Little French Maid DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Little French Maid’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Little French Maid -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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Little French Maid With John Holmes - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Connie, the Little French Maid, is searching for a loving relationship. Her sexual urges lead her from one partner to another in her quest for love and fulfilment. This Little French Maid will try anything, and do anything, to satisfy her many lovers. You will be amazed at what she does, even with porn superstud John Holmes. Connie Peters is incredible in the lead role. Her insatiable appetite for sex makes Little French Maid a must-see for lovers of Golden Age porn movies.
Starring: Connie Peters, John Holmes, Johnny Keyes, Mike Horner, Paul Thomas, Paula Smith and Steven Reilly
Director: Adele Robbins
Studio: VCX
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Little French Maid’ With Connie Peters And John Holmes On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Connie Peters / Connie Peterson Biography: Tiny porn actress Connie Peters aka Connie Peterson was one of the most popular blonde starlets of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, with her dirty-blonde hair, high cheekbones, wide-eyed face, and generally slutty look that perfectly complemented her figure. Although she was small in stature, Connie Peterson's freckled body was fronted by a magnificent pair of breasts that gave her an extra zing. One of her best performances can be found in Little French Maid from 1981, where Connie Peters / Connie Peterson turned in one of the most sexually exhuberant performances of porn’s so-called Golden Age. In a truly amazing display of sexual virtuosity, Connie sucked and fucked her way through five steamy sex scenes, taking on well hung studs John Holmes and Paul Thomas in a magnificently eye watering double penetration segment, and luscious brunette Paula Smith in another three-way session, black cocksman Johnny Keyes and a white stud in an interracial fuck-a-thon, another pair of studs in a second double penetration scene, and finally Mike Ranger in a nasty dose of back door ass pounding. Connie Peters / Connie Paterson’s role in Little French Maid is a breathtaking display of wanton sexuality that ranks today as one of the hottest porn outings ever.

First non-sex scene: We meet Connie, the Little French Maid of the title, as she steps out from a bus and walks towards the mansion where she's about to begin her new job as a house maid. Connie is in her late twenties with blonde, shoulder-length hair. Her looks are not spectacular by today's standards, but she is still naturally attractive. As we are about to see, she has a beautiful feminine body with firm breasts. With a French accent she speaks about her expectations for the new job as she walks through a flowery garden to a background of classical music.

Sex scene 1: Connie, now dressed as a maid, sits in the mansion's kitchen with the house-butler, who is none other than the legendary John Holmes, when the door bell rings. John opens for the master of the house, whom we recognize as Paul Thomas, billed as Phil Thomas in the subtitles, in a big hair-do which was fashionable at the time. Paul walks up to his bedroom, picks up the phone and asks John to get him a drink. Connie delivers her first memorable one liner: "A drink from my pussy feels better". John and Paul ask Connie to come to the bedroom, where they begin to intimately touch her. Connie sucks John’s huge cock and licks his shaft as Paul watches. She undresses and continues to suck John’s cock as he lays back on the bed He touches her hairy pussy while Paul licks it. Like a proper Little French Maid she is wearing stockings and blue panties with an open crotch. She performs some great cock-sucking. Connie goes down on all fours with Paul fucking her pussy doggy style while she continues to give head to John. Then she lays down on her back and John’s cock penetrates her pussy while Paul kisses her. Connie: "Deeper, deeper, hurt me with it!". John: "Dirty Little Maiden!" The action changes to Connie cowgirling Paul. John puts his cock in her ass from behind, and there are good close-ups of the double penetration with John's monster cock pounding in and out of her asshole. John and Connie kiss while Paul sucks her boobs during the double penetration. There are some quick glimpses of other positions before both guys jack off into her mouth.

Brief non-sex scene: Connie tends to the roses in the garden. She reflects: "My pussy smells as good as the flowers". She gets called back to the house and comments with her French accent "I think I'm going to be violated again - lucky me!"

Sex scene 2: Connie meets Paula Smith, a beautiful slim brunette with long straight hair. They are joined by John Holmes. The girls kiss and caress each other. Connie wears black lingerie and her tits look really inviting as she takes off her bra. There follows some dual blow-job and balls-licking on John’s huge penis! Then the girls go sixty-nine with Paula on top. John penetrates Paula from behind, but she can only take half of his shaft inside he, so they change to John fucking Connie in the missionary position. There are some superb close-ups of his huge cock thoroughly penetrating her hairy pussy. The action changes again to the girls in sixty-nine position, this time with Connie on top. John: "OK Connie, here's your favorite, I'm gonna put it in your ass". Connie catches her breath with a deep sigh as his cock enters her butt hole and we witness a magnificent deep hard-pounding anal fuck. Meanwhile Paula licks Connie's pussy and John's balls. Connie then gets anally penetrated in the missionary position with Paula, sitting on her face, holding Connie's legs back above her head, and kissing John. Then Connie goes anal cowgirl as she kisses Paula. This fine scene ends with both girls sucking John until he ejaculates in their faces.

Brief non-sex scene: Connie is sitting alone by the sea wearing a blue dress and eating a hamburger. She reflects happily: "Good hamburger, almost as good as Paula's pussy". But then is overwhelmed by regrets: "Sucking and fucking is the most important thing in my life. I've had so many cocks but never one meaningful relation. Maybe someday..."

Sex scene 3: Connie meets black superstud Johnny Keyes and a white man in the villa. She undresses for them, then sucks the white guy while Johnny licks her pussy. Classical music plays in the background. She cowgirl rides the white guy. Then some missionary fucking while Johnny dips his big black dick into her mouth. The white guy cums on her stomach, then kisses her and says goodbye. Connie comments with a sad voice: "He was nice". Johnny fucks her spoon style followed by some doggy fucking. Connie: "Do you want to put it in my bottom?". Johnny: "You want it in your ass!? OK mama". Some nice ass-pounding follows, then titty fucking and cock sucking before he cums in her face.

Brief non-sex scene: Connie sits in the garden sewing. Some calm classical piano music plays in the background. She reflects: "I'm so lucky, all the cocks in the world, such a lucky girl. For a poor French girl I'm doing alright".

Sex scene 4: Connie meets  two pilots, one black and the other white. They have promised her a ticket to Paris in exchange for some sex fun. She wears nice white panties as she starts sucking on a big black dick. Then she sucks the white guy while the black guy fucks her doggy style. Change to reverse cowgirl on the white guy as she blows the black guy who is now standing in front of her. Change to cowgirl on the black guy. Then white guy puts his cock in her ass for her second double penetration of the movie.  The scene ends with both guys jacking off into her mouth.

Brief non-sex scene: Connie reveals that she has fallen in love with Mike, John's brother: "Mike, I love you, I need you".

Sex scene 5: Connie and Mike. Romantic classical music - I can't get the melody out of my head, could be some Russian ballet music (anyone who knows what it is, please e-mail me at ). Connie undresses. She mounts Mike cowgirl. Very romantic scene. Mike: "We got to last. Make me last!". Connie: "Come on fuck me, hurt me with it, I love you so much". Doggy-fucking in bed, then spoon. Rough sex and gentle caressing; one of the more convincing love scenes that I've seen. Mike in a sweet voice: "Honey, I know you like it up the ass, don't you!?" Connie: "Oooooooh!" (he's in). Connie wears a blue neck ribbon. Great close-ups of great doggystyle anal. This scene has transcendental qualities! The romantic music gets more intense as Connie approaches extasy: "Thrust my asshole with your big cock! I want to take the whole world into my ass!". Then Mike goes A2M. She sucks him good and he cums in her face. Good and deep post-cumshot cock-sucking and jizz-licking. This is a lovely scene!

Final non-sex scene: Connie walks in a field of yellow flowers and delivers her final words to us: "This is it. I'm so lucky. He's so handsome and he has got a big cock too. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. If he would only call..."

Final comment: This movie is very different from any movie that I've seen. Not only in that our star, Connie, does anal in all scenes including 2 DPs. The classical music score, the flowery surroundings and Connie's personal and poetical reflections often pronounced with a touching voice gives this hardcore movie unexpected romantic qualities. I'm touched, frankly.

Little French Maid With Connie Peters And John Holmes -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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