The Story Of Joanna DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Story Of Joanna’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
The Story Of Joanna -  Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue
Gerard Damiano’s The Story Of Joanna - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Released in 1985 during the Golden Age Of Movie Porn, Gerard Damiano’s classic feature The Story Of Joanna is an adult masterpiece dealing with human degradation and sado-masochism. The sets are atmospheric, the costumes capture the period and the sex scenes are superior. Jamie Gillis abuses women after first charming them, with no limits to his cruelty. Terri Hall, as Joanna, gradually submits to his bizarre requests in The Story Of Joanna.
Starring: Terri Hall, Jamie Gillis, Zebedy Colt, Juliet Graham, Steven Lark, John Busche, John Koven, Roy Carlton.
Director: Gerard Damiano
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
FOR ONLY $19.95
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie Gerard Damiano’s ‘The Story Of Joanna’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

From the director of Deep Throat, the greatest porn movie ever made, comes a cerebral and well crafted adult film with a unique story that could only be portrayed properly with a XXX rating, comes The Story Of Joanna. Director Gerard Damiano's take-off on the French classic novel The Story Of O  by Pauline Reage ranks among the best hardcore porn movie features of the 1970’s. One also has to wonder whether EL James, the author of Forty Shades Of Grey, watched this movie before she wrote her S&M blockbuster.

Gerard Damiano directed two better known hardcore porn classics before directing The Story Of Joanna - those being the influential Deep Throat starring Linda Lovelace and The Devil in Miss Jones, starring Georgina Spelvin. However, for many porn movie critics the lesser known The Story Of Joanna is the best and most erotic of the three. Obviously much influenced by the classic French tale of sadomasochism The Story Of O, The Story Of Joanna focuses on the strange relationship between two people.

Gerard Damiano desperately wanted to film the scandalous French erotic novel The Story Of O but didn't stand a chance of acquiring the rights to do so. Instead, he wrote an original screenplay liberally based on the book, pretty much as he had adapted Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit as The Devil In Miss Jones, adding a moral subtext to his The Story Of Joanna movie. This stands not only as one of Damiano's finest films however but quite simply as one of the very best adult movies ever made.

There isn't really a story to speak of in The Story Of Joanna, more of a premise from which Gerard Damiano screates all the sadomasochism and hardcore sex scenes. What we have is a rich aristocrat named Jason (Jamie Gillis) and the sad-eyed debutante who becomes his sexual plaything, a submissive woman named Joanna, played perfectly by Terri Hall. Their sexual relationship begins in the aftermath of a meal when Joanna proclaims that everybody needs to be loved. Jason responds by bending her over a table, ripping open her panties and forcibly having rear entry sexual intercourse with her. Jason then informs Joanna that despite her love for him, he will never love her back, forcing her to say, “I am a cunt!”.

He then exposes the vulnerable and submissive young woman to all sorts of cruelty including bondage and enforced sex with other lovers, both male and female. There is method to Jason's madness however as we find out that he is dying of a mysterious disease and, as a final grand gesture, wants to be killed by the one woman who loves him above all else.

In summary, The Story Of Joanna is an excellent S&M themed hardcore porn movie starring the magnificent Terri Hall and Jamie Gillis, although the latter performs less sex this than his manservant, played by Zebedy Colt, who not only performs one of the most erotic sex scenes ever filmed, alongside the leading lady but also a really surprising one with Jamie Gillis himself! There are superb sex sequences, and some serious dialogue, all combined with incredibly well put together soundtrack which is a mix of Bach and Bacharach. The Story Of Joanna is an real gem from the Golden Age of porn. A major highlight is the exceedingly erotic and memorable naked ballet sequence featuring Terri Hall and a male ballet dancer.

Terri Hall Biography: Porn actress Terri Hall was born in 1953 in Elmira, New York, the oldest of four children, and lived there until she was 16 years old. Her father had a heating company and her mother was a housewife.  She finished high school early and at age 17 went to New York City. There she trained as a dancer for Harkness Ballet and later worked at American Ballet Theater. A trained ballerina, she was for a while a member of the Stuttgart Ballet Company in Germany. Terri wanted to expand her career into acting and make more money than was being offered as a dancer. An actress she met gave her the names of several adult film directors and it was Armand Weston who first gave her an interview and audition. She got a part in A Date with Death which was later renamed The Taking of Christina and the rest is history.

In one of her earliest, and arguably her best adult film appearances, Terri Hall brings a very credible sincerity to the role of Joanna. A former dancer with the Stuttgart Ballet, she also performs an exquisitely choreographed naked ballet routine, wearing little more than a modest pubic shield. Once seen, this sequence will never be forgotten and is worth the price of the DVD on its own. Her male partner in this memorable ballet sequence is Steven Lark, who frequently partnered Hall in subsequent porn movie appearances

The three cigar-chomping aristocrats Joanna takes on in an orgiastic attempt to prove her unquestioning devotion to Jason are porn movie one shots John Koven and Roy Carlton with the bearded played by John Bushche. Porn regular Zebedy Colt delivers one of his most accomplished acting turns as loyal manservant Griffin, who performs above and beyond the call of duty by orally servicing his Master, a rare sight in heterosexual hardcore porn movies, even in the anything goes Golden Age. A proudly out of the closet gay man with bi-curious leanings, long before the term became fashionable, Zebedy Colt was never the most potent performer sexually, so it is safe to assume that a stunt cock was used for in his mesmerizing extreme close-up lovemaking scene with the heroine.

Setting The Story Of Joanna in some vague past, with subtle  hints that these could be either the 1920’s or 1930’s, Gerard Damiano weaves a monumentally gloomy adult oriented melodrama that inevitably contains a considerable number of very explicit sex scenes, some of them quite nasty, such as when Joanna receives a severe whipping across the thighs in a mirrored room. However, at the same time, many of the sex scenes are unexpectedly tender, choreographed to almost resemble sacred rituals. The Story Of Joanna has been gorgeously photographed by Joao Fernandes, credited as Harry Flecks, and memorably scored with a mix of real classical music and new tracks emulating well known classical favorites. Best of all is the repeated use of Albinoni's swooningly romantic Adagio in G Minor.

Naturally, we hope you will buy a large number of classic Golden Age feature porn movies, but if you decide to ration yourself to only one, you must seriously consider adding The Story Of Joanna to your porn DVD collection. Gerard Damiano’s The Story Of Joanna is a genuine porn masterpiece, and Alph Blue Archives have done a masterful job in re-mastering it for this superb DVD reissue.

Gerard Damiano’s The Story Of Joanna -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue Archives
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