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Deep Throat Classic Porn Movie Starring Linda Lovelace

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More Info:
DEEP THROAT 1 (1972)
See England’s Award Winning MILF Fetishist
Pornstar Linda Lovelace Tribute : The Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Deep Throat Starring Linda Lovelace Is Now Available to Buy On High Quality Re-Mastered DVD At A Discount Online Price

There can not have been a porn actress of any era whose impact was as famous or enduring as Linda Lovelace, the controversial and ultimately tragic star of Gerard Damiano’s notorious porn movie Deep Throat from 1972. However, there is much more to the sad story of Linda Lovelace than just the hardcore sex action of Deep Throat. As the first woman to become internationally famous for having oral sex on film, Linda Lovelace became an instant sexual fantasy for millions of men, an inspiration to many sexually adventurous women and a social pariah to millions of feminists - until she joined their ranks with the publication of her third autobiography, Ordeal, in which she claimed she had been beaten and coerced at gunpoint into a life of hardcore pornography, sex with animals and seedy prostitution.

Linda Lovelace Was Deep Throat - Deep Throat Was Linda Lovelace

Before Linda Lovelace starred in Deep Throat, she had appeared in seedy 8mm stag loops, many of which are now collectors’ items, including one notorious porno loop where she had sex with an alsatian dog. It’s most likely that Linda Lovelace made eight porno loops which, because they were sometimes broken up and sold in two parts, would account for, as her husband and manager Chuck Traynor once put it, as many as 10 to 15 films. According to Linda Lovelace after her first book was published : “"I live for sex, I will never get enough of it, and I will continue to try every day to tune my physical mechanism to finer sexual perfection."

Deep Throat Starring Linda Lovelace Is A Piece Of Adult Movie History

The history of Golden Age porn film Deep Throat and the short life of its tragic star Linda Lovelace are interlinked with a Runyonesque cast of larger than life characters from the porn movie business of the 1970’s :

Linda Lovelace - When the Deep Throat porn movie was first released she boasted of being an insatiable nymphomaniac who enjoyed outlandish sex in all its forms, including what was depicted so explicitly in Deep Throat and a lot more besides. But when she escaped from the influence of Chuck Trayner, her husband, manager and pimp, Linda Lovelace claimed to have been an exploited victim, performing degrading sex acts at gunpoint and in fear of her life.
Chuck Trayner - The seedy pimp and small time gangster who was Linda Lovelace’s first husband and manager, who beat her into sexual submission, prostituted her, forced her to have gang sex, sex with dogs, sex with celebrities, introduced her to Gerard Damiano and dominated every aspect of her life.
Gerard Damiano - The aspiring porn movie producer who discovered Linda Lovelace, wrote Deep Throat, directed it with Mafia money, and turned Linda Lovelace into an international porn movie star.
Harry Reems - The failed actor turned porn loop performer who had sex with Linda Lovelace before she became famous and co-starred with her in Deep Throat, only to become an unemployable alcoholic in later life.

Oral Sex Became Fashionable With The Porn Movie Deep Throat

Deep throating is an advanced oral sex act - made famous by Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat - in which the whole erect penis, from the tip all the way down to the base, is taken into the mouth and throat of another person. Some men derive extreme sexual pleasure from this penis swallowing act, since the penis can be stimulated by the mouth, tongue and throat of their partner. For successful, and mutually pleasurable deep throating, to avoid possible gagging or vomiting, the throat must be relaxed much as a sword swallower does in order to account for the size of the fully erect male penis. The woman performing oral sex may gag because of the girth of the penis. This can occur when the penis blocks some of her throat, causing a gagging reflex due to a lack of air entering the lungs. To overcome this, deep throaters often bend the head forward so the penis slides in and out easier. Deep throating should not be attempted by women who are not fully experienced at performing normal oral sex acts, o blowjobs.

In Deep Throat Linda Lovelace Performs The Best Movie Oral Sex Ever Seen

Whatever the truth behind the short life of Linda Lovelace and the origins of  Deep Throat, the fact remains that in this classic Golden Age porn movie Linda Lovelace performs fantastically enthusiastic oral sex on Harry Reems as never before seen on screen, and Deep Throat is a groundbreaking adult movie - the first to gain widespread cinema distribution and mainstream critical acclaim.

Deep Throat - A Classic Porno Movie Now Reissued On Re-Mastered DVD

Deep Throat has been available on video for many years, and has been issued on DVD several times. However earlier home versions of Deep Throat have been of poor quality. Now VCX, the leading distributor of classic movies from the Golden Age Of Cinema Porn have re-mastered Deep Throat from original negatives, and it is now available for the first time on a genuinely high quality DVD.

Deep Throat - A Must Have Adult Movie For All Golden Age Porn Collectors

Every man should be eternally grateful to Linda Lovelace and Deep Throat for the contribution they made to male sexual pleasure and female sexual liberation. The truth is that 1972 was a seminal - if not semenal - year, because that is when, in real life in parked cars all over America, good girls started to give their boyfriends blowjobs! If you are a collector of classic and Golden Age porn movies, interested in porn history, or just curious as to why, in 1972, the World went wild about Linda Lovelace and people flocked to cinemas in their millions to view Deep Throat - then the newly re-mastered Deep Throat DVD edition is a must have adult XXX-Rated movie to add to any porn collection.

In a 1997 television interview Linda Lovelace stated : "I look in the mirror and I look the happiest I've ever looked in my entire life. I'm not ashamed of my past or sad about performing in Deep Throat. And what people might think of me, well, that's not real. I look in the mirror and I know that I've survived."

“Deep Throat is the most famous porn film of all time.  I found the soundtrack to Deep Throat, which was original music, to be quite fitting and to give the movie a nice feeling. The title track especially is a catchy tune, "Don't row a boat, don't get your goat, that's all she wrote, deep throat" it does stick in your head.”

“The plot to Deep Throat - what there is of one - is that Linda Lovelace isn't enjoying sex as much as she'd like, so she and her friend throw an orgy. This doesn't get Linda's bell's ringing. so Linda's friend talks her into seeing Doctor Harry Reems. He discovers that her clitoris is in her throat instead of her vagina, and encourages her to learn the art of deep throat oral sex, starting right there with him. This really gets her bells ringing. This is the basic outline of the plot.”

“Deep Throat is a bit short running, but it really doesn't seem like it needs to be any longer and the story wraps up nicely. The re-mastered DVD quality is very good for this film, everything is clear and looks good, colors don't bleed or look faded. For a 40 year old porn film I think Deep Throat looks very good. The audio is very good also. Sound is clear there didn't appear to be any problems with the soundtrack, and when everyone spoke it was easily understandable.”

“The sex in Deep Throat was pretty good and this movie is a must have for oral sex fans. Deep Throat also contains vaginal, and anal sex too. For classic porn movie fans Deep Throat is probably one you'd want to have because it is such a classic. Deep Throat is certainly good, and one I watch regularly.”

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