One Page Of Love DVD - Cult Favorite  Classic Porn DVD From VCX
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One Page Of Love DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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One Page Of Love - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
One Page Of Love aka Two Sisters was made in 1979 at the height of the Golden Age of Movie Porn. In it, two sisters share dark sexual secrets, and living complicated and disturbing sex lives, amking One Page Of Love a cult favorite among fans of the genre. Manon, disturbed and childlike, lives a reclusive life while her sister Suzanne provides for all her needs, including male sexual companionship. This arrangement backfires when Suzanne falls in love with Rick, one of the men she picks up to fuck Manon.
Starring: Nancy Hoffman, Jennifer West, Gena Lee, Pat Manning, Romona St. Leger, Bill Margold, Anthony Richards
Director: Peter Balakoff
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘One Page Of Love’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Director of One Page Of Love aka Two Sisters, Peter Balakoff aka Ted Roter, was a of Belgian descent and was a minor Hollywood actor in the sixties. He started making adult movies where he could control the storylines and give himself acting roles, such as in One Page Of Love where he plays an unscrupulous psychiatrist. Like many decently talented Golden Age porn movie directors, Balakoff grew frustrated with the business in the late eighties, with the smaller budgets, and scripts more concerned with the sex and shooting on video, and left the business.

The premise of classic porn movie One Page Of Love is quite simple - a retarded beauty Manon (Gena Lee) is cared for by her younger sister Suzette ( Nancy Hoffman) and exploited by men due to her naivety and nymphomania.

Bill Margold works overtime as the male lead, humping and ejaculating with admirable efficiency, while Anthony Richards underplays things nicely as well as performing well sexually. Most of the sex scenes are pretty hot. This situation is further heated when Rick is attracted to childlike Manon and a conflict grows out of this complex love triangle.

Rick finally breaks the cycle, takes Manon away from her sister's influence and puts her into therapy. After a time, they decide to marry and invite the estranged Suzanne to the wedding. The shadowy ghosts from the past, however, descend on the ceremony and One Page Of Love is torn out.

The saving grace of One Page Of Love is casting the quite beautiful and always sexually alluring Nancy Hoffman and Gena Lee in the leads, but unfortunately for her, Lee worked exclusively for Balakoff, while perennial teenager Hoffman made an indelible niche performing in jail-bait porn assignments for Bob Chinn, Kirdy Stevens, Stu Segall and Joanna Williams, among others.

The idea of having sex with a teenager who is mildly mentally retarded and incest of various kinds are themes not normally touched on in modern porn, but nothing unusual in the surprisingly more liberal 1980’s. The acting is pretty solid for this kind of film and the ending of One Page Of Love is authentically disturbing and creepy.

Nancy Hoffman, the teenage star of One Page Of Love, was an extremely youthful looking girl whose tight, small-breasted figure and innocent lookingl face made her one of the most popular “teen” actresses of porn’s Golden Age. Despite her apparently virginal innocence, Nancy Hoffman’s sucking and fucking talents were second to none, making her one of the most popular sex stars of her time. Nancy Hoffman was at her best playing beautiful young women being introduced to the world of sex, such as in One Page Of Love where she turned in what may be her most romantic scene ever, a loving and energetic tryst with Anthony Richard. Nancy retired from porn in 1981 to concentrate on her family. For porn fans who enjoy classic hardcore from one of the most delectable starlets of porn;’s Golden Age, the films of Nancy Hoffman, including One Page Of Love, still stand out today.

One Page Of Love DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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