Adult Friend Finder Online Dating Service Exposed By A Regular Sex Seeking User

The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network is intended mostly for men who are interested in "hooking up" with women for sex, and for women who want laid without entering into a relationship. I am a straight guy, 27 years old from Grand Rapids, MI. Most of the information here is based on my personal experience in seeking no strings sex contacts with with Adult Friend Finder.

If you are a woman who is interested in finding a good online dating service to use all I can do is recommend that you take a look at The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network and make your own choice. The one thing that I know for sure is that women receive preferential treatment when signing up.

Adult Dating Really Does Work - Join The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network and you will probably be having sex within the first couple of days - join the wrong service and you are right back to where you started, minus a few of your hard earned $$$.
Signing Up Is Free - And you will get what you pay for. Everyone will allow you to create a profile and start browsing their site but that's about it. Don't expect anything much until you actually pay for a membership. Do you honestly think a girl is going to want to hook up with a guy who isn't even willing to shell out $20 for a basic membership?
Women Lie On Their Profiles - In my opinion, more than men. Although most of the profiles on The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network are legit there is a chance you will run into some scammers. I have been using these services for 3 years and trust me they are out there. I have reported more than a few women who were trying to get me to pay them for sex or when I met them they looked nothing like their picture.
Adult Dating Saves Time And $$$ - think about it. How much does it cost you to go out to the bar and try to leave with someone. Using adult dating sites allows you to cut through the BS and get straight to it. No more buying drinks to try and start a conversation.

My job requires me to be on the road for about 10 months out of the year and that makes it very difficult to have a regular sexual relationship. I don't know about you but I can't go all that long without having sex so I needed to figure something out when I got this job. One day I was having a few beers with a friend, whose opinion I actually trust, and I told him that I didn't know what to do for sex while I was on the road. I was reluctant to pay for a hooker. We joked about it and he said that I should try online dating. At first I just laughed it off but the more beers we drank; the better it sounded.

So off we went to his computer to start looking for online dating services.

I don't remember exactly how it went but I know it didn't take us very long to find The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network. We immediately signed up for the free service and started checking out some of the women's profiles. I know at the time we were both pretty amazed that this kind of site existed but we also agreed that we were not drunk enough to pay for this.

And that was that; we checked things out for a bit and left The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network site. But a few weeks later my friend e-mailed me, asking me if I had met anyone yet. He then absolutely floored me when he told me that he had actually bought a membership!

Just so you know, I only signed up to The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network because they actually have pretty good fraud protection - and hey, what the hell, maybe this really could be legit.

So, I decided to give The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network a chance, and make full use of its facilitiess, so I sat down for an hour to mess around on the site.But an hour wasn't enough.

I was leaving Grand Rapids in about a month so I wanted to test out Adult Friend Finder before I left. I emailed my buddy and told him we should have a little competition, cause that's what we do. So the bet was on - 2 weeks, loser buys the beer for my going away party.

Well the bad news is I had to buy beer for my own going away party, but the good news is I hooked up with 6 different girls over that 2 weeks. However, in my defense to the bet, we agreed that the terms would be how many different girls, not how many times in total we had sex. I would have won.

So those are my personal results with Adult Friend Finder. Keep in mind this was the first couple weeks and I did buy the Gold membership. I can tell you that I have gotten much better, since I have been playing the game for a few years now. I could probably write a book about what not to do with online dating, maybe.

Recently there has been a couple new services on The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network that are getting a lot of attention. The first one is sexsearch.com and it is definitely worth a look. I've been using this service for a couple months now and I can tell you that it is pretty damn good. Even Howard Stern is talking about this one. One big bonus included with The Adult Friend Finder Sex Contacts Network is if you join the gold program you get access to the Goldroom, the internet's largest hardcore porn site.

The other one is wildmatch.com and this site has the best female to male ratio. According to their website they have over 8 million active female members. I have started a free membership with this site but I think it is about time to upgrade. This site kicks ass!

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Adult Friend Finder Online Dating Service Exposed By A Regular Sex Seeking User
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