F … And Lots Of It DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘F … And Lots Of It’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
F … And Lots Of It - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
F … And Lots Of It - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
F … And Lots Of It was released in 1980 during the Golden Age Of Movie Porn.  Have you woken up horny after a wet dream? What if there was a Wet Dream Factory, a place where hot saucy dreams are manufactured? This is the premise of F … And Lots Of It. A dream girl lures a cab driver to the House Of F, a bizarre, dangerous Wet Dream Factory. The fucking in F … And Lots Of It is fast, furious, hot, steaming and sweaty. The girls are gorgeous and love to suck and fuck. F … And Lots Of It might just be the horniest movie you will ever see.  
Starring: John Leslie, Seka, Annette Haven, Rhonda Jo Petty, Kandi Barbour, Chris Anderson
Director: Svetlana
Studio: VCX
FOR ONLY $24.95
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘F … And Lots Of It’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Directed by the enigmatic Svetlana, F … And Lots Of It aka F, Cannonball, Dream Girl and Dream Girl Of F is nowadays considered to be a classic feature film from the Golden Age of Movie Pornography.

Legendary porn stud John Leslie plays the very fortunate cabbie, who drives around town talking to a sexy lady called Dream Girl, who later turns out to be Annette Haven, on his taxi's CB radio. Things take a torrid turn for the better when his cab breaks down in a deserted part of town, and he tries to get help at a spooky looking mansion.

Once the maid, played by Little Oral Annie, lets him in, he can't get out. The strange mansion is populated by many bizarre characters, including a midget toy soldier and a giant sized pussy, and themed areas such as the dolls house and the gangsters moll’s room. The inventiveness of F … And Lots Of It plus the charm and acting abilities of the two leads makes this film memorable.

He fucks his way through a brothel filled with shapely hookers, satisfies himself in a room full of living dolls and even gets down and dirty in an Arabian cave. Leslie eventually discovers that he has entered a virtual Wet Dream Factory, and the only way out is by satisfying the decadent sexual desires of Annette Haven, the sexually insatiable Wet Dream Controller.

Sex Scene 1: John Leslie, Kandi Barbour and two unknown one-timers

John Leslie stumbles into a room with life size frozen dolls. He starts playing with them, including shoving his dick in the mouth of one of them, then fingers her pussy and says, “A doll with pubic hair?" The other doll mumbles, "The key", and he uses the giant key, a dildo on a long stick, to wind them both up by sticking it in their pussies, of course, and away they go with full action.

A life size toy soldier then comes to life. First his eyes move as he surveys the action, then his arms and legs awaken and he goes after John Leslie. Just in time, the wound up energy runs out, all the dolls freeze up again, and John Leslie escapes.

Sex Scene 2: John Leslie, Chris Anderson, Rhonda Jo Petty and Seka

John Leslie comes to a door and tries to enter. A girl opens it just a few inches so you can see her face and one boob, and to get in he has to suck on her tits. Seka and the other girls are dressed as gangsters' molls. John Leslie has sex with them all and then the mobsters enter wearing 1930’s style suits and brandishing machine guns. Once again, John Leslie makes a miraculous escape.

Sex Scene 3: Geraldine Gold and John Leslie

He gets to another room and there is a naked Golden Girl statue sitting in ther lotus position. She is flanked by two black guards dressed in Middle Eastern costumes with silk clothes and long lances. John Leslie talks to them then fingers the Golden Girl. When he pulls his finger out of her pussy it is glowing gold! Naturally, he nexy fucks the Golden Girl and his dick is glowing gold when he shoots his load. He has to run to the next door to use his glowing dick to unlock it before the spell wears off.

Sex Scene 4: John Leslie, oriental, blonde, Piper Smith, Ray Wells

He enters the next room and there are two girls painted like precious gems in a gem filled room. He is in the middle of fucking them and Ray Wells enters. John Leslie thinks it might be more trouble but Ray Wells is also trapped in the mansion and is trying to get out. They both have sex with the two gem girls and leave for the next room.

Sex Scene 5: Becky Savage, John Leslie / Sex Scene 6: Ray Wells, Laurie Smith

John Leslie and Ray Wells stumble across a couple of wild and savage Cave girls, and both decide to get down to it rather than worry about escaping. John Leslie teaches Becky Savage how to kiss, tongue, suck and fuck, then makes to leave when a couple of cavemen show up, but changes his mind and rescues her.

Sex Scene 7 Annette Haven, John Leslie

Annette Haven has been observing the whole thing from her mystical control room. Inevitably, however, she and John Leslie have sex together, in quite a slow and sensual coupling compared to some of the others..

John Leslie finishes fucking everybody in sight, arrives back into the main lobby and manages to escape. When he looks back at the mansion it is derelict. Maybe he was dreaming, but he reaches into his pocket and finds a giant ruby stone that he had put in his pocket while he had been fucking the Gem Girls.

F … And Lots Of It is an underrated and almost forgotten work of classic Golden Age porn moviemaking! It is a successful combination of science fiction, Twilight Zone melodrama and hardcore sex action. Thanks to VCX, F … And Lots Of It is now available to buy on a re-mastered, high quality DVD and should be added to every serious porn movie collection.

F … And Lots Of It - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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