The Enema Bandit DVD - Hardcore Enema Sex DVD From Bizarre Video
The Enema Bandit DVD - Hardcore Enema Sex DVD From Bizarre Video

Payback can be painful as well as pleasurable, especially when it involves two quarts of hot liquid in the ass! Fred J Lincoln’s The Enema Bandit DVD is very loosely based on the story of Michael H Kenyon, the real life Illinois Enema Bandit.

Getting an enema is one thing, but having a masked bandit surprise you from behind and stick a rubber tube up your ass hole is something else entirely! Yet none of The Enema Bandit victims will file a complaint.

What are these women doing when The Enema Bandit sneaks in and forcibly delivers a full two quarts of hot liquid up their ass holes? There is only one way to find out! Male and female domination! Lesbian kink! Excruciating enema action! An all-star cast and a story line that almost makes sense!

Get lubed up and get ready for hot enema action. If the action in The Enema Bandit is anything to go by, a good enema just makes things even dirtier and nastier. With straight and lesbian enema scenes, The Enema Bandit new meaning to the term "Fill me with pleasure." What more could you ask for  than a hot, ass filling session with The Enema Bandit?

Starring: Luc Wylder, Miss Sharon Mitchell, Nicole London, Pamela Dee, Porsche Lynn, Skye, Summer, Teddi Austin, Tracey Adams
Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Studio: Bizarre Video
The Enema Bandit DVD
Online Price : $24.95
Enema Bandits: Real Life Enema Banditry Facts And Information

Michael H Kenyon: The Illinois Enema Bandit

Michael Hubert Kenyon is an infamous American criminal nicknamed ‘The Enema Bandit’. He is also known as the ‘Champaign Enema Bandit’ the ‘Ski Masked Bandit’, and ‘The Illinois Enema Bandit’. The attacks started and ended in Champaign.

Born: 1944, Elgin, Illinois, United States
Education: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1967)

The chronicles of bizarre crime feature few more desperate characters than Michael Kenyon, a petty criminal who forcibly administered enemas to at least two dozen victims, mostly female students. Face hidden behind a ski mask, he would break into a woman's room, tie her up and get to work with his rubber tubing. Part of his ritual was to steal a single item from each victim; then, leaving the student trussed and terrified, he would sometimes phone the police to boast about his crime. Kenyon committed a dozen assaults between 1965 and 1969 before graduating with a degree in accountancy. From college he joined the army, before becoming an auditor with the Intemal Revenue Service, based in in Lincolnwood, Illinois.

As he was posted around the country as part of his job, enema attacks occurred in Los Angeles, Manhattan (Kansas) and Norman, Oklahoma. On one occasion he even administered an enema to a girl in a train travelling to Florida.

His earliest documented attack was in March 1966 in Champaign, Illinois when, early one morning he entered a home through a window and, wearing a red argyle ski mask and carrying a gun, administered forced enemas to two sisters, aged 16 and 18. After stealing $70 from their father's wallet, he left them, tied with torn strips of bed sheet, with a promise to call the police within 15 minutes to free them.

Michael Kenyon's largest single enema attack was on five sorority girls. He often gained entry through sliding glass doors that were typical in student apartment buildings in Urbana and Champaign at the time, and his enema banditry provided the impetus for landlords to provide bars to block sliding doors from opening from the outside.

In May 1975, Michael Kenyon returned to Champaign. In a single night of terror he administered a forced enema to a Champaign woman, robbed and bound four four women in an Urbana sorority house, one of whom was administered an enema, and gave two further enemas to the same woman. He was involved in a minor traffic accident later that night, but was not arrested. He then committed additional attacks, including three Cook County flight attendants.

The police made little headway in tracing the Enema Bandit until Kenyon was arrested in connection with two armed robberies near Champaign, Illinois, in April 1975. It was noticed that the method of breaking and entering was identical to that of the Enema Bandit and Kenyon was charged with armed robbery and battery. Under questioning he began to confess his enema banditry and police were able to link him to the recent spate of enema assaults. He was found to be legally sane, and pleaded guilty to six counts of armed robbery in December 1975. He was sentenced to six to twelve years in prison. He was paroled in 1981 after serving six years.

Michael Kenyon was later questioned and released in connection with the 1982 Chicago Tylenol Murders after a prisoner claimed Kenyon boasted that he planned to do something worse upon release, which occurred shortly before the Tylenol Murders happened. Upon investigation, it was determined that Kenyon had nothing to do with this mass killing spree. The Chicago Tylenol Murders occurred when seven people died after taking pain-relief medicine capsules that had been poisoned. These poisonings involved Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules, which had been laced with potassium cyanide. The murders led to reforms in the packaging of over-the-counter substances and to federal anti-tampering laws. The case remains unsolved and no suspects have ever been charged, and a $100,000 reward, offered by Johnson & Johnson, for the capture and conviction of the Tylenol Killer, has never been claimed.

Former FBI agent John Finley, who researched the case, notes that Kenyon was a subscriber to Enema Digest, a specialist magazine for devotees of water sports. There is no record of further enema assaults after 1981.

Michael Kenyon became the subject of Frank Zappa's song ‘The Illinois Enema Bandit’, first released on Zappa in New York. Jazz composer Henry Threadgill recorded ‘Salute to the Enema Bandit’ on the 1986 album Air Show No. 1. He was also the inspiration for the 1976 adult film ‘Water Power’ starring Jamie Gillis. The term ‘enema bandit’ came into wider use following the incidents. In the 1974 novel ‘The Odd Woman’ by Gail Godwin, the protagonist Jane Clifford, a professor in a Midwestern university town, fears the Enema Bandit, who represents her fears of losing control of her life.

Says Frank Zappa: “I actually heard about it on the radio. We were returning from a job in Nornal, Illinois and had the radio on in the station wagon. The announcer said, ‘The Illinois Enema Bandit has struck again', and I went, ‘What!’ Apparently, this guy had been ravaging the area of Southern Illinois for a number of years. He would find a co-ed's apartment with the door unlocked and he would walk in with a ski mask on and I guess a revolver, and force the woman to experience a severe internal rinse at gunpoint.”

The Mystery Sonoma Enema Woman

Even veteran police officers were dumbfounded by an incident that may or may not have been a crime but which definitely did stretch the boundaries of the bizarre. The story is brief but baffling.

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 1, a visually impaired 53-year-old Sonoma man was standing in his apartment when a woman appeared in his doorway, unannounced and unexpected. She told him she was there to give him an enema. Because the man had recently undergone intestinal surgery, he thought perhaps that explained her presence.

The woman deftly guided him to his bedroom, had him drop his pants and lie face down on his bed. She then gave the man an enema and promptly left. He later told police that the whole episode took about a minute-and-a-half. The woman did not leave a card or any other identifying information. And given his poor eyesight, the man did not actually see her.

A day later the enema recipient began wondering about what had happened to him but took no action. By Tuesday, he felt compelled to shed some light on the experience, so he contacted police. An investigating officer promptly called the man's doctor and was told no enema had been prescribed, ordered or approved.

Sonoma police turned the case over to the domestic and sexual assault unit of the Sonoma Sheriff's Office who were unable to make sense of the incident.

It is well known that fatal enemas have been implicated in conspiracy theories surrounding the deaths of both Napoleon Bonaparte and Marilyn Monroe, but the victim of what may become known in crime annals and police academies across the country as The Sonoma Enema apparently reported no ill-effects from the treatment.
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