Saturday Night Special DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Saturday Night Special’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
Saturday Night Special - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue
Saturday Night Special - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1976 Saturday Night Special is a sexy, violent, nasty cult classic crime caper from porn’s Golden Age. Crooks mess up a diamond heist, shoot the guards and head back to their hideout to fuck their hostages. Saturday Night Special is filled with sexy women and shocking sex. With it's close-ups and twisted morality, Saturday Night Special could easily be a Roberta Findlay production, but is credited to the mysterious Sam Bloch. Saturday Night Special is a must see for fans of potent 1970's cinema and porn fans who are not easily offended.
Starring: Jamie Gillis, Turk Lyon, Jeffrey Hurst, Georgette Jennings
Director: Sam Bloch
Studio: Alpha Blue Archives
FOR ONLY $19.95
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Saturday Night Special’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Saturday Night Special is a rare and previously hard to find 1976 Metro production, directed by someone known only as Sam Bloch, which some porn historians suspect is a pseudonym for Roberta Findlay. It features loads of rabid sex, greed, depravity, violence, and betrayal, and features many of the New York sex film stars of that era, including a youthful Jamie Gillis, who plays a crook named Frank.

When the film begins, Frank is fondling and sucking a nice pair of natural tits that belong to a cute blonde named Vicki, all to the romantic strains of Atomic Rooster's "Death Walks Behind You". They are fooling around in the back of a limousine, and after Gillis fucks her then blows his load on her hairy pussy, the limo drops them off outside a fancy home. They get out and head to the poolside where they meet up with a crime boss named Mr. Big. While Mr. Big is talking to Frank about the diamond heist he has planned, Vicki notices Mr. Big's sexy secretary, Marianne. This being a porn film, the two girls enjoy eating one another's pussies while the guys continue to talk business.

With the plot now set into motion, we cut to the fancy abode of  Mr. Greentree, the rich man who owns the diamonds that Frank and Mr. Big plan to steal. He is lecturing his dumb secretary on the importance of security, reminding her about the diamonds stashed in his office, and while it might seem like a good idea to let someone in to fix their broken air conditioner, she had best be very careful about who she unlocks the door for. The lecture over, he leaves the secretary alone.

A colleague named Todd calls her in to his office and they quite naturally have a fuck. While this is happening Mr. Greentree has come back, but Frank and his gang of thugs have gained entry by impersonating the air conditioning repairmen. They force Mr. Greentree to open the safe and shoot him dead when he can't get it open. They then proceed to rape a blonde office girl on a convenient leather couch. Gillis goes crazy here, making all manner of fucked up faces and looking rather terrifying as he forces himself on this poor girl, the eerie music making the scene very freaky.

It should be noted at this point that rape, forced sex and sexual violence were not uncommon themes in porn from this era. Although such violent sex acts would not be tolerated in the strange morality of modern day “mainstream” porn, these were accepted during porn’s Golden Age, and many of the enduring classics contain such taboo subjects as rape, incest and fisting. In other words, such scenarios go with the territory, and fans of Golden Age porn know and accept this.

With the violent rape scene over, things start to get complicated for the gang of thugs, as the plot takes several fairly predictable twists and turns. For some reason, Vickie decides to fuck one of the other thugs in a giant circular shaped bed and the blonde who got raped earlier on, who is now a hostage, gets accosted with a pair of garden shears as the shit hits the fan.

Saturday Night Special is undoubtedly a cult porn classic. The hardcore sex scenes add to the seediness of an already twisted crime movie. Jamie Gillis is the undoubted star, playing his role with as much perversions as possible and really throwing himself into the manic aspect of his rapist thug character. The sex scenes are not only arousing but they also add to the overall depravity. Saturday Night Special drips with that sleazy seventies atmosphere and while it doesn't have the great New York City footage that a lot of smut films of the era use to their advantage, the location shooting places this in along the New York/ New Jersey boarder or possibly in Connecticut, giving the picture an air of extra authenticity.

Star in the making Georgette Jennings sadly makes her only film appearance. Erotica Awards Best Actor Jamie Gillis drives the story with his nasty attitude, unforgiving sadism, and unforgettable performance as a sexually vicious armed robber. Saturday Night Special is undoubtedly porn noir, unique for its time and impossible to make today. It was filmed at a time when shooting pornography was still illegal. Many of the actors in this film remain anonymous.

It is difficult to properly describe the experience of watching Saturday Night Special. It is, in its own way, a lost porn gem, containing extreme brutality and tastelessness as well as plenty of both erotic and brutal sex action.  There are also some things about it that will resonate with viewers, including the aforementioned assault scene, whose construction, mixed with Jamie Gillis's leering maniac routine and the girl's convincing dismay, all filmed in distorted close-ups, and gratingly unhinged audio track are very watchable in a disturbing way.

The DVD case liner notes mention that director Sam Bloch could really be Roberta Findlay, given the film's bleak style, but the style of Saturday Night Special is also reminiscent of Doris Wishman, especially the way the camera moves around the character. Whoever is responsible, Saturday Night Special is not only a good 1970’s exploitation porn film, but it also offers thrills for the jaded, due to it's completely offbeat nature.

Saturday Night Special - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Alpha Blue Archives
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