Autobiography Of A Flea DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Autobiography Of A Flea’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Autobiography Of A Flea -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD By Mitchell Brothers
Autobiography Of A Flea - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1976 at the peak of the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Autobiography Of A Flea is based on the notorious Victorian erotic novel of the same name. The film is equal parts style and substance as we are exposed to the secret Victorian world of love and lust, all told by the smallest voyeur of all, a flea who inhabits the pubic hair of a young girl. Her erotic adventures include priests who seduce young virgins and turn them into sex machines. An all-time porn classic.
Starring: Paul Thomas, John Leslie, John Holmes, Annette Haven, Jean Jennings, Joanna Hilden, Mitch Mandell, Dale Meador
Director: Sharon McKnight
Studio: Mitchell Brothers
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Autobiography Of A Flea’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Set in the 1800's, in the Mitchell Brothers’ acclaimed Golden Age porn movie the Autobiography Of A Flea, now released on high quality DVD, a tiny flea narrates the sexual escapades of Belle, a 14-year-old girl who lives with her controlling uncle. Father Ambrose is a young and unscrupulous priest from her local parish who decides to take advantage of Belle's innocence and seduce her. He then teams up with Belle's wicked uncle to exploit her newly aroused sexuality. Meanwhile, Belle's best friend Julie has problems with her own life when her parents ignore her for their own sexual encounters, and she is pursued by the very well endowed Father Clement, one of Father Ambrose's associates, who also wants to satisfy his carnal urges.

It should be noted that in the 1970,s when Autobiography Of A Flea was made, movie pornographers were much more open about the explicit depiction of sexual matters that are somewhat surprisingly shied away from today, including incest, rape, violent sex, fisting and, in this case - under age sex.

San Francisco Examiner: "The most elegant pornographic appearance of any film made to date. ‘Autobiography Of A Flea is attractivelyand sensitively shot. A hard core ‘Barry Lyndon’."

Hustler Magazine: "’Autobiography Of A Flea’ is a step forward in the evolution of erotic movies as legitimate entertainment."

Bruce Williamson, Playboy: "’Autobiography Of A Flea’ will have pornophiles jumping for joy again. Thorough professionalism and an uninhibited woman's touch."

Autobiography Of A Flea - Wikipedia: The Autobiography Of A Flea started life as an anonymous erotic novel which was first published in London in 1887 by Edward Avery. Modern research has revealed that the author was a lawyer named Stanislas de Rhodes. The Autobiography Of A Flea was adapted into a porn film in 1976 and was directed by Sharon McNight from her own screenplay. Jean Jennings played Belle, Paul Thomas played Father Ambrose and the very well endowed John Holmes played Father Clement.

Whether as a book or as a subsequent film, the Autobiography Of A Flea is typically De Sadian in it's portrayal of an innocent young girl being slowly and inevitably corrupted by the evil forces around her. In this case, is ably recounted by the flea who has taken up residence in Belle’s pubic hair throughout the period of her sexual awakening.

The Mitchell Brothers Biography: The late brothers James Lloyd "Jim" Mitchell and Artie Jay Mitchel were pioneers in the pornography and striptease club business in San Francisco and other parts of California from 1969 until 1991, when Jim was convicted of killing Artie. They opened the notorious O'Farrell Theatre in 1969 as an adult cinema and at one time operated 11 similar businesses. The Mitchell Brothers produced and directed many famous and still remembered adult films, including Behind the Green Door in 1972. They were also successful as the defendants in many obscenity cases.

The Autobiography Of A Flea is a classic adult film from the mid 1970’s starring Jean Jennings as Belle, a wealthy 14 year-old who learns all about the pleasures of the flesh from a very unlikely mentor, her priest, Father Ambrose, played perfectly by Paul Thomas.

As soon it begins, the Autobiography Of A Flea violates a taboo sexual subject that would not get touched by today’s pornographers, as the flea tells us that Belle is only fourteen when she first has sex with her boyfriends and is subsequently violated by a succession of horny priests. Before continuing, it must be said that according to IAFD Jean Jennings, who plays her, was born in 1957 so was 19 years of age by the time Autobiography Of A Flea was made!

One Sunday morning, Father Ambrose catches Belle in the church garden, spreading her legs for a young man; her punishment is to forever “assuage the carnal desires” of Father Ambrose and the rest of the priests. Although hesitant at first, young Belle soon craves the pleasures of an erect penis day and night, and will stop at nothing to have it. The title of the film comes from the fact that the story of Belle’s sexual encounters is narrated by none other than a flea that is residing in the “warm, moist places” on Belle’s body.

After this, it's all downhill for young Belle, whose insatiable desire for physical pleasure has now been awakened and, along with Father Ambrose and her deviant old Uncle, begins plotting intricate ways of dragging her young female friend, played by Joanna Hilden, into their wicked web of sexual adventure and deviancy.

As strange as this may sound, the story that unfolds is both hilarious and arousing as the flea recounts Belle’s many sexual escapades.

There are actually a lot of non-penetrative sex scenes in amongst the hard core sucking and fucking. If Autobiography Of A Flea had been all hardcore sex action it probably would not have seen the light of day either then or now, given how many taboos it depicted, including incest, rape, underr age sex and corrupt priests, and sometimes all in the same scene! Thankfully it is all expertly performed with it's ribald tongue stuck firmly in cheek, which prevents it ever becoming too morbid or unpleasant. The sense of humour is authentically Victorian, which actually contributes to the eroticism, because everything that is sexually pleasurable is depicted as forbidden and more arousing as a result. Plus, there is the added bonus that you get to see ‘virgins’ being deflowered by the massively well endowed penis of porn superstud John Holmes.

What transforms Autobiography Of A Flea from a Golden Age porn movie curiosity into an all time Classic of the genre  is it's entirely sex-centric storyline and the way it is told. Sharon McKnight’s script is sharp and zippy, reinforced by excellent acting and production values. Paul Thomas shines as Father Ambrose, playing his role with menace and a frightening sense of evil. Jean Jennings, hardly a well known or even remembered actress from the era, is wonderful as Belle, with the sexually innocent but eager look down to a tee. All the costumes and sets look authentically Victorian and the direction is sharp and tight. There is something about this obscure porn classic that makes it special.

The Autobiography Of A Flea probably comes the closest to being a successful mainstream and adult combination film that has been tried so many times before. Paradoxically, it also illustrates why a mainstream and adult combo film will probably never work because the plot gets I the way of the sex and vice versa.

Viewers who avoid plot with their porn will hate Autobiography Of A Flea, especially since the first sex scene occurs fifteen minutes into the film and the first cum shot doesn't happen for a whole hour. The sex scenes are not as long, as athletic or as orgasmic as we see in modern porn movies, but are far more realistic in that they depict the positions, timings and pleasures that are enjoyed by real people having real sex. The sexual themes in the film are oral and vaginal sex.

Viewers who enjoy watching long and impossibly drawn out sex scenes, athletic positions, plenty of orgasmic screaming, deep pounding anals, double penetrations, gaping female genitals, fake breasts, shaved pussies and ejaculations all over the place will want to avoid Autobiography Of A Flea.

On the other hand, solo strokers or couples viewing together, who like plot-based adult entertainment, classic porn movies, and non-threatening sex, even though it depicts some taboo themes, should find Autobiography Of A Flea to be challenging, enjoyable, entertaining and arousing.

Autobiography Of A Flea -  All Time Classic Golden Age  Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Mitchell Brothers
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