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Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager Set For P-Spot Progasm Orgasms

The new Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager Set is the first ever male P-Spot massager and milker with advanced resonating Microchip Technology for effective prostate milking and perineum massage. With its ergonomic ribbed shaft, pebble-shaped head and a hand-made stainless steel prostate bullet, this luxurious prostate gland health and sex aid for men also boasts five powerful and variable microchip controlled vibration settings that precisely tune in and sensually resonate on the prostate gland - the male P-Spot - resulting in a deep progasm, or prostate orgasm like no other!

Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager For Prostate Health Maintenance

The Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager Set allows you to perform a full prostate massage or prostate milking session in order to help prevent serious prostate gland problems such as chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and infertility. The 5 vibrating functions will also give you maximum progasm pleasure throughout the P-Spot massaging process. Complete with a 4.5 inch ribbed shaft, the exciting new Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager Set has a pebble shaped head that will allow you to effortlessly reach and stimulate the innermost points of the prostate gland and promote more intense ejaculatory male orgasms, while improving your long-term sexual health.

Nexus Vibro - Helps improve male sexual health
Nexus Vibro - Intensifies pleasure during sex and masturbation
Nexus Vibro -  Has 5 powerful vibrating settings with microchip technology
Nexus Vibro - Increases blood circulation to the prostate and genital area
Nexus Vibro - Stimulates the perineum with its unique ball bearing

Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager With Ribbed Shaft For Anal Stimulation

The Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager Set features the worlds first ribbed shaft, which has been specially designed to stimulate the anal walls and enhance the prostate massage or milking experience. The Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager features precisely controlled vibrations on the prostate gland as well as the Nexus trademark ball bearing for simultaneously stimulating the perineum. These twin stimulation sensations combine to deliver an intense prostate massage like no other. There is extra bend in the ribbed shaft and a larger pebble shaped head is guaranteed to provide maximum P-Spot stimulation. Every rib, fold, curve and movement of the Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager Set will offer intense P-Spot massage and perineum stimulation, which will help you to have an intense prostate orgasm - or progasm - emanating from the very core of your body.

Stainless Steel Roller Ball Massager - To massage the perineum
Ribbed Shaft - For extra anal canal sensation  
Pebble-shaped Head - For P-Spot pressure where it counts
Handle For Manual Intervention - Complete prostate massage control
Stainless Steel Bullet - Throbbing vibrations where they matter
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Luxury Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager For Prostate Gland And Perineum Massage / Stimulation Pleasure
Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager Set Takes Traditional Prostate Massage To A New Level Of Intense Progasm And Ejaculation Pleasure

Combining the unique design of the original Nexus Titus with the sensuous vibrations of their innovative prostate bullet, the Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager employs traditional prostate massage methods and then takes them to a new level of male sexual pleasure, making it a new favourite among men who enjoy progasms through  prostate massage and prostate milking! The Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager boats a curved, ribbed shaft and pebble-shaped head to give combined stimulation of the entire anal canal as well as the P-Spot and perineum. What sets the Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager apart from other competing products is the addition of the Nexus Prostate Bullet, a handcrafted stainless steel unit with five finely tuned vibration settings. Sleek, luxurious and primed to send you into to the outer limits of prostate orgasm overdrive, the Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager is truly one of a kind.

Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager With Unique Vibrating Prostate Bullet

The Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager takes prostate massage and prostate milking to an entirely new level of progasm pleasure -

The Nexus Vibro comes with a stainless steel vibrating bullet with built in intelligent microchip to ensure that the vibrations resonate all around the prostate gland area.
The Nexus Vibro´s unique ribbed surface improves P-Spot and anal canal stimulation when inserted and removed.
The Nexus Vibro gives greater focus on prostate massage than ever before.
The Nexus Vibro is smaller than the Nexus Excel but still achieves it progasm goals perfectly.
The Nexus Vibro ensures that the entire anal canal is stimulated, to therefore produce mind blowing progasm male orgasms.

“The Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager came packaged in a lovely presentation box with a heavy weight stainless steel vibrating bullet. Once out of the box it looked quite small, which I was slightly relieved about, seeing as where it was about to go. It was easily inserted with lubricant and felt quite comfortable once in. Part if the T bar rests rubbing the perineum with a ball bearing which added to the sensation. Once in, I could hold it in place with my anal sphincter muscles and I could even move it in and out of position by flexing the muscles to locate it to rub in the best position. Once activated the vibrating bullet cycled through different vibration settings. The vibrations themselves are just the right strength, and once I found tmy P-Spot I couldn't stop twitching with tiny orgasms. The first time I used the Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager I didn't last long before powerfully ejaculating. With some practice I can now maintain the length of my orgasms and experience new levels of pleasure.”
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The New Nexus Vibro Luxury Prostate Massager For Unique P-Spot Stimulation And Intense Progasm Male Orgasm Pleasure

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