Little Girls Blue Part 1 DVD : Uncut - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Little Girls Blue 2-Pack’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVDs From Gamelink
Little Girls Blue 2-Pack -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
Little Girls Blue Part 1 : Uncut  - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
From 1977 Golden Age porn movie classic Little Girls Blue is an adult take on the sexy boarding school theme, where the hot and horny schoolgirls engage in lots of sex with each other and everyone else. But Little Girls Blue has intelligence and wit and is a time capsule of  care-free sex performed by very sexy girls with natural bodies and hairy pussies.
Starring: ori Blue, Chrissy Petersen, Tamara Morgan, Lola Dunmore, Kristine Heller, Casey Winters, Paul Thomas, Carl Regal, Ken Scudder, Turk Lyon, Jon Martin, Blair Harris, John Seeman, Nancy Hoffman, Elaine Wells, and more
Director: XXX
Studio: VCX
FOR ONLY $24.95
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Little Girls Blue 2-Pack’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Volumes 1 and 2 of Little Girls Blue individually and together make up a Golden Age porn movie classic that is so good that it should be in every collection, especially now that VCX have re-mastered and re-packaged both Volumes in a 2 DVD Collectors Edition Box Set.

Volume One of Little Girls Blue is a fresh take on the boarding school them, where the sexually hyperactive girl pupils engage in lots of sexual shenanigans with each other, the college faculty and other members of staff. Made in 1977, Little Girls Blue is a true classic and many of its stars will now seem like fresh new faces.

Volume Two of Little Girls Blue depicts what happens when the girls are released for the summer from the confines of their strict boarding school, and are transplanted to a summer camp full of people and places to tempt their lustful desires. The sex action is sleazy, free, fast and loose - and brings back a time when the only people who even thought of using condoms were those whose girls weren't on the pill.

Adorable high-school girls spend their days and nights sucking and fucking, and so do their teachers. When they are not having sex with someone else, they are fantasizing about and masturbate furiously. Even if you don't get turned-on by the “schoolgirl” fantasy porn genre, both volumes of Little Girls Blue are stil all-time classics. A real plus for many Golden Age porn fans is the natural beauty of the girls and the fact that none are shaven. Some have their pubic hair clipped short to let us see their lovely slits, but it is still there, like girls and women in real life.

There is no point in describing both volumes in detail, because what you see on the box is what you get when you watch the DVD. However, for those who may be unfamiliar with the titles or the genre, here is a breakdown of the sex scenes from Volume 1 of Little Girls Blue.

Scene 1: Opening the credits and setting a dreamy mood are some shots of blue sky and white cloud, and floating across the screen to soft lullaby-like music come the figures of young girls. Fade to a white background, where a giant erect penis looms large like the Monolith from 2001 - A Space Odyssey. A school girl with red bows in her hair, who could pass for fifteen but is obviously well over the age of sexual consent (Buffy), walks up and gives head to the cock while another school girl (Misty) watches with an amazed look on her innocent face. After a  blowjob that looks like it'd make lead melt, she jacks him as he spurts all over his chest, then she licks it up. We cut to Misty's history class, where we discover that she has been daydreaming. We see her drift off again, and this time she kneels down and blows her teacher’s cock while he continues to lecture. After a while, the bell rings and all the school girls get up to go to their next class.

Scene 2: Misty and the blond girl walk down the hall talking about their dates for tonight, and they decide that Buffy can't come because she is "such a virgin". The history teacher calls Buffy into his office and, when they're alone he tells her that she has failed the test. What else can she do but offer to fuck him for a better grade? She unbuttons her blouse, takes off her school girl skirt, and says she's on her period. He just tells her to take off the Kotex pad, which she does, and bends over the desk. She has a beautiful ass. Doggy sex ensues, with beautiful shots of her tight pussy from below, andhis dick really does look a bit discoloured with menstrual blood when it pulls back and her lovely pussy does look like it might just be that time of the month. Try finding something like period blood in a porn movie today! She talks about how good it feels, and wishes the other girls could see her now that she is no longer a virgin. He lays her on her back on the desk, and her small but pert breasts look wonderful as they jiggle with his fucking He ejaculates on her bush and belly, and she says "If you give me an A, I'll let you teach me to suck your thing next week."

Scene 3: The girls are frolicking in the grass wearing their short gym uniforms, while the coach fantasizes about a dirty blonde out in the field. In a white background, she plays with a blue beach ball, a blue ribbon in her hair, and talks dirty to him. He appears under her for a reverse cowgirl ride with plenty of filthy talk from the little slut. Then she jumps off to give him a very sloppy blow job. He cums in her mouth, and she continues sucking him off as semen drips from around her lips. Coach Fowler wakes up, dismisses class, and tells Miriam, his fantasy girl, to be at his house tonight at seven to study math or, since she's flunking, get kicked off the team.

Scene 4: That night, Misty and the first blonde sneak out to meet their dates while the dirty blonde goes to Mr. Fowler's house to study. He fantasizes some more, licking the girl's sweet little pussy, getting a standing blowjob, and cumming in her mouth again, before he gets really embarrassed and says she can go now.

Scenes 5 & 6: Cut to Misty in a convertible with a boy, asking where the other couple went. He says they won't be back for a while. Meanwhile, the blonde has been led by her date to a cabin in the woods, where she discovers an older man waiting for them. Her date says that since she is so obviously cock-hungry she can have the pleasure of two cocks tonight. She replies, "I don't know about this," but is soon lying on her back sucking on both cocks simultaneously. Misty is now sitting in the convertible where she is being eaten. Misty easily looks the part of a high school girl, and her pussy is almost as lovely as her friend Buffy's. One guy removes her white panties and licks her pussy while the other a  wonderful blowjob.  Now Misty gets bent over the seat and doggied by her date. Next, the horny blonde is sixty-nineing with one guy while the other slides his cock from behind, into hera gorgeous pussy with lips that spread wide and show lots of wet pink. Back in the car where the missionary screwing accentuates the smallness of the girl's breasts and and he shoots spunk on her belly while she rubs it in all over. Back at the threesome, the dirty blonde does a nice cowgirl while sucking the other cock, then a doggy, then they both shoot their loads on her face.

Scene 7: At school the next day, blondie and Misty are roller skating and discussing Misty's desire “to get fucked by a real man". They hatch a scheme about Misty forging a note from the girl he's always fantasizing about to their coach, then meeting him in her room while the other girl is at home. Several girls walk by and we get a superb sequence where a line of girls is going down on a line of guys. Mr. Fowler gets the note and comes to the room that night expecting the other girl. It's dark, so he doesn't know it's really Misty as he eats her from behind, then suggests that "since you're a virgin" Misty/Miriam should suck on his cock to get it nice and wet. They do a nice sixty-nine followed by a doggy fuck as she stares out the window, gives some innocent but dirty-talk, then jumps up and leaves when they're done.

The final shot is morning at the girls' school, where Coach Fowler is greatly confused as he sees Miriam dropped off by her parents. The camera pans away, the school bell rings, and the credits roll.

Little Girls Blue, along with its equally impressive follow up Little Girls Blue 2, is probably the most highly regarded of the many schoolgirl movies made during porn’s Golden Age. The prevalence of sweaty, almost medical close-ups is indicative of the direction the industry would take in the years that followed.

Little Girls Blue finishes and, presumably, the characters continue to indulge themselves with impunity. In fact, interested parties can see exactly what happens by watching the sequel, Little Girls Blue Part 2. The girls quickly work their way through the team of counselors. The sex is sleazy, free, fast and loose, and brings back a time when the only people who even thought of using condoms were those whose girls' weren't on the pill.

Ultimately Little Girls Blue is more of an exercise in erotica than narrative film-making, with only the merest interludes between sex scenes.The potentially difficult subject matter must be acknowledged. Contemporary erotica and pornography exploits the sexual allure of teenage beauty, however there is something politically incorrect and thus even more arousing about watching, and being aroused by, notionally school-age females engaged in explicit sex with visibly older males. Although this theme would be almost impossible to produce today, even with modern gaping, pounding and lack of respect for the women involved, it must be remembered that with Little Girls Blue the age of the hot and horny, nymphomaniacs was always a pretence. The producers knew it, the performers knew it, and the audience knew it. Take Little Girls Blue for what it is - a classic of its time, and well worth adding to the DVD collection of all serious porn movie collectors.

Little Girls Blue 2-Pack -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
Little Girls Blue Part 2 DVD : Uncut - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Little Girls Blue Part 2 : Uncut  - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Little Girls Blue 2 is the classic 1983 sequel to Little Girls Blue. Released from the confines of their strict boarding school, our hot and horny finishing school lovelies are transplanted to a summer camp full of randy counselors and shady thickets which are perfect hiding places for brushing up on human anatomy. Featuring the seldom-seen but fabulous Barbara Klouds, Little Girls Blue 2 is far and wide agreed to be some of her best work, and a truly timeless piece of carnal filmmaking.
Starring: Barbara Klouds, Eric Edwards, Kevin James, Lori Blue, Hershel Savage
Director: Joanna Williams
Studio: VCX
FOR ONLY $24.95
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