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Marianne Bouquet DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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Marianne Bouquet - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Releasesd in 1977, Marianne Bouquet aka Les Desaxees or The Unbalanced is a French example of Golden Age movie pornography. Beautiful Marianne loves her husband but Michael cannot resist the lure of illicit sex. Marianne's faithfulness is stretched to its limits when she beds Philip and must decide - wait for her husband to return or start a new life with someone else. The passions of the heart and body come together in Marianne Bouquet, an explicit tale of love and lust and a woman ready to bloom emotionally and sexually.  
Starring: Francois Cannone, Claudia Costa, Michel Lemoine, Janine Reynaud, Martine Azencot
Director: Michel Lemoine
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Marianne Bouquet’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Marianne Bouquet is exquisite erotica with stunning cinematography by Philippe Theaudiere and a top rate screenplay by actor and director Michel Lemoine. It is considered to be European porn movie director Michel Lemoine's erotic masterpiece. Lemoine writes, directs and stars in Marianne Bouquet, the story of a modern marriage French-style with all its romantic complications. Michael is married to young Marianne (Janine Reynauld) and they have a beautiful house. But something is very wrong with this union. The story concerns the various changes and choices that a married couple must undergo. There is some torrid sex, a forceable penetration scene, lesbian rendezvous, three-way sex and plenty of sexual freedom. Marianne Bouquet makes a simple, universal statement: The Rolling Stones said it best: "you can't always get what you want." Some of the sex scenes are steamy. The women wear hot pants and the men don dated tunics. Marianne Bouquet will certainly be enjoyed by adult film historians and for pure sex its fine.

Originally released in France in 1972 as a softcore film with the title Les Desaxees, the movie received good reviews when it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was shot with its hardcore scenes, but these could not legally be shown in France for another three years. It was released in American theaters in 1977, using the name Marianne Bouquet with the hardcore scenes re-inserted and an additional sex scene that included American actors Eileen Wells and John Seeman.  

Marianne Bouquet’s French title Les Desaxees or The Unbalanced is a play on the French moniker for John Huston's The Misfits. It predates Just Jaeckin's landmark Emmanuelle starring Sylvia Kristel by at least a year, could legitimately be considered to be a worthier starting point for classy, mainstream erotica.

While Marianne Bouquet may appear dated to today’s jaded porn audiences, the elaborate erotic encounters still pack a passionate punch, embellished by Philippe Theaudiere's beautiful cinematography and ingenuous employment of mirror effects. There's a haunting romantic theme melody as well, with the soundtrack being credited to three composers, the best known among which would be Jess Franco regular Daniel White.

Statuesque Janine Reynaud - Madame Lemoine in real life - has never been displayed to greater advantage as she performs the most memorable sex acts as horny fashion model Francis. She becomes Michel's amorous accomplice when the uptight Marianne Bouquet bows out, ruining a perfectly good match when she too expresses desire for love and monogamy, leading to an unforgettable sequence where she gets up to shake her booty at a night club, having told her paramour to either wait for her - which will serve as silent acceptance of sexual singularity - or get out while he still can. No prizes for guessing what happens next!

Fleshing out the cast of Marianne Bouquet are several long forgotten French porn movie starlets, several of whom would turn up in Michel Lemoine's subsequent films, including big breasted blonde bombshell Martine Azencot as the bespectacled Edith, who is picked up by Michel and Marianne for their ill-fated attempt at communal adultery. Francoise Dammien and Virginie Vignon appear as the girl who is shared by Francis and Michel in front of a crackling fireplace and the streetwalker he picks up for some anonymous sex. Ravishing, raven-haired Magda Mundari has lusty lesbian sex with Scandinavian blonde Lena Nilsson and late respected British actress Prunella Ransome, who played the unfortunate Fanny in John Schlesinger's Far From The Madding Crowd, appears as the mentally unstable Patricia, who has a roomful of dolls whom she creepily considers are her ardent admirers.

For those who are interested, Michel Lemoine loosely remade the Marianne Bouquet story in a hardcore version a decade later as Ardeurs d’Ete aka Hot Bodies with Italian stallion Gabriel Pontello and the underrated Cathy Menard portraying the husband and wife swap team. However, the original remains his best overall achievement though, and a carnal classic well worth revisiting.

Marianne Bouquet DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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