Love Doll Fiction: Bettine - Enjoyable Casual Sex With An Asian Sex Doll
Bettine - Enjoyable Casual Sex With An Asian Sex Doll

Eric got back to his condo complex late. The bars and restaurants were closed and he had been drinking heavily at the bar. There were always a lot of cops on the street on Friday nights, and he really did not want to be pulled over on a drunk driving charge. After the bars closed, he jumped into his back seat for a little nap to sleep off some of the alcohol, but also he was hoping the cops wouldn't be out in full force in a couple of hours. After a couple hour nap, he drove home without a problem. There were no cops out. In the moonlight he saw a couple of girls standing on street corners looking for tricks and a couple of guys just sitting around smoking.

He walked into his apartment building. It was still and quiet except for the buzzing of the soda machines in the laundry room. He was thirsty so he walked to the laundry room to buy a coke. The washing machines and dryer lids were open waiting to be used. The coke machine was already half empty, and the coke guy probably wouldn't fill it back up until Monday or Tuesday. Eric put his money into the machine and got an ice cold can, which he immediately opened and took a long swig.

Something blue on the floor caught his eye. He walked to the dryer to get a closer look. It was a bikini top and bottom that fell on the floor forgotten or unnoticed. He picked them up to get a better look at them. The bikini was blue, covered with a darker and lighter blue square pattern. The bottom was small but the top looked like it could hold a lot of breasts, maybe even up to a D-cup, Eric imagined. He started to feel a little horny while he was handling some strange girl's bikini.

He was just about to smell the crotch when he heard a Tap. Tap. Tap. Eric heard the footsteps from the entrance. He started to panic, so he shoved the soft bikini down the front of his pants, and then he tugged his T-shirt down as if it would help conceal the bikini. He heard the elevator open and the person get in. He was relieved, but decided to take the stairs to his apartment so that he would not run into anyone.

He walked up the stairs, entered his apartment, turned on the television, sat on the couch, and finished his coke. He pulled the bikini from his pants. The material felt really good against his bare cock and balls as he slid it out of his pants. He sniffed the top, it smelt freshly washed. But he got a hard on as the bikini top was near his face. He rubbed it against his face imaging that it was full of breasts, imaging which cute neighbor girl was the owner, and whose nipples he imagined to be fully erect.

He cock was even harder pressing against his jeans. He unzipped to let his raging cock out. He took the bikini bottom and starting rubbing his cock with it, trying to picture the pussy that it had covered. Was it hairy or shaved? Was the owner currently plunging her fingers inside as she frantically masturbated? Or was she being fucked hard and deep? He loved the feeling of the soft material stroking against his cock. He keep fantasying about fucking this imaginary woman as he continued to stroke his cock.

He wished he could fuck her, someone - anyone. Then, he remembered that he had a blow up doll that Jack gave him as a gag gift on his birthday. Everyone thought that it was pretty funny. The blow up doll was of some Asian porn star. The box was somewhere under his bed. It was stashed there so that no one would find it if they came over. Eric got on his belly to find the box under his bed. After moving some boxes, books, and magazines out of the way, he found yellow and orange box that contain the doll.

Eric examined the box before opening it. There was a picture of a cute naked Asian girl with a yellow and orange background. "Firm Breasts," "Three love passages," and "Four color love doll," proclaimed the box. He thought to himself, fuck it lets see what she looks like.

He pulled out his new plastic girlfriend from her box. Her face looked acceptably realistic as it was a photo of the girl printed on the oval head. Her mouth was open. The rest of the body was of peach colored plastic, seams along the sides formed her body, arms, and legs. The holes for her pussy and ass led to pink passages which contrasted against her peach colored body. Her breasts had darker colored nipples which were made of thicker plastic to permanently stand out, proudly erect.

He found the plug in the lower back of his doll. He started huffing and puffing into the hole to blow her up. He had to stop a couple of times to catch his breath; it was pretty tough to inflate her. After she was all blown up, she stood completely naked, almost five feet tall with her arms sticking out as if she wanting a hug, or begging to be fucked good and hard. Overall, she was pretty cute considering she was just a plastic sex doll.

He put the bikini on the girl. It wasn't as simple as he though it would be. He had to struggle a little bit to put on the panties. He had to keep her legs together while moving the bikini bottom up her legs. The top went on a little easier because it just needed to be tied together in the back. But because the doll is barely 5 feet doll, the bikini looked a little lose hanging on her plastic body. However, all of this made Eric very horny.

"You should have a name." Eric told the doll. "Your name is going to be Bettine. You like your name, Bettine." He kissed her forehead. He laid next her on his bed to spoon her. He cupped her breasts. He was actually impressed about how firm her breasts actually were. He circled her hard nipple with his finger tip. Actually her whole body was pretty firm he thought as he squeezed various parts of her body, imagining her to be the real owner of the bikini.

One hand moved from her breast down to her firm peach belly. His fingers stopped at the top of her bikini bottom. "You like that, Bettine," he whispered into her ear. His fingers slid under her blue bikini bottom and found her pussy hole. His fingers outlined the plastic seam that replicated her pussy opening. Of course, her pussy wasn't wet. He stuck two of his fingers into her pink pussy hole to feel around. He wondered how deep it was. He was able to shove his whole two fingers into her. But he figured that he holes had to be deep enough for men to put their dicks in.

He thought it was enough foreplay, what the Hell did Bettine care, she was there to please him, after all. He pulled off his shirt and removed his pants and underwear. He was naked with a hard on, but Bettine laid on the bed still in her cute blue bikini. He laid on top of Bettine and pulled the bikini bottom to the side as he navigated his dick to the opening of Bettine's pussy. He could fell her pussy against the head of his dick.

He realized that his was going to need to use some lube to fuck Bettine properly. He wasn't sure if he had any left. The bottle was almost empty from the last time he used the lube. He went to his medicine cabinet in the bathroom and found the bottle next to his box of condoms, but it was almost empty. But there was probably enough left for a good fuck or two with the doll if he was lucky. He brought the bottle and a hand towel back to the bed.

He opened the bottle and streamed the last of the lube onto his hard dick. He stroked his cock to spread the lube all over, then put very last drops of the lubricant on and inside Bettine's pussy. It couldn't hurt. He wiped the excess lube off of his hand with the towel and bent over Bettine's naked body. He had to pull aside her bikini bottom again to reveal her open and inviting pussy. He rubbed his dick's head against the entrance to make sure it was well lubed before he fucked her good and hard.

He pushed his cock into Bettin and was surprised that her pussy actually felt pretty good. It didn't feel like a real pussy but it was pretty good while he was gently thrusting back and forth inside.

As he pumped his dick in and out of Bettine's pussy, he started squeezing her breasts. He pulled out so that he could rub his face in her firmly inflated breasts. He actually was enjoying the smooth bikini material full of breast under his face. He went back to fucking her pussy again. He looked into her eyes, but he didn't care that she was just a doll. He began kissing her lips as he fucked her harder, deeper and faster. It felt a little awkward because she did not kiss back. He started to French kissing her, licking his tongue around the inside of her mouth hole. He started enjoying kissing Bettine in a perverse kind of way.

He felt that the lube was starting to be used up. He started to fuck the doll quicker and quicker hoping to cum before all the lube was used up. He used the last of his lube, so if he didn't get off, that was it. He fucked Bettine harder, but he tried not to think about the lube as he tried to get off. He humped the doll harder and harder until he came. He felt good when he ejaculated. It was a very nice release of semen, but not as good as fucking a real woman. He might have to do this more often he thought.

He went to the bathroom to clean the lube and cum off his dick before going to sleep. He washed his dick with soapy warm water. He dried his dick with another towel. The smell of the lube was still there, but it was faint. He was too tired to take a shower. That would have to wait until the morning. He put on a pair of underwear and some sweat pants, which he typically slept in.

He brought the towel into the bed room to wipe the extra lube and cum from the outside of Bettine's crotch. He looked out the window. It was still dark outside, but dawn would come in a couple of hours. Instead of deflating Bettine, he pulled one of his t-shirts over her body. He turned off the lights, pulled the covers over himself and Bettine. He fell asleep snuggling against Bettine's plastic body whose body was warmer with the T-shirt on.

Perhaps, he thought, I will try fucking her in the ass when I wake up.
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