A Scent Of Heather DVD - Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘A Scent Of Heather’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
A Scent Of Heather -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
A Scent Of Heather With Veronica Hart- Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
This is the uncut 1980 35mm version of A Scent Of Heather, starring Veronica Hart, now re-mastered on high quality DVD. It surpassed the standards of ordinary porn movies with elaborate costumes, lavish settings, a credible plot reminiscent of Masterpiece Theatre.. Not only is A Scent Of Heathe superior porn it is also ambitous porn. It could be called the porn Gone With The Wind and one of the best pornos ever made!
Starring: Veronica Hart, Vanessa Del Rio, Jessica Teal, Lisa Bee, Richard Bolla, Tracy Adams, Christine Ford, Paul Thomas
Director: Bill Eagle as Philip Drexler Jr
Studio: VCX
FOR ONLY $24.95
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘A Scent Of Heather’ With Veronica Hart On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

Director Bill Eagle’s A Scent Of Heather is a Golden Age feature movie classic from 1980, featuring porn queen and prototype cougar Veronica Hart, who had one of the best natural bodies ever in porn. The story involves the sexual awakening of a young virgin called Heather. Her sexual awakening is encouraged by her lecherous aunt, who teaches Heather the mysteries and orgasmic pleasures of sex and lust.

Heather is the virginal daughter of a very wealthy man and, in order to prevent his estate from reverting to a charity hospital, Heather must be married by a certain time. So the other beneficiaries of the estate arrange for her to be married to the gardiner's son, played by  Paul Thomas. On the wedding night, just before the marriage is consummated, they learn that they are half siblings, sharing the same father. They resolve never to have sex, but they both have sexual needs. Paul Thomas avails himself of the female staff, including Vanessa del Rio, and arranges behind the scenes for other men to help Heather with her needs. All this leads to explicit depictions of bizarre perversions and sexual debauchery!

Veronica Hart Biography: Veronica was born Jane Esther Hamilton in 1956 in Las Vegas is a former porn movie actress who is now a successful porn director. Before making her first porn film, Jane / Vanessa decided to do live sex shows in front of theatre audiences to see if she enjoyed the attention.  She did, and Veronica Hart went on to appear in adult movies from 1980 until 1984, being best known for her performances in Amanda by Night, Wanda Whips Wall Street, Roommates and A Scent of Heather. Veronica Hart was a mainstay of the early 1980's porn industry. Not only did she enjoy having sex in front of the camera, but she was also a good actress and easy to get along with. She credits her ability to enjoy on-screen sex as one of the reasons why she became a star in the porn business. Today, she directs, edits and produces adult films, while making occasional cameos in both mainstream and adult productions.

Veronica Hart’s Scarring: In 1979 Veronica Hart’s career was cut short  when she accidentally spilt hot coffee on herself. She spent two months in hospital and 25% of her body was left permanently scarred. She later said, "At one point in the hospital, I felt that I'd never be able to take off my clothes again and be naked in front of a man. On the first night I spent with my English boyfriend after getting out of hospital, he turned off the lights. And I like to make love with the lights on. So that really hurt. You don't have to be a psychology expert to see why I got into porn. I've always liked sex but my life would probably have taken a different turn without that accident. People in pornography are usually rebels or are trying to make up for some kind of deficiency or defect in their lives. It could be in their character, or they could have been beaten or sexually abused in their childhood, or their nose is crooked or some other physical defect. People back then went into the porn business probably maybe to prove something or to be rebellious, now people go into it as a profession."

A Scent Of Heather is one of the more ambitious adult films ever made. Produced and directed with great care by Bill Milling  aka Philip Drexler and his producer alter ego Bill Eagle, it does a very credible job of recreating the atmosphere of the early years of the 20th century.

The part of convent-bred rich girl Heather was a breakthrough role for talented actress Veronica Hart, and she brings out every single nuance as her character evolves from virginal innocence to knowing worldliness. As stated in her father's will, she must marry handsome young Frederick, the gardener’s son, played by porn stud Paul Thomas in an excellent, brooding portrayal worthy of Vincent Price in his Roger Corman / Edgar Allen Poe heyday.

But hold the front page, because on their wedding night, just moments before consummation, it is disclosed by the family attorney  Frederick and Heather are actually brother and sister! Unable to make love to his beautiful wife cum sister, Frederick arranges for his bride to be deflowered without taking part in the sex act himself. The trusted chauffeur, well acted by Robert Bolla, will do the deed instead.

One stormy night, the horny and obliging chauffeur seduces Heather in the barn as they shelter from the rain, in one of the most thoroughly sensuous porn movie seductions of all time. Meanwhile, Frederick releases his own pent-up sexual tensions by having a hot sucking and fucking session with fiery cook Vanessa Del Rio and fledgling kitchen help Tracy Adams, highlighted by some explosive back-door ass pounding courtesy of the big breasted Latina mega star.

Little-seen porn starlet Nicole Scent, credited here as Jessica Teal, lends her throaty voice and succulently slender frame to the part of maid Margaret, who is caught having sex with the Master and makes up for her sins by having lesbian sex with the Mistress. Another now largely forgotten Golden Age porn actress worthy of mention is busty amazon Lisa Bee, portraying Heather's libidinous aunt, who lost her virginity in a flashback to a sex session with sweet-talking soldier Ron Hudd.

Ultimately, the very horny Heather and Frederick can no longer hold back on their passion for one another and agree to one momentous night of incestuous lovemaking, to be concluded by their joint suicide pact. But there is a twist in this high melodrama, which is provided by another fleshy flashback, this time involving Heather's mother, as portrayed by bug-eyed cutie Christie Ford. With all the preceding heavy breathing and bodice-ripping, it's safe to say the remarkably cynical conclusion to A Scent Of Heather is not what you would expect.

Longtime Golden Age porn movie fans will get to feast their eyes on a cult cast doing what they do best in A Scent Of Heather, which is a classic which should be added to the every serious porn DVD collection.

A Scent Of Heather With Veronica Hart -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By VCX
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