Cobra Libre Masturbator For Hands Free Male Masturbation Pleasure
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Cobra Libre Masturbator For Hands Free Male Masturbation Pleasure
Hands Free Masturbator by Fun Factory

Start up your engines! The Cobra Libre Masturbator is ready to rev your personal pleasure levels right up! One of the most interesting looking penis stroking sex toys around, the Cobra Libre Masturbator will provide a new and unique dimension to male masturbation. Fun to use a lone, on a partner, or with a partner the Cobra Libra has vibration levels for anyone. If if doesn't get you off, it will most likely still tease you til you can't take it anymore!

The Cobra Libre Masturbator is an amazing masturbation device for men that definitely changes the whole game when it comes to hands free masturbation devices. If you are looking for something new that you can really just sit back and enjoy the ride with, this is it. On the lower setting you could probably extend your masturbation sessions as long as you wanted them to be. On the high settings, the sensations are unlike anything else out there for male stroking pleasure!

The Cobra Libre Masturbator is very different from any other penis strokers that you may have used, in a number of ways. One of the biggest differences is the approach to using this toy. Normally, male masturbation devices are thrust oriented. You either hold it still and thrust your erect penis into it, or you lie still and thrust the device onto your dick. The Cobra Libre is more of a 'just sit back, relax, and enjoy' kind of masturbation sex toy.

As for use, the Cobra Libre Masturbator can be used while sitting, standing, or laying down. We would recommend allowing yourself more time for a stroking session with this toy. It is very intense, but somehow without the thrusting element, the whole self pleasuring process seems to take a bit longer, but it is definitely awesome and most definitely worth it).
Buy Cobra Libre Masturbator For Enhanced Solo Male Masturbation Satisfaction
Cobra Libre Masturbator For Hands Free Male Masturbation Pleasure
Cobra Libre Masturbator For Hands Free Male Masturbation Pleasure

With the release of Cobra Libre, Fun Factory have revolutionized the male masturbation sex toy market. Cobra Libre is the very first vibrating stimulator for men. Fun Factory's revolutionary design for the Cobra Libre Masturbator has brought together the two interests which red blooded men hold most dear in an improbable yet highly effective manner - Sex and Fast Cars.

The Cobra Libre Masturbator design may not look overtly automotive yet there is an air of it in there. Cobra Libre has taken the key design values of every man’s childhood fantasy car; the AC Cobra. Yet where this Cobra leaves all others in the dust, is in the world of eroticism and self pleasuring.

Cobra Libre is not a personal masturbator, Cobra Libre is the answer to the envious cries of men all over the World. Men who watch their female partners enjoy the orgasmic delights of their vibrators with a burning envy! The Cobra Libre Masturbator is made of smooth, rigid plastic, except for the opening, which is made of soft flexible silicone to accommodate the tip of any man’s erect member. Once inserted the tip of the penis sits within the Cobra Libre's body and rests upon a small transverse ridge which presses upon the frenulum.

Once the penis is inserted, the Cobra Libre Masturbator hugs it tightly while showing the Gentleman a world of erotic pleasure which has never before been experienced. Cobra Libre is endowed with two independent motors which can be fine tuned through an intuitive interface to give an infinite array of vibrating patterns. For all those men who have enviously sat by watching their partners enjoy their vibrators, we urge you to join them with the aid of the Cobra Libre Masturbator and see what all the fuss is really about!!

Material / Texture: The Cobra Libre Masturbator is made out of many things, but the exterior of this toy is made out of plastic and silicone. Everywhere that your penis touches is silicone, and everything else is smooth hard plastic. This toy has no noticeable odor. It is waterproof as far as cleaning goes, but I would not submerge this in water. You are probably gonna want to stick with a water-based lube when using this toy. Of course another huge difference is the entire design of the toy. It is basically a reverse vibrator that you put your penis inside of. The opening narrows, and the top is a bit stretchy, this allows the head of your penis to 'pop' into the inside chamber. This gently, for lack of a better word here, 'locks' onto the head of your penis. This is not uncomfortable or painful, and you can very easily remove yourself.

Visually the Cobra Libre Masturbator looks like the cars from the movie Tron. It is not obvious that is a sex toy for male masturbation purposes, but anyone who sees will definitely ask you about it, so it is not discreet. The average and above average sized guy will have no problems using this toy, but if you are hung like a porn star it might be too small for you. As far as travel goes, the buttons are not that sensitive so it is travel friendly.

Functions / Performance / Controls: The Cobra Libre Masturbator has three buttons. The on/off button also changes vibration patterns, and the up and down buttons control speed and intensity. There is a steady pattern where the whole toy vibrates, there is a wobble pattern where the two motors go out of sync, and there are patterns that sort of mix everything including the speeds together in a rise and fall sort of rhythm. I personally like the wobble pattern the best.

The controls are easy to use. You barely need to touch the buttons, but you have to hold it for a few seconds for them to engage and change. This toy is a little noisy, but I prefer the vibration noises to the usual slurping noises that most other masturbators make during use. According to the instructions, the Cobra Libre Masturbator is
"waterproof for cleaning purposes; underwater usage is not possible".

Before attempting operation, make sure your hands are clean of lubricants, oils and etc. Do the same for the control pad. To start your engines, hold down the A button for 2 seconds. This turns on "idle mode". Tapping the C(+) button will up the level and eventually bring you to the vibration patterns and tapping the B(-) button will do the opposite. The different levels sometimes have a slight difference so it was difficult to figure out just how many levels and how many patterns there are. This is what I came up with:

1. Idle mode-Very low level of vibration. If you are flaccid when you enter the Cobra Libre, you may want to stay on this mode for a bit to harden up and not be too sensitive. This level is very low in noise also.

2. Very slight increase in vibration level and none in noise.

3. There is an obvious jump in vibration and not much in noise. It is still very quiet and mild in vibration.

4-5. Obvious increases and still pretty quiet (unless you have rings on-you will want to remove those to avoid annoying clanging)

6-7. Fairly high level and louder. Might still not be heard through a door.

8. High level of vibration and the toy starts to rattle a bit like a revving car. This might be heard through a door if someone was listening.

9. Starts to pulse wildly even more like a muscle car in idle. Might be loud enough to be heard through a door without effort.

10. Extreme vibration level that wavered. Loud and clanging.

At this point you may have to hold down the C button to get the vibration patterns (sometimes I didn't).

11. Very intense fluttering that starts low and then gets high.

12. Even faster and more intense.

13. Up and down fast fluttering with no pauses.

14. This pattern was really hard to figure out. It seemed like a flutter then constant, then pulse then repeat.

15. Random crazy mode. I'm not even going to try and figure this one out!

The Cobra Libre Masturbator will auto shut off after 5 minutes of non-use. It should be noted that these levels were not always the same and their pulsing was as consistent as a car motor in need of a tune up. This makes for some fun variability. The Cobra Libre is completely waterproof! But don't attempt to take this in the shower or tub.

Powered By: Rechargeable Control type: Built in control pad The charger is magnetic that "clicks" when it is attached to the Fun Factory logo on the toy, then it plugs into the wall. For best results lay both logos (there is one on the charger too) directly on top of each other. It can be a bit awkward because of the shape so you might need to put the toy up on something so the cord can hang. This will prevent it from interrupting your charge. The initial charge should be done for a full 12 hours. On the highest level, the Cobra will last an hour. Charging after this only takes a few hours. Always charge before storing.

Packaging: The packaging for this toy kind of reminds of the packaging a toy car would come in. It is not out of the realm of adult product packaging, but it does have a bit of a 'toy' feel to it. There is a cardboard box with a display opening on the side where you can see the plastic clam-shell the toy was suspended in. I am not sure if this would make a good gift or not, but it would work semi long term storage.

The Cobra Libre Masturbator comes with Fun Factory Toy Fluid Lube, a charger (which is packaged separately, so you can get the correct charger for whatever electrical setup your country uses), and a set of instructions. The instructions appear to be a small booklet, but unfold into a giant poster sized piece of paper. There are instructions, written very, very small in many different languages. The instructions are pretty good and include cleaning, charging, and safety.

Personal comments: The Cobra Libre Masturbator is part of the Click and Charge toy line. There is a built in rechargeable battery inside this toy, and a charger comes along with the toy. Charging is very simple; the charger connects to the toy magnetically. You just place the magnetic charger over the magnetic charging point, and let it sit. You have to let it fully charge before using the first time, and the initial charge can take a long time. But once fully charged, you can get a few sessions per charge.

Cobra Libre Masturbator Experience: I really enjoyed getting to road test this great masturbation toy! It was different than any of the many penis stroking toys I have used before. The lack of thrusting during use seemed to prolong the experience for me, but I would imagine that it might for most. You can leave it on low for a long time, or you can crank it the whole way up on wobble for a few minutes. The Cobra Libre Masturbator is great the way it is, no complaints. I guess if it could magically hover so you could put both hands behind your head while using it, that would be awesome.

“Never before had I shown my partner a sex toy that he was so interested in trying. As soon as I saw a sneak peak of the Cobra Libre Masturbator, I knew I had to try it. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. Not only is the Cobra Libre an incredibly new and unique design for the male anatomy, it is also a lot of fun to use when your partner is driving the controls of this car looking toy! As a female sharing this with my male partner, we always try to find unique uses for our sex toys. I found an amazing use for this as a female and I'm happy to say that I am just as in love with this as he is! I recommend this Cobra Libre Masturbator for any male looking for a unique experience or looking to explore with vibration play. This toy isn't something that will get you off from thrusting, it probably requires some other stimulation like ball play, prostate play, or cock stroking. Because of this, the Cobra Libre can be a more time consuming toy than the run of the mill sleeve depending on your receptiveness to vibration. Regardless, it still is an awesome way to stimulate yourself and has super powerful dual motors that will surely fire your engines and get the lubricants flowing!”

“The Cobra Libre Masturbator was designed with horny males in mind. At first glance it looks like a futuristic race car because of its sleek shape and axle looking back end. The front is more egg shaped and open ended. The inside of the concave egg and also the top, is lined with silicone. The inside is contorted. As it narrows it forms to the shape of the top 3 inches of the penis. That is about how far you will be able to penetrate. There is a hump that the underside of the head will fit into. This helps keep the toy in place. Because the silicone is super stretchy it will flex and accommodate you. It will fit the majority of men. The top of the front has the controls. There are three buttons which are touch sensitive. They also each have a light that pulses when the button is touched or the toy is charging. This helps you know that you really did press the button since they sometimes don't work if your fingers are wet from lubricant for example. Since the Cobra Libre Masturbator is so unique looking this also makes it stand out and people will probably want to know what it is.”

“The Cobra Libre Masturbator made my partner’s penis very hard and got him pulsing strongly! I loved using this on him once I got the controls understood. Because the Cobra Libre isn't a thrusting toy, it became apparent that he wasn't going to finish just from this. I began to play with his inner thighs and balls. The vibration and teasing was driving him crazy! The Cobra Libre made for some great build up and it got to the point where he was begging me to finish him. I love that there is room below the toy to stroke the shaft and this is what I did to finish him in the toy. The Cobre Libre can be used in other ways too! After one round with it, we removed it and I performed oral while putting the Cobra underneath his balls. This was pretty funny because when he came from the stimulation and vibration, his balls somehow caused the vibration to escalate and this made his orgasm crazy intense! It was an awesome accident. My partner also enjoyed using this on me and I liked laying on it during sex. It was a lot of fun to use a couple and will remain one of our favorite toys to use together!”
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