Candy Stripers DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Candy Stripers’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Candy Stripers -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Arrow Classics
Candy Stripers With Cris Cassidy - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Bob Chinn's 1978 Golden Age porn movie classic Candy Stripers has finally been brought to DVD by Arrow Films, who have re-mastered the film and restored the two fisting scenes. Angie and Sarah are only interested in patients and partying but trouble is brewing because Dr. Fine's aphrodisiac gas has escaped, with everybody losing their inhibitions!
Starring: Amber Hunt, Bron White, Cris Cassidy, Eileen Wells, Lauren Black, Mimi Morgan, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant, Sharon Thorpe, David Clark, Don Fernando, Joey Silvera, Paul Thomas, Richard Pacheco, Rock Steadie.
Director: Bob Chinn
Studio: Arrow Classics
FOR ONLY $19.95
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Candy Stripers’ With Cris Cassidy On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Bob Chinn’s naughty nurse and horny doctor movie Candy Stripers is rightly considered to be one of the true Golden Age porn classics and it is easy to see why it is fondly remembered and still enjoyed by fans of high quality porn even today.

Candy Stripers is a perfect example of how great classic porn can be. To begin with, the sets are incredible. Although it is often believed to have been filmed in a hospital, Candy Stripers was actually shot on a specially constructed sound stage. So often in the modern porn world poor substitutes for real sets are used, and these can ruin the mood. The female cast is all attractive, if not down right hot, and unlike the actresses of today, they don’t look like porn stars, which makes Candy Stripers that much hotter. The sex is enthusiastic and natural, and is obviously being enjoyed by the participants. Plus, there is plenty of variety in the sexual situations to keep viewers interested right to the end. There are also several short tease scenes to keep the viewer aroused between the main sexual set pieces. As is the case with most Golden Age porn classics, the women have hairy pussies, which may bother viewers who are used to the neatly trimmed vaginas of today.

Candy Stripers - Wikipedia: Candy Stripers is a classic 1978 pornographic film by director Bob Chinn and starring Nancy Hoffman and Sharon Thorpe. It is a comedy about the sexual encounters hospital volunteers, the Candy Stripers of the title, have with hospital patients and staff. The title is an American term for hospital volunteers, who traditionally wore a red and white striped uniform which resembles stick candy. Candy Stripers has been inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame, and Screw magazine called it "the best sex film of 1978". In July 2008 Terminal Press released a limited-edition comic book version of the film, written by Brian Ferrara. The uncut, original version of Candy Stripers features two fisting scenes, which were edited out of most subsequent released of the film. These fisting scenes are edited from the main movie in the Arrow Classics DVD release, but are included as hidden features which can be found and viewed separately.

Cris Cassidy Biography: Bubbly porn starlet Cris Cassidy was one of the original highly sexed blondes during the so called Golden Age of Movie Porn, whose main claim to fame was her starring role in the notorious Golden Age porn movie Candy Stripers, where she was originally billed as Montana. Her first porn appearance was in Sex World, and over the next ten years she established herself as one of the most sexually voracious women in the porn business. It seemed like there was nothing Cris Cassidy wouldn't do and nothing she wouldn’t put in either of her sexual orifices, an attitude that got her plenty of work and plenty of fans. Cris Cassidy was an inspiration to modern day no holes barred porn sluts, few of whom are anywhere near as hot as she was all these years ago.

Candy Stripers is a charming but sexually explicit tale of the day in the life of three apprentice nurses, and is a classic example of what was so good about Golden Age movie porn, as entertaining today as it was when it was first released. The cast is as good as they come, with Amber Hunt, Sharon Thorpe and Cris Cassidy performing magnificently. The plot is not much, as is only to be expected from a porn film, but is still light and entertaining from beginning to end.

Candy Stripers has now been brought to DVD by Arrow Films, who has done a great job of restoring the film as well as giving us back the controversially deleted fisting scenes that have long been cut out for fear of offending the dreaded porn police. Both scenes are present on this DVD, but not in their original positions in the complete film, which remains edited in this presentation. Instead, thy are available as an Easter Egg which must been found and solved.

The rest of the picture is completely intact when compared on a shot-by-shot basis with a very early, non-edited video made from the original release print of the film. The only difference is that Arrow has done a very good job of cleaning up, color-correcting and otherwise restoring Candy Stripers to a condition better than has ever been available on video. Since Candy Stripers director Bob Chinn appears in a lengthy interview elsewhere on the DVD, one wonders how much he was involved in the restoration process. The two notorious fisting scenes are not quite as good quality as the rest of the film but are enjoyably viewable, nonetheless. At any rate, Candy Stripers now looks and sounds every bit as good as could be expected from a title this old.

Candy Stripers Fisting Scene One: This occurs at the finale of the Amber Hunt and Rock Steadie sex scene. Just after Rock finishes giving her analingus, we see him inserting fingers in her pussy, doggie-style. First one, then two, then the camera tilts up to Rocks face and the movie cuts to Paul Thomas and Eileen Welles as Thomas is kissing her. The rest of the scene is intact in the Easter Egg section, showing Amber and Rock working up to a nearly full fist insertion doggie-style, then we see Amber rolling over on her back to really get the full fist treatment. You know she is enjoying it because of her famous giant-sized clitoris which got really big when she was aroused.

Candy Stripers Fisting Scene Two: The second fisting occurs in the lengthy sex scene between Paul Thomas, Eileen Welles and Nancy Hoffman. Just after Welles takes off her blouse and bra, and invites Hoffman to, "Try some more head it feels so good," Hoffman gets in a couple of licks and the scene cuts to Hoffman tonguing and Welles stroking her hair, which actually happens later on in the original movie. As before, the edited portion is intact in the Easter Egg section, showing Hoffman first inserting one fist, rather easily, into Welles, then, at the urging of Thomas and Welles, actually getting her entire other fist into Welles’s pussyl. With Thomas massaging her clitoris, and Hoffman enthusiastically pumping both fists and wrists  into her, Welles has the ride of her life.

Viewing The Fisting Scenes In Candy Stripers : Every porn consumer who is concerned about the cowardly and gratuitous DVD editing of classic porn movies owes Arrow Films a debt of gratitude for their bravery and integrity. While most viewers would have preferred to see the fisting scenes in the context of their original positions in Candy Stripers, the bottom line is that the scenes are now viewable! Both fistings are obviously enjoyed by the people receiving them and, in the scene with Eileen Welles, Nancy Hoffman's small fists probably aren't much bigger in size than John Holmes' or Rambone's engorged cocks, anyway! Meanwhile, on the subject of current porn editing philosophy, remember that another scene in Candy Stripers still appears in its original position on the DVD, and involves vaginal insertion of a very large banana!  

Sporting a beautifully re-mastered print, Candy Stripers on DVD is highly recommended to viewers who like porn with a plot, who enjoy adult films with a nurse theme and those who love the Golden Age porn classics. Although many porn fans have no particular interest in the the particularly fetishistic practice of fisting, it is still regrettable that the cut footage was not reinserted into the main body of the film. However, it’s presence elsewhere on the Arrow DVD should satisfy viewers wishing to see these very special scenes. Viewers who don’t like porn with a plot, require nasty sex or can’t stand a hairy woman should avoid this film. Candy Stripers is a great example of how good a classic release can be.

Candy Stripers With Cris Cassidy -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Arrow Classics
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