The Vixens Of Kung-Fu DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Vixens Of Kung-Fu’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
The Vixens Of Kung-Fu - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD By Alpha Blue Archives
The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
From 1975, The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang is a classic movie from the Golden Age of Porn. After a brutal attack, a woman finds comfort from a skilled female kung fu trainer. After intimate massage and lesbian rehabilitation therapy she is ready to start her Kung-Fu training. Most of the training involves sex and nudity. Can she take revenge on her attackers? The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang is classic made in the heyday of Hong Kong imported martial arts films
Starring: Bree Anthony, Peonies Jong, C. J. Laing, Bonnie King, Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr, Tony Blue, Lin Chen Feu
Director: Lin Cho Chiang as Chiang
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
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Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang is a strange, but compelling movie. It is like a Russ Meyer B-movie sexploitation flick but with far more sex than would be expected. It contains episodes of violent and forced sex that were acceptable in porn from the 1970’s, which modern porn movie producers would not dare to depict.

Plot Summary: A hooker, played by the lovely but underrated Bree Anthony, is strolling through Central Park when she is drugged and gang raped. She escapes and finds protection with a gang of girls who have been trained in the art of kung-fu. Using her newly acquired kung-fu skills, the young woman decides to take her revenge. She gets away from them, but one of the gang uses a rifle to bring her down with a tranquilizer dart. They then force themselves upon her for a lesbian rape. She then encounters C. J. Laing, who runs a camp where women are taught the meaning of yin and yang, along with kung fu. The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang then follows the fung-fu training program, which leads up to the big showdown, but never forgets it's a porno film, with plenty of sex action along the way. The played straight scenes of powerful women training while their naked boobs jiggle up and down for our masturbation pleasure are priceless! It should be noted that, like most Golden Age porn films the women are naturally good looking, with real breasts, no tattoos, a genuine enthusiasm for sex, and plenty of pubic hair.

Bree Anthony plays Paula, a young prostitute whose luck turns sour one day while taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park in the middle of the afternoon. She is interrupted and harassed by three thugs - Jamie Gillis, Bobby Astyr and Anthony Wong - with obviously sinister intent. She makes a break for it but unfortunately for her, these guys possess a tranquilizer gun and before she can make her escape they shoot her in the back. She falls to the ground and they proceed to strip her naked and take turns to rape her. When they have finished they leave her there all alone.

She regains consciousness and finds comfort in the arms of the Vixens Of Kung-Fu, a small group of three women - C.J Laing, their leader plus Linda Trussell and Rosanne Lang - who have no use for men and instead find sexual comfort with each other. Laing takes her under her wing and initiates her by giving her an intimate massage then having lesbian sex with her. Once that's out of the way with, it's time to begin her training regime and she soon learns the ways of the Vixens. We also discover a little bit about Paula's background as a prostitute and learn that she's exactly the kind of mistreated woman that the Vixens want as a pupil.

Soon, an itinerant kung-fu practitioner named Yang (Tony Richards, credited here as Tony Blue) makes the mistake of wandering past the Vixens' training grounds. He is immediately attacked for his error in judgment, and beaten to a pulp in a display of kung-fu skills that you could only find in a porn movie.

Scorned by the Vixens, Yang decides that he needs toimprove his kung-fu skills and heads into Chinatown where he kneels at the feet of a woman (Peonies Jung) working in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant. This woman turns out to be Madame Blue, a renowned kung-fu master.

She is persuaded to take him on as a student and they head into the woods where she instructs him in the deadly art of her own style of kung-fu - Golden Dragon Raising Head! This primarily involves Yang stroking his penis. While Yang and Madame Blue are training, C.J. and Paula are running up and down the beach together in slow motion like something out of a Bo Derek's movie. Once the two students are finished training, it's time for the climactic showdown to be held in upstate New York at Bear Mountain!

The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang is one of those rare movies of any genre that is so bad that it is really good and very enjoyable to watch. Which is why it is now regarded as a cult porn classic, and Alpha Blue are to be congratulated in recovering it from the porn vaults, re-mastering it and creating this DVD.

The kung-fu fighting is particularly bad and good, with Tony Richards, Bree Anthony and C.J. Laing strutting and striking the phoniest looking kung-fu poses imaginable, while the film cuts faster than a Russ Meyer movie in an unsuccessful attempt to hide their obvious lack of martial arts training. Someone named Anthony Wong, who played one of the rapists, is credited with 'special kung-fu fighting skills.' He should either have been fired or given an Oscar!

The sole directorial credit of one Lin Cho Chiang and The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang is the only known picture produced by Chiang Productions. It is completely goofy but very entertaining at the same time. The girl on girl scene with C.J. Laing and Bree Anthony is exceedingly steamy and the heterosexual sex scenes also have [plenty of raw sexuality. This is one of those Golden Age porn movies that modern fans will enjoy because of the camp factor and B-movie values as well as the typical 1970’s sex action. Evaluated as a grindhouse oddity rather than a serious adult picture, The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang is pretty interesting and definitely worth seeing for the copious amount of comedy that it contains when viewed today, more than three decades after it played theaters.

Interestingly enough, kung-fu porn didn't die with this film. In 2002, gonzo porn peddlers Kick Ass Productions released four Kung-Fu Girls films, which were re-released on DVD in 2007 to cash in on the success of Wicked Pictures' own Kung-Fu Nurses A-Go-Go, which itself was a cash in on Tarantino and Rodriguez' Grindhouse double feature. Digging even deeper into the depths of obscurity, in 2005 Masterlen Productions produced a fetish video entitled Kung-Fu Masochist in which a chubby girl named Andrea is put through a rigorous kung-fu training courtesy of director/producer/co-star Master Len. Watch these modern pornos and you might conclude that The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang more influential than it deserved to be!

This movie has a number of one-time-only adult movie performers, including those appearing in explicit sex scenes. But, watch and enjoy The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang on DVD as a movie which successfully crosses the boundaries of B-movies, sexploitation movies, kung-fu movies, so bad they are good movies, Golden Age classic movies and good old dirty movies. Enjoy The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang as a couple, with friends and plenty of beer, or on your own with only your hand for company.

The Vixens of Kung-Fu: A Tale of Yin Yang - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue Archives
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