Legend of Lady Blue DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Legend of Lady Blue’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Legend of Lady Blue -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
Legend of Lady Blue With Gloria Leonard - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Released in 1978 during the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Legend of Lady Blue is for all you who remember the first time they had sex. Iris and Casey have been small town sweethearts, but Iris leaves for Hollywood chasing her dreams. She breaks her engagement and hooks up with Hollywood agent, Gloria. Years later their lives have changed and not for the best.
Starring: Gloria Leonard, Chris Cross, Eileen Wells, Faye Young, Lauren Black, Maureen Spring, Joan Devlon, Phaedra Grant, Carl Regal, David Book, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Cole Stevens, John Smith, and Billy Dee  as Obe-Wahn
Director: Jesse Pearson
Studio: VCX
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Legend of Lady Blue’ With Gloria Leonard On Re-Mastered And Reissued Collectors Edition DVD From Gamelink

Golden age classic Legend of Lady Blue is an erotic film about the lives, loves ambitions and heartbreaks of real people, interspersed with plenty of hardcore sex action on the way. Iris and Casey are childhood sweethearts from a small town in South Dakota. Their friend Shelby makes up the ill-fated trio of friends. Shelby and Casey join the Marinestogether. Meanwhile, Iris leaves for Hollywood to chase her dreams in the movies. Busy pursuing her career, Iris breaks her engagement to Casey, and hooks up with Gloria Diamond, a domineering Hollywood agent-. Years later, Casey and Iris meet by chance. Their lives have changed drastically, and perhaps not for the best.

Gloria Leonard Biography:  Porn superstar Gloria Leonard, who was born in the Bronx in 1940, is an acclaimed actress who also became the publisher of High Society Magazine.  She is a formidable woman who has genuinely done it all in the sex industry, from acting to publishing to public speaking.  She began her hardcore porn career in 1976, and starred in all time porn classics such as The Opening of Misty Beethoven, Taboo: American Style and, of course Legend of Lady Blue. She left a significant mark on Golden Age Porn before retiring from the screen in 1984. She was formerly married to porn stud Bobby Hollander. She performed her only anal sex scene, a double penetration, in her movie All About Gloria Leonard with Marc Stevens and Jamie Gillis.

A genuine blueprint and inspiration for the couples porn films released today, but a good deal more accomplished than most, Legend of Lady Blue is a porn epic that swept up most of the Adult Film Association of America Awards the year it was released. Given that Legend of Lady Blue is high class porn and not a run of the mill stroker, it seems remarkable in hindsigh in his opus. Maureen Spring had a small role as the sex android with henpecked husband Jack Wright in Sam Weston’s Sex World. John Smith, a handsome bloke and a decent actor, sunk into obscurity and never made another movie. Both contribute sensitive, subtle performances as star-crossed small town lovers Iris and Casey. On the cusp of the Vietnam era, she harbors dreams of Hollywood stardom while he plans to enlist in the Marine Corps. On his last day before shipping off, Casey tenderly takes his girl’s virginity in a truly beautiful outdoor love scene to the strains of Johnny Pearson’s timeless “Sleepy Shores”.

They try to keep in touch through letters, but life and sit happens, trampling all over their youthful innocence. World weary Casey takes up residence in a Vietnam brothel for a long, spellbinding sequence with Phaedra Grant servicing the men in uniform. Both Casey and his hometown buddy Shelby, played  by Billy Dee, billed as Obi Wahn, only have eyes for a sad local girl, played by Faye Young.

Meanwhile, Iris has fallen at the mercy of predatory lesbian Hollywood agent Gloria Leonard, who seduces the naive young hopeful with a master’s touch in one of the most erotic lesbian encounters ever filmed. Through all this, the once devoted couple loses track of one another until their accidental meeting a few years later on Hollywood Boulevard as Casey, now a taxi driver, picks up a classy-looking streetwalker who turns out to be his childhood sweetheart. Can true love survive ?

Like most classic Golden Age porn films Legend of Lady Blue looks and feels very much like a “real” film, a fquality that should be treasured by those weaned on present day porn. The story has a beginning, a middle and an end and manages to keep viewer attention throughout. Lighting and cinematography are every bit as professional as anything from mainstream studios at the time. Dialogue is plausible, intelligent and effectively delivered by porn performers who can act as well as have explicit sex in front of the camera. If you have only ever heard of porn’s Golden Age and want to check out some of the adult classics of yesteryear, there are far worse places to start than Legend of Lady Blue.

Legend of Lady Blue With Gloria Leonard -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality Collectors Edition DVD By VCX
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