Sex  Shapes / Sex Pillows / Sex Position Cushions: Enjoy More Adventurous Sexual Positions, Deeper Sexual Penetration, Enhanced Sexual Comfort And Longer Sexual Endurance With High Quality Pushin’ Cushions

Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions - often known as Pushin’ Cushions - from Liberator, Perfect Position and Fetish Fantasy, enable sexually adventurous couples to achieve deeper vaginal or anal penetration and advanced Kama Sutra sexual intercourse positions. You don't have to be a sexual athlete to enjoy the lovemaking benefits of Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions. Using these bedroom adventure furniture accessories will boost your sex life in the following ways -

New and more adventurous sexual positions not otherwise achievable,
Deeper sexual penetration for greater thrusting pleasure,
Enhanced sexual comfort for both partners during intercourse positions,
Longer sexual endurance for both partners,
More satisfying sexual intercourse for both partners,
Kama Sutra sexual pleasure for both partners.

Pushin’ Cushions Are Ideal For Enhancing Light Bondage Sex

Many sexually adventurous couples are curious about playful light bondage and Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions can liberate your lovemaking experiences and open up a fantastic new world of sensational sexual experimentation. Since Pushin’ Cushions use your own body weight to secure both participants during penetration and thrusting, sexually adventurous couples can spontaneously indulge in all their light bondage sexual fantasies anywhere, any time - and almost any place.

Liberate Your Sex Life With Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions

Pushin’ Cushions from Liberator, Perfect Positions and Fetish Fantasy are designed to help sexually adventurous couples elevate, support and angle their way into a host of exciting Kama Sutra sex positions unlike anything they have ever experienced before. These high quality Pushin’ Cushions will take your sex life to new heights. They are stain resistant and lightweight, covered in microfiber, and are for the enhanced sexual pleasure of both partners. If you sometimes wish you could achieve deeper penetration, more prolonged thrusting and longer lasting sex, now you can. Every sexual intercourse position you've ever tried before will feel 10 times better with these sex position props.

Bedroom Adventure Gear Specially Created For Kama Sutra Sex Positions

The Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions on sale via this web site are all designed from personal experience, by people who understand that a sexual relationship without new things to explore and fresh sexual perspectives can sometimes lead to boredom and disillusionment.  These high quality Pushin’ Cushions have been inspired by the well known benefits of ordinary pillows during lovemaking. These Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions transform ordinary beds and bedrooms into creative sexual domains by employing angles, elevations, curves, textures, environments and the erotic motion of two bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. Pushin’ Cushions also help people of all sizes and shapes, even those with back injuries and other medical conditions, to find comfortable ways to connect sexually and achiefe mutual pleasure.

Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions - Facts And Information

Pushin’ Cushions are a special category of sex aid for adventurous couples - offering brand new positions for sexual adventures. They are angled sexual intercourse and lovemaking props, which come in various shapes and sizes, and which have been tested to be supportive, yet soft. They are very inviting and very effective. For years, sex experts and sex therapists, including Sue Johanson, have been extolling the virtues of ordinary pillows under hips and knees, and under anywhere else that needs a little extra tilt in order to enhance couples’ sexual experiences. But ordinary pillows can flatten and bunch. They get stained and ruined. And what will you put your head on afterwards? Plus, pillows aren't silky when you want to slip around and velvety when you want softness. So most people give up and stick with the basic positions and the basic angles, and end up missing out on a whole new world of sexual experimentation.

Enter The Adventurous World Of Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions

Unlike your ordinary pillow, Pushin’ Cushions are tailor made for sex, sex, and even more sex. Composed of firm foam contours, Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions often have two layers of fabric. The inner cover is waterproof, for wilder, wetter sex play. The washable outer cover is as soft as velvet, with an astonishing grip. This allows more ergonomic sexual activity, deeper penetration and enhanced Pushin’.

Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions For A Whole New Sexual Lifestyle

When purchasing Pushin’ Cushions, you are not just indulging in a luxury bedroom product, you are achieving a whole new way to make love. Pushin’ Cushions will allow you to have fantastically uninhibited sex in unique positions, many of which are not possible otherwise!  Sex Shapes, Sex Pillows and Sex Cushions from Liberator, Perfect Position and Fetish Fantasy will add all kinds of stand-up, sit-down, rear-entry, side-entry, flat out acrobatic sex to your love life.

Pushin’ Cushions will change everything about your sex life for the better.
Pushin’ Cushions will change how sex feels for both of you.
Pushin’ Cushions will allow deeper, more satisfying penetration.
Pushin’ Cushions will change where you can have sexual intercourse.
Pushin’ Cushions will change for how long you can have sexual intercourse.

More Adventurous Sexual Positions - Deeper Sexual Penetration - Enhanced Sexual Comfort - Longer Sexual Endurance - More Satisfying Sexual Intercourse - Kama Sutra Sexual Pleasure
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Enjoy Kama Sutra Sex Positions And Deeper Penetration With Sex Pillows, Sex Shapes And Sex Wedges
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