The Heat Is On DVD- Hardcore Feature Length Sex Action DVD
Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Heat Is On’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
The Heat Is On - Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Western Visuals
The Heat Is On - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Released in 1985 during porn’s Golden Age, The Heat Is On is now considered to be a classic adult feature movie. Enjoy three way sex and steamy lesbian action with Cara Lott and Kristara Barrington, plus some of the lesser known sluts from 1970’s porn. Bored women describe some of their more memorable sexual experiences, which are enthusiastically played out in this well produced movie which has been re-mastered and reissued on high quality DVD.
Starring: Cara Lott, Peter North, Mai Ling, Kevin James, Kristara Barrington, Tiffany Blake, Greg Rome, Robin Cannes, Greg Derek, Jennifer Noxt
Director: Michael Carpenter
Studio: Western Visuals
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Classic Feature Length Porn Movie ‘The Heat Is On’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink

If you have got nothing to do on your day off, then why not join these lovely ladies on theirs as they explicitly describe their personal sex stories to some of their most intimate friends. When they tell their tales, you can be assured that The Heat Is On!

Jasmine is trying to get material for her book of lesbian erotica, but doesn't have any. After she and Robin hit the Jacuzzi for some inspiration, Robin starts to tell, in detail, all the stories she has heard about from friends of hers. The stories may be about both cock and pussy, but that doesn't stop Jasmine from getting turned on. Once Robin gets her so horny she can't stand it, she calls in pool boy Peter North to fuck her brains out while Jasmine watches. And that is just the beginning, because The Heat Is On!

Jennifer Noxt Biography: Californian porn starlet Jennifer Noxt - aka Janet Trent, Jennifer Noxx, Cindy Arhh, Jennifer Knoxt, Cindy Rigdon, Cindy Argh, Rhea, Amanda James - was born in 1966 in Simi Valley, California and was active in porn from 1985 to 1988. At first glance Jennifer Noxt was a typical embodiment of youthful 1980’s innocence. With her petite, small-breasted body, girlishly long brunette hair, deceptively shy nature, bubbly personality, and squeaky little voice, she came across as an almost grown up schoolgirl who somehow got lost and wandered onto a porn movie set.  In fact, she was one of the most wildly sexual porn starlets of the mid-1980's. Once she goy horny on set, Jennifer Noxt was a veritable ball crusher, and eagerly embraced the suck anf fuck work ethic of the one-day, nasty video quickies that formed the basis of her career. She never became a huge porn star, being relegated to supporting roles where she often outperformed her bigger named co-stars. Jennifer Noxt was one of the first true anal queens, allowing back door access to all and sundry, and was able to accommodate the biggest cocks in her infamous double penetration scenes. She also enjoyed all manner of kinky sex, and was often to be found getting her pussy shaved, as in the classic Devil in Miss Jones 3. Jennifer Noxt retired from the porn business in 1990 after appearing in over 40 features during her five year carnal career. Enjoy her in The Heat Is On, where she gives one of her finest performances.

Scene 1: Robin Cannes/Jasmine

Robin Cannes and Jasmine are sitting around talking about publications then they decide to get down to some very intimate business. Peter North is out by the pool and the girls see how he is doing then they go back inside to the bathtub where they have hot sex lesbian style. This scene is so scorching as these two ladies seem to be really into each other and the moment.

Scene 2: Tiffany Blake/Jasmine

Next up another lesbian scene that involves Tiffany Blake, an absolute beauty who was never given sufficient credit in the porn babe department. She starts out wearing black heels but loses them quick when the sex starts. Jasmine keeps her heels on in this scene.

Scene 3: Tiffany Blake/Kevin James

Tiffany is back this time looking even hotter this time around, Kevin James is ready for the lovely lady who takes everything he can give in a wild encounter that finds Kevin dropping a wad on Tiffany's face.

Scene 4: Jennifer Noxt/Kevin James

Kevin James really struck lucky with this film, because not only does he get to fuck Tiffany Blake but he also gets to fuck goddess Jennifer Noxt. The scene is super hot and ends with Jenny taking his load on her tits and face.

Scene 5: Kristara Barrington/Greg Derek

Kristara is one of the hottest ever Asian porn goddess and seems up for anything. This scene works and the climax on her face is awesome to watch.

Dscene 6: Kristara Barrington/Cara Lott

Kristara is a wonderful sight and her girl on girl scene with blonde Cara Lott in and out of a pool is beautiful. Even if the scene may not be the nastiest lesbian scene ever it is still a pleasure to watch because of the gorgeous ladies

Scene 7: Kristara Barrington/Greg Rome/Cara Lott

Kristara and Cara work the blonde porn stud, Greg Rome’s cock up, and he actually stays hard for an extended period of time. Greg seemed to thrive in these threeway encounters and he does pretty good in this outing. Greg
spurts on Kristarrah's lovely face.

Scene 8: Robin Cannes/Jasmine/Peter North

This is by far the hottest scene of The Heat Is On. Peter who had been outside watching the two ladies finally gets to come inside and join them. He only has sex with Robin but who cares the three seem really into it and even Jasmine gives Peter some worthwhile strokes. He really hammers his cock into Robin, and she energetically rides him.The scene ends with Peter spurting one of his trademark semen geysers on Robins tits and face.

The Heat Is On -  Classic Feature Length Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On High Quality DVD By Western Visuals
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