Girls On Fire DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Girls On Fire’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Girls On Fire -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
Girls On Fire With Ginger Lynn - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Girls On Fire, starring John Holmes and Ginger Lynn, is a Golden Age porn classic from 1984 Two insurance fraud investigators get into trouble when a hood finds them in bed with his wife and got their hands on his incriminating little black book. They get chased into a lingerie fashion show rehearsal overflowing with gorgeous models who are willing to help them in every way. Heroes and hoods dress in drag in this adult comedy filled with hilarity, hot sex and beautiful girls.
Starring: Ginger Lynn, John Holmes, Jamie Gillis, Raven, Harry Reems, R. Bolla, Kimberly Carson, Angel (II), Cody Nicole
Director: Jack Remy
Studio: VCX
FOR ONLY $24.95
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Girls On Fire’ With Ginger Lynn On Re-Mastered And Reissued Collectors Edition DVD From Gamelink

When Girls On Fire was first released in 1984 it received a lot of publicity as it was the first sexual pairing between the legendary porn stud, John Holmes and the new queen of adult films, Ginger Lynn. Although Girls On Fire is a true porn classic in terms of both its historical and star power values, it is also an entertaining and very arousing romp, highlighted by a superb one-on-one performance between Ginger Lynn and John Holmes. Viewed today, Girls On Fire has an almost quaint look about it, with lots of dialogue and situational scenes, and a real plot running through the story. In other words, Girls On Fire is typical of the very best movies released during the so-called Golden Age of Movie Porn.

Ginger Lynn Biography: Ginger Lynn, who was born Ginger Lynn Allen in 1962, was a prominent actress in 1980’s porn videos. She began her adult career as a nude model before performing in hardcore sex films as Ginger Lynn in 1983. Her first porn film role was in Surrender in Paradise, where she starred with Jerry Butler. Ginger Lynn's girl next door good looks and enthusiastic sexing helped her become one of the most popular female porn performers ever. In fact, AVN has ranked her at number 7 in a list of the 50 greatest porn stars of all time. Ginger Lynn's work was distinguished by her explicit and very inventive dirty talking during her sexual performances. After retiring temporarily from porn she began using her full name of Ginger Lynn Allen and appeared in a variety of very forgettable B-movies. She had a late career comeback to porn and made a series of MILF movies.

Porn fans looking for wall-to-wall anal fucking or volumes of cum swallowing should look elsewhere, and those who want to see silicone-boobed blonde sex robots mechanically fucking and sucking muscular morons should watch other porn titles. However, if you like to watch real women with real pubic hair enjoying real sex action with real men - in other words, high class Golden Age porn - you need to look no further than Girls On Fire.  Even the most jaded viewer of in your face gonzo porn will surely not be able to resist Ginger Lynn. On the DVD cover she is dressed in white lingerie, white stockings, high heels and a fur coat, looking absolutely delectable as she perches on top of a travel chest while well hung porn superstud John Holmes strokes her thigh.

The opening sex scene of Girls On Fire features a frenzied sexual encounter between Harry Reems and Vicki Vickers. Their tabletop quickie features a great blowjob by this blonde cutie before Harry reams her. Cute Kimberly Carson adopts an authentic sounding Brooklyn accent for her character, and shows off her cock sucking talents when she goes down on Richard Pacheco in a threesome including Jamie Gillis.

The setting changes to a photographer’s studio, where R. Bolla is presiding over a fashion rehearsal featuring some top porn starlets. Raven appears in white lingerie that perfectly accentuates her dark-haired beauty, and shows off her tall, slender figure. Angel looks like a heavenly body decked out in a honeymoon outfit that conforms why she was one of the prettiest girls ever to have appeared in porn. However, Ginger Lynn is a knockout in her tight fitting leather Indian outfit which hugs and accentuates her incredibly hard, sexy body. Ginger Lynn's delicious ass and and toned legs are displayed to great effect as she poses, spins and struts around the stage. The brown costume also goes nicely with her smooth and tanned skin.

Angel gives Bobby Bullock a superbly executed blow job. Her gorgeous smiling face, and terrific body make up for her sometimes reserved attitude Raven is coupled with Jamie Gillis and is later joined by Cody Nicole for a threesome.

Ginger Lynn's sex scene with well hung John Holmes is the stuff wet dreams are made of. By any porn standards of any era it is incredibly hot, beginning with her actually deep throating his massive penis. We get perfectly framed close-ups of Ginger rising to the challenge and devouring his cock. What a sight it is to see! When Ginger gets fucked by John Holmes reverse cowgirl style, she has to ease her petite body onto his erection, using her legs to ride him like a rodeo bronco.

The last sex scene features an appearance by yet another living porn legend, Shanna McCullough, who does the nasty with R. Bolla.

Girls On Fire, while being a classic Golden Age porn film, is also a fun to watch sex comedy. Although it is nothing more than a standard men on the run movie with plenty of added hardcore sucking and fucking, the script is written so the sex scenes fit the plot instead of it being the other way around. The end result is a really fun erotic comedy. There are many corny lines throughout the film, but they just add to the fun.

Not only is Girls On Fire funny, but it also has a youthfully enthusiastic performance by the now legendary Ginger Lynn. The acting is surprisingly good for an adult film. John Holmes is hilarious running around the fashion show in drag. Kimberly Carson uses a voice that is wacky but somehow endearing. All of the women in Girls On Fire are good looking because they are natural, and as an added bonus they proudly display plenty of pubic hair. The sex scenes are well done, creative and, as is to be expected from good Golden Age porn, the performers look as though they are genuinely enjoying themselves rather than just going through the motions of formulaic suck and fuck positions. In summary, this Collectors Edition Girls On Fire DVD is a very worthwhile addition to any serious porn fan’s movie library.

Girls On Fire With Ginger Lynn -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality Collectors Edition DVD By VCX
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