Three Cheers For BJU DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Three Cheers For BJU’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Three Cheers For BJU -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
Three Cheers For BJU - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Released in 1973 during the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Three Cheers For BJU aka School For Hookers was an obscure feature that is now regarded as an adult classic. A group of San Francisco Prostitutes decide to improve their suck and fuck skills. They hire a sex instructor to show them new and better ways to keep their customers satisfied. Three cheers for Blowjob University, a classic porn feature with hot and horny girls being initiated and inducted into this school of hard cocks, starring Sharon Thorpe at her shagtastic best!
Starring: Sharon Thorpe, Kitty, Linda Lovewhip, Michelle, Sheri Suzette, Sherry, Suzzette
Studio: VCX
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Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Three Cheers For BJU’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

The four sex hungry prostitutes are bored and in need of extra cash answer a newspaper advert from Madame Lovewhip, that promises ace blow job training that will allow students to join “the lucrative new wave of porno films and live sex acts.” Each comes with a sexual hang up that prevents them from reaching their true potential as a top hooker; one girl has a bad temper, another chick gags when she sucks cocks cocks, the third falls asleep right after sex and number four is an uncontrollable nymphomaniac who is perpetually unsatisfied and even resorts to paying her tricks to keep on fucking her.

Long-haired, pale-skinned bespectacled hippie chick Sharon Thorpe is the only performer in Three Cheers For BJU who went on to have any sort of career in porn, but the half dozen other actors on view in this rare movie, which has thankfully been resurrected by VCX, are now  forgotten, and were anonymous to begin with.

Sharon Thorpe Biography: Sharon M Thorpe - aka Barbara Richman, Joanna Savage, Julie Holmes - was born in 1959, and had a notable porn career during the 1970’s and 80’s. In 1985 she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame. She appeared in almost thirty hardcore movies during the Golden Age of Movie Porn. Sharon Thorpe had a trim, small-breasted figure that, when naked and exposed, was a pleasant contrast to the more rounded women who were the typical stalwarts of early hardcore. She was put through her sexual paces by most of the top porn studs of the decade, and had a well deserved reputation for giving as good as she got. She was a frequent on-screen sex partner of John Leslie, and was also able to accommodate the huge cock of porn legend John Holmes. Fans who want to catch one of Sharon Thorpe’s most sensual performances can do no better than Three Cheers For BJU,’ where she plays a hooker who wants to improve her sucking and fucking skills. Sharon Thorpe left the porn business in 1980, but still turns up occasionally in DVD compilations and occasional re-issues.

Three Cheers For BJU opens with Sharon Thorpe taking a call from a potential john, who offers her only $30 for a sex session that includes peeing in Sharon's mouth. The caller is never heard or seen on screen but Sharon's one sided conversation with him is hilarious. Meanwhile, one of the other hookers is so bored that she takes a coke bottle and starts plunging it in her pussy.

Unappetizing intro has a girl briefly pleasuring herself with a coke bottle, The bored prostitutes chat together, including one proffering a fond memory of once dallying with a dog that "had a very long tongue". This rather ordinary looking group of porn wannabes - the one exception being the only recognizable cast member, Sharon Thorpe at the beginning of her busy porn career - are into self-improvement so they answer a classified advert from Madame Linda Lovewhip, offering to teach the finer points of fellatio and other sex acts required of a good and prosperous whore.

Linda Lovewhip, whose only porn movie credit is Three Cheers For BJU, runs the cock sucking school and tells her students that they must turn 10 tricks for her as payment for their education. To teach her prostitute pupils at Blowjob University Madame Lovewhip uses a variety of orgasmic techniques from sucking clitorises, watching porn movies and deep-throating dildos until the final exam comes in the form of a balls deep hardcore orgy with the Madame’s most distinguished male clients, who test the girls fresh new sucking and fucking skills.

Now we're at the class in Blowjob University, and Madame Linda Lovewhip tells her pupils that to learn to suck cock properly, you have to learn to suck pussy, so there's a big lesbian bang. Then she decides it's time to get on with cocksucking, so she runs a film of a sex orgy featuring cock sucking. Then finally we're back for hands-on experience, and another cock-sucking orgy ensues.

Cut to Linda’s place, where the energetic pro has the girls practice oral sex by first eating her out “because a woman’s clitoris is just like a small cock.” On their second day at Blowjob University, they watch some porn loops and learn that “one of the cardinal rules you must remember is that cocksucking – real cocksucking – is not fun. It is work work work!” After the educational movie session, the Madame calls in two willing john to serve as practice dummies, and after each girl takes a swipe at the two limp dicks, it’s everybody onto the crowded bed, including Linda.

Three Cheers For BJU is in its own way a classic in that it is so bad that it is good to watch. Not a first choice film to add to a Golden Age porn DVD collection, but of historic interest to serious collectors and for anyone wanting to see what a classic roughie looked like.

Three Cheers For BJU -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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