Teenage Deviate DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Teenage Deviate’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Teenage Deviate -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Video X Pix
Teenage Deviate With Annie Sprinkle - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1975 during the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Teenage Deviate is now regarded as a genre classic. Annie Sprinkle literally "showers the screen with golden love", her unique surprise fantasy performed for your pleasure, in Leon Gucci’s very creative sexual extravaganza. Prowling the New York City streets after running away from home, Teenage Deviate Annie Sprinkle falls into the clutches of her cousin's abusive boyfriend. Under the guise of helping her, he subjects Annie to sexual experiences never before imagined by this innocent girl.  
Starring: Annie Sprinkle, L. Lane, Nikki Hilton, David Ruby, John Jean.
Director: Leon Gucci as Leo Lion
Studio: Video X Pix
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Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Teenage Deviate’ With Annie Sprinkle On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

According to a contemporary review in Hustler Magazine: “Annie Sprinkle is a wonder, and ‘Teenage Deviate’ breaks all the rules. Nothing is held back!" In fact, Teenage Deviate was so impressive that Hustler, Screw, and High Society all give it their highest ratings! The movie title, it must be said, is intentionally misleading as Teenage Deviate is actually an affectionate  name for her from her mom.

Annie Sprinkle Says: “I star in this funky feature as a pony tailed, gum-chewing, card-playing teen runaway-bimbo who looses her virginity to her cousin’s pimp. I get taken advantage of by sleazy men in virtually every scene. I am proud of my performance in ‘Teenage Deviate’. It is a wonderful example of a misogynist, politically incorrect porn film that was typical of the style at the time because we didn’t know any better. For porn actors, directors and producers we truly were living in a Golden Age. Trying to resolve her many conflicts the character I play relates her past sexual behaviour to her doctor. Her past as well as her present perversions are brought to life in this incomparable sexual marathon.”

Young and seemingly innocent Annie Sprinkle is pouring her heart out to her shrink. She has recently re-located to New York City, and has a tale of woe that is very titillating, illustrated for us in a series of sexually explicit flashbacks.

The first flashback shows Annie in the backyard giving a boyfriend a blow job. This is interrupted by her mom and, this being a porn movie the inevitable happens. Afterwards, the blond stud gives her a well deserved spanking.

Annie demonstrates her famed Golden Shower technique in the next scene.

The main plot of Teenage Deviate begins in earnest with young Annie running away to New York and moving in with cousin Audrey, played by Nikki Hilton, a buxom actress who almost out-performs her in sucking and fucking skills. Annie is raped by Audrey's boy friend Hank, played by Ed Marshall. Later, rightly accused of trying to steal Hank away, despite him having previously raped her, Annie is beaten up by Audrey in perhaps the film’s best scene.

As is to be expected, Teenage Deviate depicts a full on orgy sequence, which includes a lesbian mixed-combo initiation for Annie. She later goes out on a date with a white-suited creep who sexually mistreats her, not in an S&M way, but standard "wham bam thank you man" callousness.

Annie feels she has learned a lesson, and Teenage Deviate ends.

For style, story, depiction of taboo sexual subjects, natural looking women, genuinely enthusiastic sex, and typically hairy pussies, Teenage Deviate is a Golden Age classic feature movie that is worth adding to any collection, especially now that it has been digitally re-mastered by Video X Plus.

Teenage Deviate With Annie Sprinkle -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Video X Pix
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