Long Jeanne Silver DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Long Jeanne Silver’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Long Jeanne Silver -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue
Long Jeanne Silver - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1977 during the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Alex DeRenzy’s Long Jeanne Silver is a classic on several levels which as now been bravely reissued on DVD. It is the story of the very real amputee porn actress Long Jeanne Silver, a resourceful lady who turns her handicap into a sexual asset! The movie Long Jeanne Silver shows Jeanne Silver fucking in every sexual combination imaginable, leaving  her partners bewildered, bewitched, and begging for more! You will be, too, when you witness the incredible Long Jeanne Silver in action!  
Starring: Long Jeanne Silver, Amber Hunt, Annie Owens
Director: Alex De Renzy
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
FOR ONLY $19.95
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Long Jeanne Silver’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

The woman’s name is Long Jeanne Silver, and she is horny as well as handicapped! Due to a quirk of mother nature, she was born with part of her lower leg missing, what the publicists cleverly described as a bigger dick than John Holmes. This high quality Alpha Blue Archives DVD re-release of a true sex oddity from the twisted seventies raises an important question. Does Alex DeRenzy’s Golden Age porn classic Long Jeanne Silver exploit her handicap or empower Jeanne Silver as a woman?

Renowned porn movie director Alex DeRenzy uses the pseudo-documentary format to display amputee Jeanne Silver's sexual habits. She fucks Amber Hunt during a threesome, impales two college students and even goes so far as to ram her stump up a homosexual's ass. Long Jeanne Silver is a hot Golden Age porn movie on many different levels, and it is uncut to boot! The DVD extras consist of a bonus sequence with footage of Long Jeanne Silver’s burlesque show and several vintage trailers. The picture quality and sound are also very good, especially considering the age of the source material. Long out of print and regarded as one of the more bizarre porn films of the 1970's, Long Jeanne Silver satisfies all expectations for porn movie fans seeking a freak show event, those who are simply curious, or for Golden Age porn movie collectors who want to experience something more daring than mere sucking and fucking!

Long Jeanne Silver The Movie: Basically, the film plays out in the form of a day in the life of a sexually active amputee. Jeanne Silver provides various monologues on people she has met and then proceeds to invite them home to play with her and her stump. Director Alex DeRenzy practices some restraint by allowing Jeanne to wear her prosthetic leg for the first 6 minutes of footage. He then attempts to provide some shock value with a big reveal when her sexual partner quickly remove the leg. However, this would have been more effective had the film not used Silver's novelty to promote the movie. Throughout the film, Jeanne Silver offers insights on how the world reacts to her deformity with, of course, plenty of nudity and hardcore sex action. She explains to two friends that she was born without a fibula and a pinky toe, and the lower portion of her left leg was amputated when she was around two years old. In the same scene she peruses her recent (1977) photo spread from Cheri Magazine and discusses what it is like to use her leg as a sexual organ saying, “It's like a cock but it's safer; I keep it very clean, and you can't get any diseases from my leg."

Long Jeanne Silver Biography: New Yorker Jeanne Silver - aka Long Jeanne Silver, Long Jeanie Silvers, Joan Beattie, Jean Silver, Long Jeanne Silver, Jean Silver, Jean Fulda, Jeanne Silver - was a teenage runaway who moved to San Francisco in 1977. Young and desperate Jeanne Silver was discovered by the Mitchell brothers when she hopped in off the street and into their O'Farrell Theatre, short one leg and desperately ready to do any kind of hardcore sex they could think off. The Mitchells put her talents to good use in their live sex shows. An explicit spread in Cheri Magazine was followed up with her being introduced to porn movie producer Alex DeRenzy, who saw an opening for something unusual and decided to exploit her unique attributes in one of his hardcore quickies. This resulted in what became the notorious porn classic Long Jeanne Silver featuring her anatomical peculiarity as the centerpiece.

The Cheri Magazine article stated that "Jeanne Silver admitted that she began prostituting her ass in reform school at the age of 15, where she had been placed due to seven counts of burglary. From there she plied her trade as a stripper in Phoenix, Arizona, then moved from town to town, ending up in San Francisco, while hooking to pay her bills."

Pretty soon she was living in East Coast pornographer Carter Stevens’ Slut Motel Studio in New York, and appearing in all manner of both worthy and dubious porn features, such as a freaky scene in the Avon roughie Prisoner Of Pleasure, donning leather gear and cramming her stump inside Carol Connors pussy in Desires For Men, and administering a spanking to Anna Turner in Peepholes. She even appeared in the enema-themed classic, Water Power aka The Enema Bandit

Long Jeanne Silver acquired some famous girlfriends along the way, including classic porn stars Sharon Mitchell and Annie Sprinkle, with whom she spent a night in jail after participating in a stump-fucking photoshoot for Love Magazine. There are reports that she was often seen doing live sex shows at New York City’s Melody Theater in the early 1980’s. Long Jeanne subsequently changed her performing name to plain Jean Silver, no longer showed off her stump on camera, and in 1985 retired from adult entertainment altogether. The rumours are that Jean Silver either moved to Arizona to live on a ranch, managed a bar somewhere in Arizona, or went to college to study child psychology and got seriously involved in physical therapy programs.

The tone of the Long Jeanne Silver movie becomes obvious right from the opening with the star proudly declaring, “My name is Long Jeanne Silver and I’m handicapped and horny! Due to a quirk of nature I was born with a bigger dick than John Holmes, and baby, you better believe I know how to use it!” She then proceeds to insert her stump in every available orifice belonging to her various co-stars, including right up one young homosexual’s anus!

According to sexploitation film historian Johnny Legend, we are lucky to even get a glimpse of this amazing and rare sex scene. Mike Weldon, director of Getting Off and Skin Tight, had purchased the rights for Long Jeanne Silver from Alex DeRenzy and couldn’t figure out why every potential buyer was walking out halfway though the screenings. Legend himself was put in charge of editing out whatever it was that was scaring off potential customers.

Johnny Legend was asked to edit the film to make it more acceptable and tells the story as if he is recounting one of the most horrific moments of his life, “Jeanne Silver picks up a gay guy, brings him home, and shoves her leg stump inside his puckered ass. And she keeps going in, deeper and deeper. I even began to squirm. I ran into the booth, stopped the film, marked the footage number, then told the projectionist to let me know when the scene ended. I held my eyes shut until a tap on the shoulder told me it was over, then I marked the end numbers on the scene and galloped off to the editing room to hastily remove the offending sequence from all existing prints.”

There really isn’t any real attempt at a narrative in Long Jeanne Silver, just a series of five sex sessions strung together The unusual and extreme sexual use to which Jeanne Silver puts her lubed up leg stump will be seen as gross by many viewers, and yet It is heavily erotic at the same time. When she penetrates a vagina or anus with it, you can’t quite believe your eyes or, if you are faint of heart like Johnny Legend, you close them tight until it is all over. But like a child hiding behind a chair you just can’t stop yourself from peeking!

Over the years, there have been a few severely edited versions of Long Jeanne Silver released, but Alpha Blue's DVD appears to be completely uncut because the scene likely to cause the most issues with the censors -  the  stump into the man's rump scene - appears to be completely intact with no jarring edits of any kind.

Long Jeanne Silver -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue
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