them the rather apt moniker of ‘Giraffe women’.  There are even specific examples of ritualistic penis stretching to be found from around the world. Two prominent examples are provided by separate continents – India, and again, Africa.  Firstly, the Naga sect of the Sadhus, who are an itinerant group of holy men who travel the length and breadth of India, systematically stretch their penises through the use of heavy rocks. They can achieve lengths of up to 18 inches, although their goals are purely spiritual rather than for any functional purpose. In fact, the Sadhus have no preoccupation with sex and intentionally damage their penises beyond repair in an attempt to achieve spiritual enlightenment.  The African Karamojong tribe from North Eastern Uganda have been known to employ similar penis stretching techniques. From early youth they hang ever increasing numbers of circular stone disks from the end of their penises, and over the course of a number of years they can achieve penis lengths comparable to the Indian Sadhus. In order to better manage their rather monumental and impractical appendages, the Karamojong then tie their penises in knots. It’s worth noting that although both the Karamojong and the Sadhus achieve incredible penis sizes, they in fact permanently damage their penises beyond the point of no return. Such extreme practices eventually lead to nerve and tissue damage which prevent any normal erectile function. These examples however, do give an insight into the feasibility of penis stretching. With more controlled and moderate use, modest gains in size are achievable without running the risk of injury.

Examples Of Penis Stretching In Western Medicine

Not all examples of human tissue stretching are cultural. In the West, mainstream medicine employs the same stretching principles in a number of situations. As already noted, penile traction is an essential recovery aid following penis lengthening surgery, without which permanent length gains are rarely achieved. But this is just one of several examples. Stretching techniques can also be used in cases where grafts of skin are needed. The skin on a healthy area of the body can be gradually stretched over a period of time, thereby providing flaps of skin which are then transplanted to a new area. Furthermore, Orthopaedic surgery utilises similar techniques to lengthen limbs in an attempt to rectify congenital growth abnormalities. After surgically breaking the bone in the limb to be extended, traction is steadily applied to lengthen the limb millimetre be millimetre. Over the course of several months, this procedure can produce an increase in limb length of several centimetres, creating not only new bone but also new muscle and connective tissue. All this is achieved without damage to either the nerves or blood vessels within the limb.  

Studies into the Effectiveness of Penile Stretching

Most of the other well publicized methods of penis enlargement rely heavily on the anecdotal successes of individuals for their validity. Interestingly however, there have been a number of controlled studies into the effectiveness of penile stretching. Such studies have tended to focus on a test group of men using a specific penile traction device for a predetermined length of time each day, over the course of several months.One 1998 study, entitled ‘Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching’ performed by a Danish plastic surgeon, recorded an average permanent gain of 2.7 cm (just over an inch) in the erect penis length of the 18 participants. This research, conducted over three months, involved the test subjects wearing a specific traction device (the Pro Extender) for twelve hours a day, seven days a week throughout the trial. Although the gains achieved weren’t phenomenal, the study did provide clinical, objective confirmation that traction can promote noticeable increases in penis size. When considering the controversy that surrounds the subject of penis enlargement, this type of scientific verification is a rare and welcome thing.

The Effect of Traction on Penis Girth

There is a pervasive myth that suggests that increases in penis length achieved through traction are generally accompanied by a proportionate decrease in penis girth. In other words, the longer the penis stretches the thinner it gets. However, in reality the process of traction does not substitute one for the other. It would be true to suggest that traction does indeed place an emphasis on lengthening the penis, but this is not at the expense of penis girth. All areas within the penile shaft are placed under equal stress when traction is applied and as a result all tissue cells multiply uniformly to cope with the demand. This has been born out by clinical research into the effectiveness of another penile stretching device, which indicated test subjects achieved average increases of around ½ inch in penis girth.

Reasons Why Traction Promotes Greater Gains in Length than Girth

The discrepancy between length and girth increase is probably due to the fact that traction also gradually stretches the suspensory ligament that anchors the penis to the pubic bone and holds a portion of the penile shaft internally. In fact, the penis extends for several inches behind the pubic bone. By stretching the ligament that maintains the position of the internal part of the penile shaft, this hidden length is gradually exposed – creating additional visible and functional length. Surgical penis lengthening actually involves severing the suspensory ligament to allow this externalization of the internal penis. However, it would seem that stretching the ligament through traction is equally if not more effective. One of the main drawbacks of the surgical technique is that scar tissue formation following the procedure tends to retract the penis back into the body – negating the gains that would otherwise have been achieved. Traction therefore promotes length gains through two distinct processes. Firstly by creating additional tissue mass as cells within the penis multiply in number in response to the stress placed on them. Secondly, additional visible length is achieved by gradually exposing a portion of the internally held penile shaft due to the stretching of the suspensory ligament. Gains in penis girth on the other hand, are only achieved through the one process i.e. the division of cells within the penis. As a result of this dual process, gains in length tend to be far more pronounced and noticeable.

Potential Problems With Penis Stretching

A major concern most men have when debating whether to try a penile stretching device regards the safety issues involved. There is certainly a great deal of negative propaganda to be found on the Web regarding potential injury risks associated with this method of penis enlargement. The majority however, is highly inaccurate and tends to be spun by commercial sites with a vested interest in propagating misinformation in order to sell their own alternative product. The main concerns usually revolve around the potential for either penile nerve damage or alternatively, problems resulting from restricted blood flow to the glans (head) of the penis. However, such complications are unlikely in the extreme if due care is taken and a good quality traction device is used. These problems have only been documented in cases where crude home made devices have been used to hang excessive amounts of weight from the penis. For example, tying a piece of string in a noose behind the head of the penis and then hanging gym weights pendulum style is undoubtedly a bad idea. The noose is likely to tighten, which in turn places pressure on the main dorsal nerve running along the top of the penile shaft and also prevents normal blood flow to the penis head.  In the worst case scenario, long-term sustained exposure to such abuse could cause problems. The dorsal nerve may suffer irreversible damage, leading to a partial lose of penile sensation or in extreme cases even impotence. Cutting off the blood flow to the penile head for extended periods over several months could also well lead to tissue damage. But these are the extremes and you would certainly experience severe pain, numbing or swelling to alert you to the fact you were doing something wrong well before you risked permanent damage.  Although these dangers are often quoted, in reality using a well designed traction device is perfectly safe. Modern devices attach to the head of the penis with surgical grade silicone tubing that prevents pressure being placed on the dorsal nerve and also ensures proper blood circulation is maintained - even during periods of extended use. Furthermore, they provide precisely controlled and adjustable levels of tensile force (usually of a range from 1 – 4 lbs) that fall well within safety ranges.

Workings of a Modern Penis Stretching Device

The latest generation of penile traction devices are quite simple, but sophisticated in design. They rely on providing very precise levels of tension in order to ensure both safe usage and optimum results.  Their basic framework consists of a plastic ring that encircles the base of the penis, from which two adjustable metal rods run down either side of the penile shaft. These two metal rods connect at the other end to a flexible loop made from surgical silicone tubing, which fastens onto the end of the penis just behind the glans (head). Once secured to the penis, the metal rods are adjusted to apply a measured level of traction, ranging in predetermined increments from around 1 – 4 lbs.

Usage Of Penis Stretching And Penis Traction Devices

Penile traction devices are generally worn continuously for a number of hours each day, although some find it more practical to break daily usage into several shorter sessions. The length of each daily session however, is entirely up to individual preference and has little bearing on eventual gains.  Results are ultimately determined by the total accumulated hours of usage over the entire course of treatment. To illustrate the point, applying traction for two hours a day over six months will typically produce the same end results as a three month regime consisting of daily four hour sessions. In simple terms, the longer the device is worn each day, the quicker gains tend to be achieved. In fact, with lifestyle permitting such devices can be safely worn for as many as twelve hours per day. The most important point however, is to ensure consistent daily usage rather than intermittently applying traction for long but irregular marathon sessions. It’s worth noting though that modern devices tend to be designed with practicality in mind. They generally fit inconspicuously under loose clothing and don’t interfere with normal everyday activities. Proper rest periods between daily traction sessions are of course equally important to ensuring steady progress. Whilst the physical act of applying traction to the penis provides the stimulus for growth, it is during the interspersed periods of rest that recovery and regeneration of the stressed penile tissue occurs. It is for this reason that daily traction sessions should never exceed the recommended twelve hour upper limit.

Popularity Of Penis Stretching And Penis Traction Devices

Until recently, good quality penile traction devices have remained prohibitively expensive. This is no doubt due to their initial development and use as recovery aids for patients having undergone penis lengthening surgery. Their status as medical apparatus, together with development costs and a limited client base have all helped to keep prices high.  However, as their effectiveness as a stand alone method of penis enlargement has gradually been realized and their popularity has accordingly increased, so too have prices dramatically fallen. An example of this turn around is provided by a device known as the Jes Extender, which was originally developed by a Danish Plastic Surgeon in the early 1990’s.  Until fairly recently, this penile traction device carried a rather hefty U.S. $1000 price tag, placing it firmly out of the reach of many. Recently however, the product has been launched in the U.S. renamed the Pro Extender and now retails for a far more reasonable $300.  A comparable device available from Size Genetics offers similar quality for around the same price. Both the Pro Extender and Size Genetics offering have proven popular, with each manufacturer now bundling their traction devices with a number of additional products to further add value. Both come with a range of herbal supplements as well as a natural penis enlargement exercise program for those interested in combining several enlargement methods. Whether these additional components used in tandem actively boost the effects of traction remains to be seen however.

Summary -  Penis Stretching And Penis Traction Devices

For many men, the use of a penile traction device is an attractive proposition when compared to alternative methods of penis enlargement. For example, the method requires far less commitment than a natural exercise regime and has none of the potential pitfalls associated with surgery. It is of course still important to ensure consistent daily usage of the device. Once attached to the penis however, very little in the way of active participation is needed – apart perhaps from periodically checking to ensure the device is properly secured. One of the main benefits of modern penile traction devices is that they apply consistent, but relatively low levels of tension to the penis. Safety is therefore maintained, whilst producing steady gains.  With several months of daily usage, gains of an inch or more in penis length are common and are equally noticeable in both the erect and flaccid state. Gains in penis girth tend to be slightly less pronounced, with the typical increase in circumference being around ½ an inch. Contrary to popular myth however, the use of traction certainly does not result in a loss of girth.  Although not a quick fix solution, consistent use of traction tends to promote steady permanent increases in penis size over the course of 3-6 months. It offers a viable method of penis enlargement for those interested in achieving their goals in a gradual, methodical manner.  
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The Facts About Penis Stretching For Penis Enlargement And Strengthening
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