Aunt Peg DVD - Golden Age Porn Movie Now On  DVD
Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Aunt Peg’ With Juliet Anderson On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Aunt Peg -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Cal Vista Classics
Aunt Peg With Juliet Anderson - All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1980 and starring the late, great, original MILF, Juliet Anderson, Aunt Peg is a classic movie from porn’s Golden Age. We bet your aunt was never like  Aunt Peg Norton, a sexy movie producer, who invites her niece Sheila to visit and learn all about Hollywood. And what a lesson it turns out to be! Enjoy Aunt Peg now presented afresh on re-mastered DVD in a new digital transfer and loaded with all new bonus material. Aunt Peg is an unforgettable erotic experience!
Starring: Juliet Anderson, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes, Seka, Sharon Kane, Serena, Mike Ranger, Angelina Hart, Don Hartley
Director: Wes Brown
Studio: Cal Vista Classics
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Classic Golden Age Porn Movie ‘Aunt Peg’ With Juliet Anderson On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

To many fans of classic pornography, legendary MILF actress Juliet Anderson, a lean blonde fucking machine, was an adult cinema mainstay in the seventies and eighties, who will always be known as Aunt Peg thanks to her starring role in the porn movie of the same name.

From porn’s Golden Age, and starring the prototype MILF, Aunt Peg is considered to be an all time classic adult movie. Fit and forty-something porn legend, the late Juliet Anderson is willing, able and very convincing as a cock crazy older woman. Her superb Aunt Peg movie a searing, no holes bard expose of the seediness of a corrupt film world. Every sexual escapade imaginable is displayed to the wide-eyed, young and incredibly teenage niece of Aunt Peg. The plot is simplicity itself. A gorgeous female film producer, a hot-blooded Italian director, a beautiful young starlet and a small town teen seductress all come together in this extremely hot story. Peg Norton is not like any aunt you have ever known! Her success in the film business is taken to new heights by her lust for sex. Her niece Sheila, comes to visit her in Hollywood and before long she finds out just how lusty dear old Aunt Peg can really! Peg Norton will stop at nothing to satisfy her sexual cravings, even seducing her own neice Sheila in the end

Juliet Anderson Biography: Juliet Anderson - born 1938 and died 2010 - is a legendary porn movie actress, producer, author and relationship counselor who was also widely known by her Aunt Peg alias. She entered the adult movie business relatively late in life at the age of 39 when she was was discovered by the legendary adult film producer Alex De Renzy who used her for the first time in Pretty Peaches. But it was director Wes Brown who made her famous in the role she remains known for to this day. After Pretty Peaches Juliet Anderson soon earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the top performers in the so-called Golden Age of Movie Porn, appearing in over seventy films. She often appeared in the role of Aunt Peg, a sexually insatiable woman who was determined to enjoy life and sex to the maximum extent possible.

Juliet Anderson - Aunt Peg The Character: Juliet Anderson acquired the name of Aunt Peg during a Swedish Erotica movie short where she was portrayed as having sex with a niece, who cried out: "Oh, Aunt Peg, it hurts so good!" when the erotic sensitivity of the clitoris was being demonstrated by the mature woman to her much younger sexual partner. Thus arose the alias by which Juliet Anderson is best known to her fans. In the next ten years, she fully developed the character of Aunt Peg, a Hollywood agent with a zest for life and an insatiable sexual appetite. Aficionados of adult films loved her spirit, her unashamed sexuality, her sparkle, and her creative wit.

Juliet Anderson - Aunt Peg The Movie: Juliet Anderson was 41 years old when she starred in Aunt Peg and never has a woman this age looked so good, clothed or naked. Aunt Peg is the character she is most remembered for and for good cause. As fully demonstrated in this movie, Aunt Peg fucked people, they never fucked her. She fully demonstrates a liberated and very strong character and in Aunt Peg, she is most definitely the one in control. Aunt Peg depicts an aggressive mature woman who takes control of her life and does as she pleases. She is an ultra modern feminist who was years before her time. It is a genuine shame we don't see characters like Aunt Peg in mainstream movies or even in contemporary porn films. If someone wanted create a porn movie with socially redeeming values, where the women fulfilled their sexual aspirations and were therefore in charge of their own sexual destinies, the end product would be Aunt Peg. In passing, it is worth mentioning that he resemblance between Sharon Kane and Juliet Anderson is uncanny, and adds a sense of realism that heightens the sensuality between them. Aunt Peg is porn for women, couples and strokers! Aunt Peg is the porn movie today’s female porn movie producers such as Candida Royalle would wish they had made themselves!

Right after the Aunt Peg credits finish, we are thrust into a sex scene with porn superstud John Holmes lying next to a brunette named Pam. John rolls over and just as he is about to penetrate her with his legendary supersized penis, we hear, "Cut!" We are on a film set loaded with lights, cameras and crew. Producer Peg Norton, played to perfection by Juliet Anderson, calls a break for lunch and the set clears. John tells Pam to hang back because he needs to talk to her about the scene, and before you know it they are having a good old fuck.

Meanwhile, on another stage, Aunt Peg's assistant Bill shows her the set that has just been constructed for tomorrow's shoot. Peg nods in approval and suggests they rehearse the seduction scene. She lays Bill down and proceeds to give him a blowjob that lasts for all of 30 seconds before he ejaculates all over her face. Peg is not yet satisfied but Bill is still erect. This makes her happy again, and she proceeds to enthusiastically fuck him. This time he comes on her chest.

Back at the other film set, John and Pam are still going at it. John fucks her in various positions until finally they decide anal would be a good idea. Back in those days few porn actresses shaved their pubes, but Pam must have the hairiest asshole ever seen in Golden Age porn, and really enjoys the anal pounding John Holmes gives her. The scene ends with John's trademark facial.

After a hard days work, Aunt Peg relaxes at home and reads a letter from her niece Sheila, played by the very pretty Sharon Kane. She wants to come to Hollywood to visit her on a film set. Peg begins reminiscing about the last time she visited her relatives in Michigan. In a fantasy sequence, her brother-in-law Jack, played by the very fortunate Michael Morrison, sits on a vibrating chair as Peg sits next to him. Before you know it, they are kissing and his hands are caressing her breasts. Sheila secretly watches from the doorway as Peg does a striptease and spreads her legs for Jack. Soon, they are on a bed and completely naked, enthusiastically giving each other oral, and Sheila is so turned on by her aunt and father’s actions that she runs to her bedroom, grabs her boyfriend, and goes down on his cock much to his surprise. The two sex scenes are inter-cut in standard Golden Age style. Sheila receives oral from her boyfriend before they fuck in missionary position. He comes pretty quickly. Back in the other room, Aunt Peg / Juliet Anderson really knows how to have sex. She controls the scene and milks it for everything it's worth. Jack climaxes all over Peg's legs and she ends the scene  with a rare footjob.

The fantasy ends and Aunt Peg gets up and looks in the mirror. She begins to reminisce again. This time she remembers the time at a luxurious hotel when she and a slightly chubby, dark-haired girlfriend invite a waiter from room service into their suite. As he pours the wine they ask him if It is true what they say about black men. He laughs it off but they persist and pull out his penis to give him oral together. Then they undress and caress, before proceeding to fuck the shit out of him and one another in one of the hottest and most energetic threesomes ever filmed. It is obvious that this scene was filmed in real time, without editing, or breaks, because it is so natural and the participants are enjoying each other so much

Peg has grown horny from all this fantasizing, so she gets in the shower and masturbates to orgasm.

A few days later, famous European director Franco, played by Jamie Gillis, talks to Peg about directing her next movie production. They walk on set to find porn superstar Seka rehearsing for the part of Alice. Franco asks to see her naked, so Seka strips off and Franco touches her breasts to see how relaxed she will be during the love scenes. He drops to his knees and licks her pussy, to see if she can handle it. Satisfied that she might be suitable for the part, Franco suggests they practice the love scene right then. Peg agrees but insists that she must also have a part. He agrees, remember Aunt Peg is a porn movie after all, and they enjoy a threesome with frantic fucking and sucking until Franco ejaculates.

Some time later, Peg is in her office auditioning porn stud Mike Ranger for the part of Kenny in her film. She has him sit on the couch and unzips his pants. During the blowjob that follows, Mike says, "You give good head." "One of the advantages of being the boss," she replies. The sexual harassment of a young, aspiring actor by a domineering mature female producer doesn't damper Mike's spirits as he enjoys the attention. Peg's secretary, Susan, played by Serena, comes in and takes over servicing Mike’s cock while Peg undresses. They end up using and abusing him in the energetic sex session that follows until he finally gives a healthy money shot all over both women.

The end of the movie has Aunt Peg picking up her niece Sheila from the Airport. In the car Sheila tells Peg she saw her having sex with her father the last time she visited. Peg apologizes but Sheila says she doesn't mind at all. In fact, it made her "all wet down there." Peg complements her on how much she has grown and how mature she looks for her age. Sheila says she is only sixteen but all the boys say she looks older and yes, she does look much older. Peg asks to see her breasts and young Sheila willingly shows them. Peg licks them and sucks her very erect nipples, and Sheila enjoys it. She returns the favor. Then Peg tries to look at her pussy. Suddenly, Sheila gets shy and nervous. She says she doesn't think it's right to show her Aunt her pussy, but Peg persuades her into letting her lick it. Sheila loses her guilt and starts to obviously enjoy it, then returns the favor to Peg. They both agree that it will be a great visit, and Aunt Peg ends happily. But we all know what is going to happen next!

Aunt Peg With Juliet Anderson -  All Time Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Cal Vista Classics
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