Flesh Of The Lotus DVD - Cult Favorite  Classic Porn DVD From VCX Video
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Flesh of the Lotus’ On Re-Mastered High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Flesh Of The Lotus DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
Flesh Of The Lotus - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Directed by Bob Chinn in 1971 at the start of the Golden Age of Movie Porn, Flesh Of The Lotus stars porn superstud John Holmes in his role as Johnny Wadd the priapic private dick. He relentlessly sets out to solve the murder of a former girlfriend, and encounters various female suspects leading him to the leader of a vicious gang that runs San Francisco's Chinatown. His interrogation technique in Flesh Of The Lotus naturally involves plenty of penetrative use of his huge penis, including in the orifices of the lovely Annette Haven.
Starring: Annette Haven, John Holmes, Andy Bellamy, Alex Elliot, Bob Chinn
Director: Bob Chinn as Bob A. Lain
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Flesh of the Lotus’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Says Bob Chinn, director of Flesh Of The Lotus and creator of the Johnny Wadd porn movie series, “The film noir character, private detective Johnny Wadd, was conceived by me when a tall young man sporting an unruly Afro hairstyle entered my office seeking employment as an actor. “Recognizing the potential after the man dropped his pants I hired John Holmes on the spot, and wrote a script for his new talent on the back of an envelope. Two days later, the very first Johnny Wadd movie was in the can. This modest porn movie was an instant sensation among adult film fans and created an immediate demand for a sequel.”

Porn superstud John Holmes is at his best as the well hung private eye and Flesh Of The Lotus is a classic Golden Age porn film for all Johnny Wadd / John Holmes fans. For those who are interested, lotus flesh is used to describe the female genitalia.

A vaguely oriental setting and mood are created in the opening scene of Flesh Of The Lotus, where bleached blonde Sheila is wearing an eastern robe and masturbating, on what appears to be a junk in the harbor. She is smoking a long opium pipe and using a large dildo to pleasure herself, when Bob Chinn himself steps in to slit her throat.

Johnny Wadd, wearing his trademark buff-colored Panama hat, arrives at Sheila's apartment to investigate the murder. He deduces that she was murdered elsewhere and moved here, and takes on the case for Jim Alexander, a friend of hers.

Sheila was a junkie, and it appears her murder was drug-related. A flashback shows her a year ago in happier times, having sex with Wadd.

Jim Alexander suggests he visits, Billy Mae Randall, a lesbian, to get further information about Sheila's recent life, and Wadd drives his Porsche over to her pad. Billy Mae shows Wadd her sexual preference by masturbating with a double dildo, but he disrobes to show her the real thing. Impressed, Billy Mae decides to give his penis a try. After another money shot, she suggests he question another friend of Sheila's.

Wadd visits Suzie, played by lovely Andy Bellamy, who is wearing a beaded neck collar in place of her trademark cameo choker. Andy recalls in flashback a scene of her humping Jim Alexander in order to pay for her drugsupply. He tells her in this flashback of an upcoming $500,000 opium deal he's involved with alongside Sheila.

John Holmes / Johnny Wadd heads back to Sheila's place, where Alexander is searching the bedroom. Wadd finds a ring which he recognizes belongs to the secret Lotus Society, so he heads to Chinatown to follow the drug trail.

Bob Chinn reappears, walking to a residential neighborhood, where Wadd tracks him on foot. When they finally confront each other, they trade punches and karate chops until Alexander suddenly appears and shoots Chinn.

This is followed by a voice-over ending as Johnny Wadd laments that Sheila is only remembered by a newspaper story about "An unidentified female drug addict who probably committed suicide".

The re-mastered VCX DVD edition OF Flesh Of The Lotus runs 8 minutes longer than previous versions, because all the sex footage runs longer.

More than forty years after the release of Flesh Of The Lotus, the Johnny Wadd porn movie series has become a historic and timeless piece of adult filmmaking that ignited John Holmes’ stardom and defined Bob Chinn as one of the most influential and respected players during the so-called Golden Age of adult pictures.

Flesh Of The Lotus DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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