The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Erotic Adventures of Lolita’ On Re-Mastered DVD From Gamelink
Erotic Adventures of Lolita - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD By Video X Pix
The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Made in 1982 and un-filmable today, The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita is the definitive film of a young, sweet, virginal girl discovering the pleasures of womanhood. This is a very intimate tale of lost innocence in an incestuous manner involving lots of facials and plenty of anal sex too! The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita may not be in the upper echelon of classic porno, but it certainly is a groundbreaking movie on a taboo subject and worth seeking out.
Starring: Tammy, Cooper Penny, Chelsea Manchester, Terri, Ron Jeremy, Harry Margolis, Louise Parsons, Steve Parks, Doug Hamilton, Ralph Harper
Director: Leon Gucci
Studio: Video X Pix
FOR ONLY $24.95
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Erotic Adventures of Lolita’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Leon Gucci’s long forgotten adult masterpiece The Erotic Adventures of Lolita, now re-mastered and reissued on high quality DVD by Video X Pix, is a classic Golden Age porn movie that follows a plot and isn't just sex scenes strung loosely together. As with most other porn films from this era you will be presented with full pubic bushes and natural breasts. The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita, as with other porn films from the braver 1970’s contains sexual themes and sex scenes depicting taboos that modern movie pornographers would not dare depict, in this case the taboo of older men having sexual intercourse with young, virginal girls.

Warning: Although The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita purports to contain explicit sex scenes involving under-age teenage girls, this is a fictional enactment performed for the purposes of adult entertainment and all those who appeared were over the age of sexual consent at the time the film was made.

Young Lolita’s natural curiosity about sex and her blossoming sex drive as she grows into womanhood lead her to make important, and very intimate, discoveries about her body and those of others. This results in many really good sex scenes in this classic story, perhaps the most arousing of which is where an opportunistic vibrator salesman convinces Lolita that his sex toy is a new kind of thermometer. He distracts her with a lollipop, then slips it inside her tight little vagina to make her cum. Young Lolita’s innocence is shattered by her sexual awakening and she becomes a raging teenage nymphomaniac!

Tammy, star of The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita, has a naturally powerful sexuality. She looks gorgeous with her waist-length blonde hair, pouting face, invitingly tight vagina and incredibly beautiful butt cheeks. She plays an under-age virgin who starts out having no knowledge of the birds and the bees. But she knows that something wonderful is happening to her blossoming young body because her mother says not to let boys see her pussy, even though she has no idea what a pussy is or what it does.

The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita begins with a school bus stopping to the side of the road. Lolita steps out of the bus as the really catchy theme song plays, "Lalalalalalolita nice to everybody she meets, She was young and didn't know yet not to love everybody she met, She thought if she refused them that meant that she would lose them..."

And yes the producers have plastered a line at the bottom of the screen right away to alert you to the fact that "All performers are over the age of 18"

Her equally young and innocent friend Tigr (played by Tigr) is also curious as to why she has these disturbing but strangely pleasant urges and feelings. After accidentally seeing her parents (K.C. Valentine and Ron Harper) having sexual intercourse she gets turned on as well as confused, and seeks counsel from her best friend, which is, believe it or not, her horse. Tigr tells the horse all about her urges and then says that they are going to have some fun. Thankfully that just means putting her hand inside her pants and touching her pussy. Suddenly a passing stranger called Randy catches her fingering herself and sees an opportunity. He shows her his penis and tells her that “girls like you suck on it”. So Tigr’s very first sexual encounter entails giving head, then opening her legs wide to take his cock in her virginal pussy while scratching the hell out of his back, then taking it up the butt for good measure, and finally spinning around to catch the pop-shot in her face. Randy is a good teacher. If only real life virgtins behaved this way when they had their first fuck!

Porn stud Ron Jeremy appears wearing overalls and a kerchief, and gets Hell from his girlfriend (Angel Burgeon) for being seen heavy petting with young Lolita. He consoles her by showing her his erection, then they have a screw.

So little Lolita and her friend Tigr are really curious about sex, and they have a discussion about female body parts which ends in the film’s sole lesbian scene. Lolita is still confused and when she French kisses her own father (John Boland), thinking that was the correct way to show she loves him, the mother (Copper Penny) gets very angry. “No man kisses another woman the way you did, regardless of if its his daughter or not!” she yells. She’s so upset that father and mother have an argument in the living room which ends with them making out as they make up.

Next, a traveling dildo salesman pays a visit to Lolita’s mother who just so happens to be away in the big city. Innocent little Lolita asks, “What’s in the suitcase, mister?” The cunning dildo salesman (Mike Filene) tells her one of the items is an electric thermometer, and shows her how it works after tempting Lolita with some candy. Then he tells her that his penis is also a thermometer and that she can have more candy if she’ll let him demonstrate it on her. After all, he says, she does look feverish. Innocent Lolita, who has never seen a penis before, let alone one that is rock hard, still manages to give an expert hummer, and then he pulls down her pants, spreads her legs, and withou a struggle or protest of any kind, he pops her cherry.

Her loss of virginity turns young Lolita into an instant sex slut with insatiable sexual desires. An insurance man, who just happens to be Tigr’s father, stops by, so she seduces him. Then a friend of her own dad shows up and she screws him too, then charges him $100.

The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita has hairy pussies, plenty of enthusiastic sex, a passable story line, slurping sound effects, and cheesy dialogue, so what’s not to love about it? The idea of the Lolita and Tigr being underage virgins is slightly perverse by today’s porn standards, but the actresses were very definitely over 18 in real life. The older women are also very hot. At any rate The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita is a fun porn film to watch, being suitable for couples and strokers. In truth, the absurdity of the plot makes it especially enjoyable and it should appeal to those looking for something in porn other than a storyless wanking vehicle.

The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita is definitely a product of its time and not a film that could ever be made in this day and age of political correctness - but is it any good, and does it stand the test of time? The answer is a resounding yes! It has its moments. It is very well shot with a good cast and a several stand out, memorable scenes. As to the morality of the concept, it is only a movie made by consenting adults for consenting adults. The Erotic Adventures Of Lolita is highly recommended. Buy it so that you can decide for yourself.

The Erotic Adventures of Lolita - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Video X Pix
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