The Opening Of Misty Beethoven DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘The Opening Of Misty Beethoven’ Reissued On DVD From Gamelink
The Opening Of Misty Beethoven -  Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Video X Pix
The Opening Of Misty Beethoven - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On Collector's Edition 2-Disc DVD Set
Made in 1975 at the start of the Golden Age of Movie Porn, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is a very sexy version of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. Constance Money plays Misty Beethoven, a cheap prostitute whose sexual escapades get the attention of Dr. Seymour Love who bets his friend Geraldine that he can transform this common street whore into the next Goldenrod Girl.
Starring: Jamie Gillis, Constance Money, Jacqueline Beaudant, Gloria Leonard, Ras Kean, Terri Hall, Casey Donovan
Director: Radley Meztger as Henry Paris
Studio: Video X Pix
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘The Opening Of Misty Beethoven’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued Collector's Edition 2-Disc DVD Set From Gamelink

Considered by porn fans and critics alike to be the greatest adult film of all time, Radley Metzger's award-winning The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is the apex of porno chic, and a classic Golden Age Porn Movie which should be in every fan’s DVD collection! After years of painstaking efforts, the re-mastered 2-Disc DVD Collector’s Edition of The Opening Of Misty Beethoven has now been released, and it was certainly worth the wait.

Best of all, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven now looks amazing in this 2-Disc DVD Collector’s Edition, and is a serious improvement over the still very credible VCX DVD release from a few years back. While the VCX version included the controversial pegging sequence missing in most earlier VHS releases, it was still a slightly cropped version made from a sub-standard print. This new re-mastered transfer to DVD released by Video X Pix brings out the gorgeous cinematography and truly shows off the efforts of director Radley Metzger and cinematographer Paul Glickman in choosing locations in Paris and Italy that make viewing today’s The Opening Of Misty Beethoven even better than watching the original film back in 1975.
In this erotic retelling of George Bernard Shaw's classic play Pygmalion, master porn movie director Radley Metzger transfers the action to 1970’s New York, Rome, and Paris. We follow noted sexologist Dr. Seymour Love, played by Jamie Gillis, as he sets  himself the challenge of transforming streetwalking prostitute Misty Beethoven, magnificently portrayed by Constance Money, into the world's greatest lover. With the help of his  beautiful friend Geraldine (Jacqueline Beudant), Dr. Love devises an erotic training program with the goal of seeing Misty Beethoven crowned as the Goldenrod Girl at publisher Lawrence Layman’s next wild party. Along the way, Misty refines her sexual techniques by seducing an impotent artist, bringing three uniformed butlers to climax simultaneously, and dallying with a rainbow-ceramic sex toy in one of the most arousing films ever created.

The Opening Of Misty Beethoven - Wikipedia: The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is a hardcore porn film released in 1976, during the so-called Golden Age of Movie Pornography. Produced with a relatively high budget for an adult movie and filmed on location in Paris, New York City and Rome, and with a decent musical score, it owes much to the talents of director Radley Metzger, credited as Henry Paris. In a pornographic take-off of George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion, and its derivative mainstream musical My Fair Lady, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is about a sexologist who tries transforming a cheap prostitute into a goddess of passion. While preparing her to seduce a homosexual artist she develops sexual longings for him. Pygmalion and My Fair Lady’s Henry Higgins is replaced by Dr. Seymour Love, the sexologist, played by Jamie Gillis. Eliza Doolittle becomes Dolores "Misty" Beethoven, who is played by Constance Money, and Colonel Pickering becomes Geraldine Rich, played by Jacqueline Beudant. During the film, young and raw Misty Beethoven achieves sexual elevation better than Love and Rich had hoped for, but then cuts them off, as in George Bernard Shaw's play. However, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven diverges from Shaw's plot when she returns to Love at the end.

Constance Money Biography: Few porn movie performers had such an auspicious debut in the sex business as Constance Money - born Susan Jensen - did. Her first ever role was starring in what is generally considered to be the most critically acclaimed porn film of all time, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven. Constance Money was one of the most attractive women ever to have appeared in adult films. Her scenes with Terri and Casey in The Opening Of Misty Beethoven are erotic triumphs. The three-way finale also features some daring footage, when she uses a dildo to have anal sex with Lawrence Lehman, who was billed as Ras Kean. She was hailed as the new rising star of porn films due to her fresh-scrubbed, girl-next-door appearance, which contrasted with her on-screen sexual energy. She followed up with a credible performance in Mary! Mary! But after making only eight porn films altogether she left the adult-film business. Radley Metzger renamed Susan Jensen "Constance Money" bwcause she was constantly asking him for money.

Filmed in three countries on two continents, featuring many of the most famous performers from the Golden Age of Movie Porn, including Gloria Leonard, Jamie Gillis, Casey Donovan and Terri Hal, with a witty and intelligent screenplay, and shot by award-winning  cinematographer Paul Glickman, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is the gold standard by which all other adult films have subsequently been measured.

There are a number of reasons why The Opening Of Misty Beethoven has earned so many accolades, including -

Erotic sex: Director Henry Paris was a real master at choreographing hot sex scenes. Whether it was the liberal use of extras indulging in sex acts in the background, casual sex during dialogue, such as maids constantly giving Jamie Gillis blowjobs while he was delivering serious dialogue, or only partially undressing the women during their sex scenes, he managed to craft a porn film that has stood the test of time in terms of its erotic appeal. Compared to today's production line porn DVDs, The Opening Of Misty Beethoven shows plenty of vaginal and anal penetration and money shots, but is definitely erotic rather than in your face hardcore.

Realistic sex: Not only do the women in The Opening Of Misty Beethoven appear to be enjoying themselves, but they are often the ones who take charge of the sex. This is a liberating viewpoint for a porn movie of any era. Plus, rather than the expected ending to sex scenes, where the guy pulls out and then jerks off on the girl's face, three of the vaginal sex scenes end with the stud pulling out as he's climaxing, shooting a few spurts, and then re-inserting his penis into the girl’s vagina. In the case of the blisteringly arousing finale between Constance Money and Jamie Gillis, Jamie lies with his cock inside her pussy until it softens and falls out. This is incredibly brave for a porn movie, but hot and realistic, and what lovers do in real life.

Daring sex scenes: Although it featured more daring sexual topics such as rape and incest, Golden Age porn still explicit but not quite so pussy and ass poundingly hardcore as it is toda. The Opening Of Misty Beethoven still turned a few heads with some of its sex scenes. In the openiner, Constance Money gives a handjob to a senior citizen in a Napoleon uniform. In one of the hottest scenes in the movie, She fucks a popular homosexual adult film star of the time, something unheard of then. Finally, in a scene that was cut from some early VHS versions, Constance uses a strap-on dildo to butt-fuck a man!

Constance Money and Jacqueline Beudant: While both these actresses had brief careers in porn - Constance made only a handful of films, and this was the only film that Jacqueline appeared in - they are very definitely two of the most beautiful porn stars of the 1970’s. Both exude sexuality while still possessing a wholesome, innocent look.

Humor: It's not just a sex comedy or a mere porn parody, but The Opening Of Misty Beethoven has quite a few very funny one liners and quick jokes. For example, Misty the street prostitute wears a T-shirt with American Express and MasterCharge logos. Even the music is used  to comic effect, and one scene is timed to climax with the climax of "The William Tell Overture."

While The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is clearly an adult movie it is still distinctly different from most contemporary and modern porn It may be the only adult movie where the story is as important as the sex.

Jamie Gillis is a sex doctor and author who finds Constance Money in a Paris theater. She is low class hooker who says "Listen, I do a straight fuck, I don't take it the mouth, I don't take in the ass." He describes her as the "absolute nadir of passion, the most unexciting thing God has ever created, a sexual civil service worker."

There are only four sex scenes that are five minutes or longer but there are dozens of short vignettes, mostly blowjobs, with some facials, and pussy licking but also a good number of sexual novelties.  In one, an airline stewardess raises her skirt to expose her bare ass.  A male passenger inserts an aluminum cigar tube into her rectum and the stewardess then walks away.  The passenger's companion asks why he did that and he says it is to smuggle a cigar past customs.  The companion says that's not illegal and the passenger replies "but she doesn't know that."

Most of Misty's sexual training takes place at an ultra-modern New York apartment and a lavish French chateau.  In both locations there are numerous shots of servants engaging in a variety of sexual activities together and while servicing their employers. These sexual vignettes are not the focus of the scene but simply background. Frequently while Jamie Gillis rambles on about various sex related topics, a female servant is sucking his dick.  In most of these shots the participants are largely or fully clothed with only a fly unzipped or a skirt pulled up.

The first extended sex scene with nudity is almost halfway into The Opening Of Misty Beethoven. It starts with a brunette girl fondling then eating Jacqueline Beudant's pussy while Jamie Gillis watches as servants give him a blowjob. This is followed by brunette sucking then fucking Jamie in several positions including reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with Jamie cumming on the brunette's belly.  This is part of Misty's training and there is a good bit of sexy talk.

In the next sex scene Misty puts her lesson to use when she seduces a gay male art gallery owner when they are trapped in his gallery after the lights turned off.  There is a fair amount of foreplay and then Misty blows and fucks the gallery owner.  She rides him cowgirl and there is a clear, properly lit penetration shot.  He is wearing an open robe but she never removes her sweater.  He cums on his own belly.

Following this and other sexual triumphs, there are captured man and woman in the street conversations suggesting that Misty Beethoven is the talk of the town. These are typically mixed with more training scenes.

The next major sex scene is at a party and is a three way sex session with Constance Money , Gloria Leonard and Ras Kean.  Gloria licks Constance  and then they switch.  Both are fully clothed with only raised skirts exposing their hairy pussies.  Ras Kean joins in and all get naked in a sensual jumble of body parts. Constance straps on a dildo in a harness and then while Gloria blows Ras Constance lubes his ass.  Then she ass fucks him from behind while he vaginally screws Gloria, who is now on her back. The dildo penetration is clearly shown but there are no cum shots of any kind in this scene.  Following this there is a very brief four way with Jamie Gillis,
Jacqueline Beaudant and two others.

In the final sex scene of any duration, Jamie Gillis is riding on top of Constance Money. She sits up and they continue fucking face to face. He eats her pussy and sucks her nipples.  At the end of the scene, semen drips off the screen.

If the movie feature was the only thing on offer, the 2-Disc DVD Collector’s Edition of The Opening Of Misty Beethoven would still be worth buying, but Video X Pix has packed their edition so full of extras that it must be one of the must-have Golden Age movie re-releases of all time. We get Gloria Leonard talking about the film and her experiences in pornography with a welcome nonchalance, plus an excellent commentary track with Metzger and moderator Benson Hurst, who delve deep into the filmmaking process and the reaction to the film.

The largest bonus on the 2-Disc DVD Collector’s Edition of The Opening Of Misty Beethoven, however, is the 45-minutes Behind The Scenes Of Misty Beethoven, a fascinating documentary on the making of the film and everyone involved. Metzger, Leonard, Glickman, music supervisor George Craig and a pair of sex experts are interviewed and discuss many matters, including the historical importance of the pegging scene, and there’s not a dull story in the bunch. We also learn how the fine score was created from using library music, and how Jamie Gillis was the only cast member to shoot footage in Italy! Plus, we get a good look at the minor actors who subsequently became larger names in the porn industry, and you get a genuine idea why everyone involved feels that The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is something special.

As if all that wasn’t enough, also included are an interview with the late Jamie Gillis and a tribute to him by Benson Hurst, where viewers get a good feeling for who Gillis was as a person, and as a genuinely under-appreciated actor who should have been much more well-known. A short film documenting attempts to find and contact Constance Money is included as well, and it is an interesting addition that adds another layer to the world of cult actor fandom. Similarly, a documentary on the film’s restoration takes a good look at exactly what had to have been done in order to get The Opening Of Misty Beethoven looking as good as it does.

The Opening Of Misty Beethoven Collector's Edition 2-Disc Set -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Video X Pix
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