Insatiable DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Insatiable’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Insatiable -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
Insatiable With Marilyn Chambers - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
In 1980, at the height of the Golden Age of Movie Porn, ex-Ivory Snow girl caused a sensation when she appeared in the adult film classic Insatiable. This is Marilyn Chambers at her best, playing a poor little rich girl who has everything, except what she really wants - hot, steamy sex! To take her mind off her desires, she accepts a starring role in a movie, but gets more than expected when the role leads to torrid sexual encounters. Insatiable is an all-time porn classic!
Starring: Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Mike Ranger, Serena, David Morris, Jessie St. James, Richard Pacheco, John Leslie, Joan Turner
Director: Godfrey Daniels
Studio: VCX
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Insatiable’ With Marilyn Chambers On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Supermodel and heiress, Sandra Chase, played magnificently by the late porn superstar Marilyn Chambers, quickly learns money can't buy happiness or satisfaction, even though she is Insatiable. While starring in her first movie, she finds herself caught in a web of wild sexual encounters with her co-stars, including legendary John Holmes as Sandra's fantasy lover. Shot on location in rural America and cosmopolitan London, Insatiable will leave you hungry for more.

Insatiable - Wikipedia: Director Godfrey Daniels’ Insatiable is a classic pornographic movie released in 1980, towards the close of the era of porn chic known as its Golden Age. It starred Marilyn Chambers and was directed by Stu Segall, who was credited as Godfrey Daniels. Marilyn Chambers plays the rich, happy and assertive fashion model Sandra Chase, whose sexual appetite is - Insatiable! The film begins as it ends, with her masturbating. She has an old-fashioned aunt who appears in a series of flashbacks. The movie has little plot or storyline, and consists mainly of one sex scene after another with some filler sequences added to pad the runtime to feature-length movie standards. While one scene has Marilyn Chambers's character overhearing her friend having sex, all the other sex action scenes feature her as an active participant.

Marilyn Chambers Biography: Marilyn Chambers - 1952 to 2009 - was a porn movie actress, exotic dancer, model, and vice-presidential candidate. She was best known for her 1972 hardcore film debut in Behind the Green Door and Insatiable in 1980. She was voted 6 on AVN’s list of Top 50 Porn Stars of All Time and ranked as one of Playboy's Top 100 Sex Stars of the Century. Strangely in view of her legendary status in the world of movie porn, Marilyn Chambers is credited on IAFD as only appearing in a very modest 36 films throughout her adult career. In today’s world of porn that is almost nothing, considering many starlets are doing 50 or more films in their first year. Nonetheless, Marilyn Chambers is one of the greatest porn performers ever. She may not have made headlines the way that Linda Lovelace did, but there is no denying the impact she had on the adult film industry. With her quintessential girl next door look that is so popular with North American men, at one time Marilyn Chambers was one of the most popular porn actresses ever and it is Insatiable, directed by Godfrey Daniels, that she remains best known for. Sadly, Marilyn Chambers had heart problems and died in 2009, but her legacy and films live on.

Porn superstar Marilyn Chambers, the undisputed queen of 1970’s erotic cinema, gives the performance of her life in the classic Golden Age porn feature movie Insatiable, playing Sandra Chase, a beautiful model who inherits a fortune after her parents are killed in an accident. Though it would seem that the young heiress has everything anyone could desire, Sandra finds herself sexually unfulfilled and troubled by dark and ominous dreams. She accepts the lead role in a motion picture in the hopes of changing the direction of her life. But what she encounters are a series of torrid sexual encounters that lead her into a world of unbridled, breath-taking passion. An actress of unparalleled eroticism, Marilyn Chambers is truly Insatiable in this classic and highly collectable offering from porn's Golden Age.

The film begins as Sandra Chase lies in bed masturbating, while Marilyn Chambers sings the opening theme song in the background. She is seen enthusiastically rubbing her clitoris until she climaxes. From there we get the neon credits and Chase's phone rings. She is needed at a photo shoot and puts on her robe to get ready for her big day. At this point eagle eyed viewers who are in the know will look for the Ivory Snow box in the shot. She is taken by Rolls Royce and helicopter to a remote estate where she is introduced to Serena. Naturally, they get it on in the hot tub, passionately rubbing and licking away at each others naked bodies. Serena looks fantastic with her short, cropped hair and Marilyn Chambers is obviously having a good time with her in this truly hot scene.

From there, Sandra goes for a drive in her black Ferrari. She picks up a hitchhiker, played by Richard Pacheco, and they pull over to the side of the country road. She unzips his pants and sucks his cock until he shoots his load on her face.

From there we are treated to some sightseeing in London before Sandra winds up back at the estate where she plays a game of billiards with the young male gardener, played by David Morris. He talks dirty, tells her she is a cock teaser and makes it clear what he wants from her and that he knows she wants it too. He then pushes her down on the pool table and sucks on her breasts and nipples. She fights him off, but not too hard. He eats her pussy out and uses his fingers on her, making her beg for his cock. She tells him she wants it and he teases her until she is ready to explode. Then he unzips his trousers and fucks her missionary style. He pulls out and waves his penis around her mouth, making her beg for it some more before letting her suck him off while she fingers herself until he ejaculates on her face.

Next, Sandra enjoys a fancy dinner and then does some more sightseeing. While this is going on, John Leslie and Jesse St. James are hanging out on the patio. One thing leads to another and, after Leslie proposes to her, they make out and he fingers her and eats her pussy. Sandra is up in her room masturbating while this is going on and soon Leslie is fucking St. James missionary style. She gets down on all fours and he fucks her in the ass, and then she sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth and on her face. All the while, Sandra is playing with her pussy and nipples, thinking about her earlier sexual encounters. As her fantasies get more intense, she imagines herself lying on a cloth covered table in a dark room. David Morris, Jesse St. James and Mike Ranger come into the room they proceed to have an orgy, with Jesse and Marilyn sucking cock and Ranger eating Marilyn's pussy before fucking her. Jesse goes to work on Marilyn's tits as she sucks and fucks and before they disappear she gets a facial and a load on her belly.

At this point, Sandra’s fantasies are starting to overwhelm her. She has been fucked hard, but she still wants more cock, and there's only one man who can take care of her, the man with the biggest dick in Golden Age porn, the legendary John Holmes. He appears out of the darkness and kisses her before playing with her tits and eating her pussy. Once he is hard enough he gets a good portion of his cock into Chambers' mouth and she sucks it like a champion. He then fucks her missionary style before slipping most of his huge penis into her asshole, which really works her into a frenzy. Holmes pulls out of her ass and jerks off onto her stomach and her pussy, while she lies there quivering and moaning, and covered in sweat. At that point Sandra Chase / Mariilyn Chambers looked right into the camera and tells us she wants more, bringing the film to a perfect close.

Marilyn Chambers was an established star by the time Insatiable was released, having been fucking on camera for over eight years, but nothing prepared porn audiences for the tour de force sexual performance she would deliver in this film. She is virtually on fire throughout, taking anything that her partners can give her, in the hope of ending her quest to finally put a rest to her insatiable appetite for sex. The reason for the film’s success is that Marilyn Chambers, according to her commentary, wasn't really acting and it shows. If the smoking hot sex scenes weren't enough, Insatiable also  benefits from lush European location shooting and clever cinematography, making it look as classy as hardcore porno could ever be.

In truth, Insatiable is a true classic in every sense of the word. If it were a car, it would be a Ferrari. If it were a drink, would be Moet et Chandon. And if it were a woman, it would undoubtedly be Marilyn Chambers. There is no other porn actress of any era who could have risen to the challenge of the title role better than Marilyn Chambers and Insatiable, despite having been made relatively late in the first phase of her career, contains unquestionably her defining performance.

Finally, it is easy to see why Insatiable is regarded as one of the best porn films ever made. It is an actual movie with six sex scenes, five of which feature Mariyln Chambers. This takes porn fans back to the Golden Age of Movie Porn where the girls were natural, wore everyday clothes and weren’t caked with make up. The 30th Anniversary edition of Insatiable also contains interviews with Marilyb Chambers, plus commentary and other useful extras to make this perfect for any porn collector.

Insatiable With Marilyn Chambers -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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