Sex In The Comics DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Sex In The Comics’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Sex In The Comics -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue
Sex In The Comics - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
First released in 1973, Sex In The Comics might be one the rarest titles from Alpha Blue’s Golden Ageporn movie archives! The basic premise of Sex In The Comics is to re-create the old Tijuana Bible sex comics using live actors. It is broken into sexy skits filled with corny one-liners and double entendres. The backgrounds are hand painted to give Sex In The Comics a comic book feel. Most of the men wear bizarre cartoonish masks and the women are simple nakedand horny in scene after scene after scene!  
Starring: Nina Fause, Orita DeChadwick, Cyndee Summers, Reggie Balls, Bella Bush, Lance Hardon, Clara Clitt
Director: Eric von Letch
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
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Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Sex In The Comics’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

One of the most amazing things about long-forgotten Golden Age porn movie classic Sex In The Comics is that many of the segments feature naked cuties being fucked by men wearing masks while they crack corny one-liners. The credits on this porn oddity are all fake and any credible information on this film seems to be non-existent. Sex In The Comics has never been re-released either on video or DVD and Alpha Blue Archives are to be credited and thanks for making this magnificent movie available to porn collectors once more.

The entire film is composed of purposefully tacky sets, drawn in cartoonish colors, which are intended to mimic the frequently primitive artwork of the Tijuana Bible comics they are based on. Furthermore, the entire male cast wears face masks so that they more resemble comic characters. The dialog is also written to mimic the style of writing which the original comics used.

The set up for Sex In The Comics is simple – a lovely lady sets out to interview a comic book artist about his work. When she arrives, he is more interested in explaining the history of Tijuana Bibles to her and we become privy to a series of around 20 comic book style sexual reenactments hat are presented complete with ‘period’ dialogue and corny one-liner jokes. The movie occasionally returns to the artist and the female interviewer as they discuss politics and pop culture in a semi-highbrow fashion.

We see some wonderfully comic sights in this re-enactment of typical Tijuana Bible sex scenarios. One guy’s dick is so big that when his girlfriend rides him it pops up out through her mouth. A muscular lifeguard screws a girl on the beach while she serenades him with her ukulele skills. A guy's balls get stuck in a carnival stripper's snatch. An intimate gyno exam turns into a three-way sex session. There are plenty more insane examples of three-way sucking and fucking, which indicates that they must have been pretty prevalent during the forties when Tijuana Bibles were at their most popular.

Sex In The Comics gets slightly repetitive in terms of what we see and how it’s done but the whole thing is just so damn strange that the movie can’t help but have a twisted fascination for those who appreciate the weirder side of adult cinema. On top of that, a couple of recognizable female porn movie performers pop up alongside mysterious one shot performers like Bella Bush, Clara Clitt and Reggie Balls, including Nina Fause, Orita De Chadwick (of Memoirs Of A Madam) and the instantly recognizable Cyndee Summers.

Sex In The Comics has as accurately as was humanly possible recreated these infamous dirty little Tijuana Bible magazines in a live action film that is one of the most bizarre porn films of the 1970's, or of any era for that matter! Adding to the compulsive viewing experience, the film is edited with generous jump cuts and freeze frames, and the dialog makes the writing in the original Tijuana Bibles seem like Shakespeare.

Most people wouldn't think of Sex In The Comics when they think of porn. However, this bizarre little 1970,s oddity was billed as porn, sold as porn, viewed as porn and enjoyed as porn. The fact is that Sex In The Comics really is porn of a genuinely high standard and, if the makers had marketed it properly, could have been a cult hit then and now.

What Is A Tijuana Bible: A Tijuana Bible was the crudely produced jack off material of choice long before the widespread availability of men’s magazines and stag films. Usually eight pages in length and small enough to be hidden in a trouser pocket, Tijuana Bibles contained some great art and truly nasty sucking and fucking. Illegal, clandestine, and anonymous, the artists, writers, and publishers of these highly pornographic booklets are generally unknown. The subjects depicted explicit sexual escapades often featuring well known newspaper comic strip characters and movie stars. Tijuana Bibles often included the crude ethnic stereotypes found in popular culture at the time Different artists had different styles, but overall Tijuana Bibles serves as a joyous celebration of some of the more absurd aspects of sex, rather than the more glassy eyed and mechanical depictions that succeeded them. Little is known about the anonymous artists who produced Tijuana Bibles, some of those named included Wesley Morse, Doc Rankin, Mr. Prolific, Mr. Dyslexic, Maida Mann, Blackjack and Artist No. 4.

Sex In The Comics -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue Archives
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