Cafe Flesh DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Cafe Flesh’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Cafe Flesh -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCA
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Cafe Flesh’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Considered one of the classic films of the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Cafe Flesh is a strange, experimental film which pushed the boundaries of porn at the time of its release.  Men dressed as babies, a rat milkman, a pencil-headed executive, and a host of post-nuclear undead await all those who come to Cafe Flesh!

Porn doesn't get any weirder than this! Part science fiction, part hardcore porn, part performance art, Cafe Flesh is deeply entrancing in a spine-chilling way. It is original and unique theatrical sex, set in a post-apocalyptic future, where sex takes place on stage by the 1% of survivors who are Sex Positive for the viewing pleasure of the 99% Sex Negative survivors who cannot experience physical pleasure because they are made ill by skin-on-skin contact.

The plot thickens when fresh-flesh virgin Angel enters Cafe Flesh and gets ravished by Johnny Rico. His chiseled body and massive penis make him a hot acquisition and sex supremo. Performances by bitter, stand-up comedian Max Melodramatic, segway into some of the eeriest sex scenes ever filmed. Edgily erotic, Cafe Flesh is a visual treat which is well worth watching, but is it art or merely cleverly done hardcore porn?

Cafe Flesh - Wikipedia: Made in 1982, Cafe Flesh is a post-apocalyptic cult pornographic science fiction film designed and directed by Stephen Sayadian, using the pseudonym Rinse Dream and co-written by Sayadian and Jerry Stahl, who is credited as Herbert W. Day. Music was composed and produced by Mitchell Froom. Sayadin and Stahl filmed Cafe Flesh in two separate parts, using the non-pornographic elements of the film to attract financial backers. Two sequels, Cafe Flesh 2 and Cafe Flesh 3, were released in 1997 and 2003, without the participation of the original creators. The sequels were written and directed by Antonio Passolini, and did not enjoy the same popularity and cult appeal as the original.

Becky Savage Biography: A tall and beautiful brunette with perfectly proportioned medium-sized boobs fronting an all-natural fashion model´s body, Becky Savage started her sex career performing in short porn loops in 1978, and was her enthusiasm and expertise at sucking and fucking that kept her busy. Whether appearing in big-budget erotic thrillers like Undercovers or in low-budget grinders like Golden Girls 22, Becky Savage had a way of taking over that really impressed porn fans of the Golden Age. Her most memorable appearance was as Angel in Cafe Flesh. Despite the sexual intensity of her appearance in this acknowledged porn classic, Becky Savage spentg most of her adult career as a second-tier porn starlet who could be counted on to deliver the goods without being allowed to star.

Pia Snow / Michelle Bauer Biography: Pia Snow / Michelle Bauer is a busty B-movie actress, scream queen, pornographic actress, and bondage model. She was Penthouse Magazine's Pet of the Month for July 1981. She starred in the classic pornographic film Cafe Flesh under the name of Pia Snow, and states that she was happy to appear in the film, and in other porn films, but insisted on a body double for the penetrative sex scenes.These included Bad Girls, Bizarre People, where she performed in bondage gear and Nightdreams. Pia Snow / Michelle Bauer bore a more than passing resemblance to mainstream film star Phoebe Cates. She wore her hair quite long, and her wide-eyed facial expressions lent her an air of innocence that her sex scenes quickly dispelled. Her taste for off-beat sex reached its peak with her performances opposite the she-male Shannon in 1988's The Many Faces of Shannon.

The time is the future, and five years after a nuclear apocalypse. The Nuclear Kiss has rendered 99% of the population unable to enjoy sex. They have become Sex Negatives. The remaining one percent, the fortunate Sex Positives, are required by the government to perform sex acts in public for the benefit of the frustrated Sex Negatives. The movie is titled after Cafe Flesh, a sex nightclub frequented by the Negatives and MC-ed by an obnoxious former stand-up comedian named Max Melodramatic, played to the maxx by Andrew Nichols, and cleverly patterned on Joel Grey in Cabaret. "I get off on your need," he taunts the Negatives.

The plot centers on a Sex Negative couple, Nick and Lana, played by Paul McGibboney and Pia Snow, who are addicted to the nightly sex shows at Cafe Flesh. Nick keeps trying to make love to Lana, but he always gets violently sick. Lana fakes being ill. Unknown to Nick, she is actually a Sex Positive who has stuck with him out of love. But she becomes increasingly lustful as the movie progresses. She knows she could join the Sex Positives in their sex games if she wanted to, and she is starting to long for penetrative sex again.

Unlike most porn features, where the plot is little more than an interruption between the sex scenes, the Cafe Flesh story line holds your interest throughout. It begins in a daringly abrasive way with obnoxious MC Max Melodramatic jeering at the Cafe Flesh audience, and at us too, as he grins right into the camera. The script, by director Stephen Sayadian and writer Jerry Stahl, is tight, efficient, and often acridly witty. The acting is as to be expected in a porn movie, with the notable exception of Andrew Nichols, who gives a virtuoso performance as Max Melodramatic. For this alone, he deserved to break into major movies but didn't.

The sex scenes in Cafe Flesh are slightly fewer than was the norm in Golden Age porn movies, and are mostly presented as dispassionate, but very imaginative stage productions. Terri Copeland, a 1950s housewife with a trio of bawling babies in tow gets dirty with a Ken Starbuck, a mulatto milkman wearing a rat suit, while Becky Savage depicts a phone-fondling secretary who gives it up to an executive with a large pencil-shaped head! Pia Snow / Michelle Bauer’s sex scenes are genuine turn-ons, even though they have been edited to mask the fact that she had a penetration stand-in.

What really recommends Cafe Flesh to modern porn audiences is its look. The stage shows are conceived as avant-garde theater, with its participants dressed as animals, secretaries, giant pencils. The cinematography, by Joseph Robertson, is stark and unsettling, shot mostly by available torch light. The sex itself is frigid and mechanized. David Cronenberg might have taken inspiration from Cafe Flesh before making Crash. The sex is just there, and it has a queasy dead-zone fascination.

The movie's most challenging aspect is its disgust for the audience, both in Cafe Flesh itself and for those viewing the Cafe Flesh movie. If you watch it to see copulation, you'll get that, but the zombie-like spectators in the club are stand-ins for the spectators in a real life movie theater or living room. In short, Cafe Flesh is not Porno Chic but Pomo Porn. It simultaneously gives you both more and less than you expect, and the porn medium needs more artists like Stephen Sayadian.

Much has been made, mostly through the wisdom of hindsight, of Cafe Flesh’s supposed status as an allegory for the AIDS crisis. Considering the timing, this would not be an entirely impossible interpretation, but would have required near visionary prescience on the part of the makers. Most serious critics regard it as a satirical critique of the impotence of the porn audience, who view rather than participate in the sex action.

Everyone should see Cafe Flesh, not necessarily just for stroking purposes, but because it was such a daringly creative piece of work, so innovative and packed with talent, that it has gone unparalleled in the years since its first theatrical release.

Cafe Flesh -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCA
Cafe Flesh - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1982 in the heyday of porn’s Golden Age, the classic Cafe Flesh is set five years after a nuclear apocalypse. The survivors are freaks seeking kicks. Most are Sex Negatives and the touch of another person makes them ill. The Sex Sex Positives have functioning libidos. The Positives can fuck while at Cafe Flesh while the unfortunate Sex Negatives can only watch it happening!
Starring:  Becky Savage, Pia Snow, Neil Podorecki, Joey Lennon, Darcy Nychols, Paul McGibboney, Andrew Nichols, Marie Sharp, Tantala Ray, Kevin Jay, Robert Dennis, Terri Copeland
Director: Rinse Dream
Studio: VCA
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