Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love’ On Re-Mastered DVD From Gamelink
Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD By VCX
Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Porn classic Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love was first released in 1976, at the height of the Golden Age of Movie Porn. During a wedding, we flash back to various sexual escapades of the people attending the ceremony, including group sex, threesomes, interracial couplings, lesbian fingering and anal fuckings. Set amidst the free sex era of the 1970s, this is one wedding ceremony worth attending!  
Starring: Desiree West, Joey Silvera, John Seeman, Ken Scudder, Kristine Heller, Laura Bourbon, Monique Cardin, Paul Scharf, Ray Wells, Richard Logan, Sharon Thorpe, Turk Lyon, Vicky Lindsay
Director: Fred Sand
Studio: VCX
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Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Not as famous as it deserves to be, but still a classic Golden Age porn feature movie, Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love is a wedding-themed hardcore film that is both arousing and interesting.

The lovely and delightfully innocent-looking Kristine Heller stars as Nikki, the bride-to-be, in what was her porn feature debut. The format of Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love, and its excuse for plenty of sex action, is to have each participant in the wedding ceremony flashback to a sexual escapade, generally involving one or more of the other people attending. This vignette structure works wel.

The opening scenes feature ebony porn star Desiree West, cast as the stereotypical Black maid of the house, as if the film were taking place in the 1930’s or 1940’s. She is named Mae, recalling the films of Mae West who generally had a cute, jive-talking Black maid in her great 1930’s films for Paramount.

Mae gives a pair of black panties to Nikki the bride as "something borrowed" for her wedding, lapsing into a very sexy flashback of how she got them. Mae is enthusiastically humping hairy-chested Jeff Lyle while the little-girl version of Nikki spies on them. Nikki tells her mom about this horrible sight, but Mrs. Hilliard (Sharon Thorpe), far from being outraged goes straight upstairs to masturbate as she watches the duo in action, even ordering them around. Lyle delivers two money shots in succession, and Thorpe gives her own black panties to West as a reward.

Sharon Thorpe's erotic verbal delivery plus Desiree West's exotic beauty make this a classic pair of scenes, getting the film rolling at a high standard.

Ken Scudder portrays Uncle Lloyd, who is to give the bride away, and is seen in flashback babysitting for pigtailed Nikki. The scene starts innocently enough in front of a roaring fireplace, but some excellent sexual teasing escalates to incest as Uncle Lloyd deflowers the young Nikki. This is terrific porn. Kristine Heller's expertise in deep throating Ken Scudder’s cock belies the film's premise of her innocence, but sex content always takes precedence over story values in these outings.

Paul Scharf is the best man Ted, recalling in flashback a strange occurrence where Nikki is in bondage tied to a chair as he makes love to young Paula, played by short-haired Laura Bourbon. The forced sex continues when a masked blonde dominatrix shows up and fucks Paula with a dildo, followed by a threesome involving Ted. He has anal sex with the dominatrix and after his money shot there is a cut back to the wedding ceremony.

Incest is back on the menu with Beth (Monique Cardin), the maid of honor and Nikki's sister, recalling having lesbian sex with Nikki, which is very erotically staged out of doors.

Back in the present time, the wedding vows are being exchanged  and the phrase "Forsaking all others" cues a flashback of Nikki being gang-raped by Joey Silvera and Ray Wells. This scene includes a massive ejaculation shot on Nikki's face.

The final sex scene has Mrs. Hilliard flashing back to being humped by Wayne (Turk Lyon), just after the bachelor party.

Kristine Heller is superb and magnificently flanked by Desiree West and so many other beautiful porn starlets in Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love that the fans of classic Golden Age porn will get much more than there money's worth with this re-mastered DVD. Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love is a genuine porn classic.

Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love - Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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