Taboo DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Taboo’ With Kay Parker On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Taboo -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Standard Digital
Taboo With Kay Parker - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
The original classic Taboo, made in 1980 at the height of the Golden Age of Movie Porn is a landmark adult film whose theme of incest is as shocking today as it was back then. Kay Parker plays Barbara Scott, who thinks her marriage is solid until her husband deserts her for his young secretary, leaving Barbara and her son to live on their own. She drifts into a divorcee's life of blind dates and meaningless swinger sex and becomes lost in Taboo lust and passion, including fucking her own son!
Starring: Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson, Tawny Pearl, Lynn Shannon, Mike Ranger, Kevin James
Director: Kirdy Stevens
Studio: Standard Digital
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Taboo’ With Kay Parker On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Taboo - Wikipedia: Taboo was a porn movie series of the 1980’s, which explicitly portrayed father and daughter plus mother and son incestuous sex. Paradoxically, during porn’s so-called Golden Age such themes as incest and rape were more acceptable to adult movie producers and audiences that they are in today’s environment of extreme, in your face, gonzo hardcore. The first Taboo movie stars porn legend Kay Parker, as Barbara, and was directed by Kirdy Stevens. Barbara’s husband leaves her for a younger woman after he becomes disappointed with her inability to satisfy his sexual demands. She is left alone with her son, Paul. Barbara is set up on a blind date with a man who is into swinging. After Barbara is taken to an orgy, but refuses to participate, she goes home in a heightened state of sexual arousal. In this state, she goes to her sleeping son’s bedroom, after he has had sex with his girlfriend, and seduces him. Barbara allows herself to go on a date with her boss, Jerry Morgan. Though she seems to want to pursue a relationship with Jerry, she continues to have sex with her son Paul.

Kay Parker Biography: Mature porn actress Kay Parker, who was born in England in  1944, is best known for her depictions of the incestuous mother Barbara Scott in the 1980 porn film Taboo, where she has a sexual relationship with her son, as well as its first two sequels. Her appearance in the fourth Taboo movie consists entirely of stock footage. Inn the ninth and eleventh, hers is a non-sex role. In the original Taboo movie Kay Parker is partnered with Mike Ranger, who plays her son Paul . In Taboo 2 she is partnered with Kevin James, a young actor who portrayed Gregory McBride, Paul's best friend. In Taboo 3 it is revealed that Parker has a younger son James Scott, played by Jerry Butler, who she mistakes for Paul in a darkened room. During her commentary for the Taboo DVD Kay Parker admitted that there was a real sexual attraction between herself and Mike Ranger, despite an age gap of about 10 years between them.

From the Golden Age of Movie Porn, all time classic Taboo is porn with a cutting edge, and an influential and a very dirty movie. Taboo was the first major porn film to focus seriously on the subject of incest and was overwhelmingly popular. It is the story of a boy and his mother. But it's much more than that, it is also the story of the boy's slutty girlfriend, the mother's slutty confidant, a horny boss, a house full of crazed swingers, and a really cute girl who sucks the boy's dick by invitation from the boy's aforementioned slutty girlfriend.

Scene 1: Kay Parker, Turk Lyon

For those who don’t know already, Kay Parker is a very good-looking mature woman with long brown hair and beautiful, natural DD cup breasts! We kick Taboo off with her going down on Turk. He reaches over and turns the light on, but she really doesn't want it on so they argue before she finally caves in. Cutting away, we watch as she rides in reverse cowgirl until Turk ejaculates on her bush, then slips his cock back inside her pussy for a few more strokes.

When he is finished, Turk gets up and begins explaining to Kay that their marriage is over. She asks if it's his secretary, and he admits the truth. Next morning, Kay explains to their son that dad has left and she must go out job hunting. She then calls up her sexually liberated friend Juliet and arranges a lunch meeting. Juliet is the magnificent Juliet Anderson, another hot mature porn actress. Kay tells her what happened and Juliet sees an opportunity to get Kay some new dick, so she arranges a date with one of her male friends. Afterwards, she asks about her son Mike. At that point we cut to Mike studying with his girlfriend Dorothy, his heads between her legs as she asks him exam questions!

Scene 2: Dorothy Lamay, Tawny Pearl, Mike Ranger

Dorothy LeMay is now a legend of porn, and in Taboo was an attractive girl with medium length blonde hair and natural B cup breasts. Tawny is a cute girl with medium length brown hair and natural B cup tits. Standing up, Dorothy takes Mike’s cock and begins sucking it, then Tawny walks in on them. She seems a bit taken back but this is a porn movie after all, so Dorothy asks her to join them! They suck his cock for a few minutes, then Dorothy tells Mike to fuck Tawny first as she's never had an orgasm! So he fucks her in missionary first and then in doggy. Tawny tells them she's going to orgasm, and then Mike pulls out and cums on Tawny's ass.

Later, Kay gets home and asks Mike if he has talked to his father, which he has and he has decided to stay with her. That leads to a full-on French kiss between them, then an awkward moment afterwards. She tells him she has got a job and they head off to dinner. Next day, Kay is hard at work when she gets a phone call from Juliet. They talk for a few moments and then her boss (Michael Morrison) comes into the room and gropes her! Kay drops the phone and Juliet listens anxiously as the two have an argument. After Kay and her boss get things worked out, Juliet turns to her young lovers (Don and Miko) to quench the growing fire in her pussy - the idea of Kay being sexually assaulted or even raped has turned her on!

Scene 3: Miko Yani, Juliet Anderson, Don Fernando

Juliet Anderson was the quintessential MILF, a sexually voracious woman with short blonde hair and natural B cup tits. Miko is a pretty girl with medium length brown hair and natural A cup tits. Juliet, being sexually aggressive, had Don eat her pussy first, and gets Mika to join in on the action too, adding some fingers to the mix. Miko rides Don in reverse cowgirl while Juliet licks on her clitoris, then wesee Miko holding her pussy open as Don thrustss inside her. Then it's Juliet's turn for some missionary action, and the scene climaxes with Don cumming on Juliet's belly. The girls then lick his cock clean.

Scene 4: Dorothy Lemay, Mike Ranger

Mike has Dorothy take a seat as he wonders off to see if Kay, his mother, is home, but Dorothy calls him to look at her and flashes her pussy to him! He finds Kay in the shower and secretly spies on her. Forgetting all about Dorothy, he continues to watch his stark naked mother as she gets out of the shower and dries off, then applies cream to her tits. She dresses to go out and Mike returns to Dorothy. As soon as Kay leaves the house Mike starts to have sex with Dorothy, having been aroused seeing his mother naked!

Scene 5: Six girls and Six guys

Kay is with her date for the night and hears the sounds of people having fun and goes to see what is going on. Walking into the room she is confronted with a circle of people, each one performing oral sex on the one next to them. Kay has discovered that the hot date Juliet set her up with is no the reserved gentleman she was led to believe he was For their first date he has taken her to a swinger’s orgy and she is very embarrassed. As he heads off to join the fm, Kay sits alone on a couch as everyone gets hot and hormy around her, then we cut to the action, with plenty of sucking and fucking, including several pop-shots from the guys before the scene ends

Kay returns home and we see her lying in bed, fantasizing about taking part in a sex orgy while she caresses tits and plays with her pussy! Unable to control her erotic fantasies, she gets up and goes for a glass of water> As she passes her son Mike's room she notices he is asleep and naked. As visions of the orgy torment her mind she can’t he;p herself from rubbing on his inner thighs.

Scene 6: Kay Parker, Mike Ranger

Leaning over Mike, Kay takes his cock in her hands, rubbing her face on it and sucking it. Taking off her nightgown, Kay moves on top and rides him in cowgirl and we get some very nice shots of the sex action. Then she gets penetrated in missionary. The scene finishes with Kay lying naked on her back while Mike fucks her tits and ejaculates all over her face.

The next day Mike wakes up and finds a note from Kay, saying what they had done was terribly wrong, and they will talk when she gets home. We see her at work and she is clearly upset over her previous nights sexual activities with her own son. Seeing her distress, Michael, her boss, tells her that they will take the day off together. They have a very pleasant time, roaming the city as a happy couple, then he drops her off back at her home. She invites him to dinner the following night. Inside she finds Mike waiting, and he is ready for some more motherly love. They discuss having sex together the night before, and at first Kay is distraught by the idea of incest. But as Mike makes his move, she initially tries fending him off, but gets sexually aroused again and the two begin kissing.

Scene 7: Kay Parker, Mike Ranger

Mike slips his fingers deep inside his mother’s pussy, then he sucks her erect nipples before moving down to eat her out. Inevitably, they are soon fucking. Kay starts off in spoon and then she moves onto her back for some missionary pumping. After that, as Mike is ready to ejaculate, he pulls out and coats her tits with semen, which she follows up with some cock sucking!

The next day, Kay heads over to Juliet's place. The doorbell ringing interrupts Juliet who is engaged in another hot threesome sex session with the same lovers as yesterday. As Juliet runs off to answer the door, Don cums on Miko's bush. Letting Kay in, the two women take a seat together on a couch and Kay begins spilling the beans about having sex with her own son. However, instead of being disgusted at this confession of incestuous sex, it turns Juliet on! She gets Kay to intimately describe having sex with her own son while she rubs on her pussy. Unfortunately this upsets Kay, as she was looking for advice, so she runs off. Later on, back at home again, Kay, Mike and her boss have dinner. He tells them to keep next weekend free as he plans to take them up to his cabin. Mike isn't interested and he leaves the table. Michael sees his opportunity and moves in on Ka.

Scene 8: Kay Parker, Michael Morrison

Standing up, the two begin kissing passionately before Michael picks Kay up and carries her to the bedroom. They undress and he sucks on her magnificent boobs, then we see her sitting on his face. She spins around, leaning forward to stroke his cock as we get some nice shots of him eating her pussy. Eventually he cums and she plays with his semen using his cock to rub cum on her face.

If we accept the idea that incest themed porn as explicitly depicted in Taboo was once an acceptable sub genre of  adult entertainment, then we must also accept that this is a classic feature film from porn’s Golden Age, if not one of the all time greats. It must be remembered that it is a fantasy. Kay Parker and Mike Ranger are not really mother and son, and the incestuous sex depicted in Taboo is all in the mind of the viewer. Incest in real life is depraved and a criminal act, so why should it be palatable in a porn movie? The answer is simple. It is pure fantasy and the  makers of Taboo knew that the audience would never go along with a parent - male or female - acting as a sexual predator on a real life son or daughter. Instead, when we first see Kay Parker take Mike Ranger's erect penis into her mouth we know that they are acting, and that Taboo is, after all, no more or less than a fantasy, albeit on of a hardcore sexual nature. If porn is acceptable to consenting adults, it follows that some depraved activities can be acceptable. That does not mean, however, that anything goes. In a responsible society, even one that accepts the pleasures of pornography, some lines have to be drawn. And if fictional, but very arousing, depictions of adult incest are acceptable we all will surely agree that anything involving under age sex is definitely not.

To sum up, an interesting cast, an intelligent storyline and a truly controversial subject make Taboo a porn classic. The legendary Kay Parker has the right kind of sexual charisma required to give the film credibility, and her two sex scenes with Mike Ranger are highlights of the movie in spite of - or perhaps because of - the ‘taboo’ elements that they contain. While Taboo could have dealt in greater depth with the emotional ramifications of incest, this is a porn  film after all and you can't really fault it for not being as deep as it probably should have been. Kirdy Stevens has to be given credit for directing Taboo with flair, and the cinematography is definitely better than what porn viewers have come to expect as it does a fine job of capturing the San Francisco locations where the story plays out.

Taboo With Kay Parker -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Standard Digital
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