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Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Genie's Dirty Girls’ On Re-Mastered High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Genie's Dirty Girls DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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Genie's Dirty Girls - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Genie’s Dirty Girls was made in 1987 at the end of the Golden Age of Movie Porn. However the sex is typical of its era - the women have hairy pussies, the sucking and fucking is enthusiastic and the sluts and studs seem to genuinely enjoy what they are doing. The plot of Genie’s Dirty Girls is no more than an excuse for some incredible hardcore sex action. Three sexually frustrated women set a genie free from inside a TV-set and make a deal with him: he grants them three wishes for extreme sexual pleasures.
Starring: Kari Foxx, Buffy Davis, Amanda Jane Adams, Peter North, Steve Drake, Tony Martino, Craig Roberts, Greg Rome, Rick Savage
Director: Thomas Roberts
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Genie's Dirty Girls’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Porn movie makers have never been known for their groundbreakingly original plots, and Genie’s Dirty Girls from 1987 is no exception. That being said,  no criticism is implied because porn is porn, and in good movie porn the plot should be a means of switching between sex scenes.

Genie’s Dirty Girls does just that. It is about a genie who grants wishes. The rub is that instead of coming out of a lamp, this genie comes out of the TV and grants three horny women one sexual fantasy each. In return they must fulfill his wish of being pleasured by them.

Genie’s Dirty Girls is a classic porn movie which has been re-mastered on to a sexually blistering DVD. The unoriginal plot and porn-quality acting are easily forgiven by the attractive performers and heated sex scenes. Kari Foxx, Amanda James, and Buffy Davis may not be a terrific thespians but they certainly know how to suck and fuck. In particular, Buffy Davis is voracious sex slut, and porn stud Peter North puts his talents to good use as each girl takes care of his wishes as the priapic Genie. Genie’s Dirty Girls offer little in plot and production values, but provides lots of added value by way of good old-fashioned sex.

Debbie, Linda and Marcy are three sexually frustrated young women who accidentally conjure up a Genie who has been locked up in their TV set. He promises to grant their wishes if they help him remove his curse. The girls wish for their ultimate sexual fantasies to be fulfilled. Debbie wants to have sex with a famous rock star. Linda wants to be serviced by her female secretary and the whole office cleanup crew. Fashion model Marcy wants Linda to join her as she seduces a photographer. In between these scenarios the Genie, played by Peter North, has sex with each girl, thereby breaking his own curse.

Kari Foxx, real name Amy Brentano, is the headline star of Genie’s Dirty Girls. This sexy looking brunette made her porn movie debut in a sex parody  of the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only titled For Your Thighs Only in 1984. She gained a respectable following of fans during her short but memorable porn movie career, appearing in both straight and girl on girl sex scenes. Kari Foxx also appeared in Playboy's Guide to Sensual Massage VHS tape, which was narrated by June Foray, who is best known as the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel. Kari Foxx appeared in more than 100 porn movies between 1984 and 1989 before retiring to resume her feature dancing career.

Genie's Dirty Girls DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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