Bride's Initiation DVD - Cult Favorite Sex Action Classic Porn DVD From VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Bride's Initiation’ On Re-Mastered High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Bride's Initiation DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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Bride's Initiation - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
The classic porn film Bride’s Initiation was made in 1976, at the beginning of the Golden Age of movie porn. Bride’s Initiation is an erotic feature which is typical of its era, in which Count Dracula kidnaps a pair of newlyweds and proceeds to forcibly initiate the young and innocent bride to the sexual aspects of married life in his own peculiarly perverted way. What follows is a deliciously decadent adventure in which a dark, mysterious underground world combines with the insatiable delights of the sexually deviant. The Bride’s Initiation is very wicked!
Starring: Carol Connors, Constance Money as Constance Murray, Mark Brock, Tony Manhal, Candida Robbins
Director: Duncan Steward
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Bride's Initiation’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

The Bride’s Initiation is a unique combination of hardcore porn with comedy, horror, fantasy and bondage. The Count Dracula of this film is completely different from ordinary blood sucking vampires. He walks around in the daytime, doesn't bite anyone on the neck, and instead of blood is made immortal by virtue of a special potion made out of human semen.

Plot Summary For Bride’s Initiation: A newly married couple is kidnapped by Count Dracula, played by Marc Brock. The bride is raped and the husband is carted off by the chauffeur and has his penis and testicles cut off. The severed penis is then presented to a witch who also helps the Count. Meanwhile, a detective has been hired by the bride's parents to find them. The Count has sex with the kidnapped bride and ejaculates into a cup which is then given to the witch, who mixes his semen up with some chemicals and gives it to the Count to drink. The Count then goes out for a car ride and spots Carol! He decides that she's the one for him. He sends the chauffeur up to give her an enchanted ring, which he later uses to lure her to his lair . In the meantime, the detective has been captured by the Count and his semen is deposited in the same wine glass that the Count used earlier. The witch again mixes the contents into a cocktail for the Count. He drinks it then changes his mind about Carol and runs over to the tied up detective and declares his undying love.

The Bride’s Initiation begins with a happy couple of newlyweds, who are shanghaied by their limousine chauffeur James, played Jack Birch, father of actress Thora Birch, in a scene wherein she is immobilized by some knockout gas while giving a blow job to her groom.

The kidnapping was ordered by the Count, who is more interested in obtaining the groom's sperm than he is in ravishing the bride. The Count's other assistant is a diminutive, hawk-nosed witch, charged with concocting the sperm-laden potion that keeps the count immortal. She also doubles as the sperm-collector, holding a glass to capture each ejaculation generated by the count's set of busty handmaidens, who use hand jobs and fellatio to milk the semen.

Bondage seems to be a favorite subject of Bride’s Initiation director Duncan Steward, as there are other maidens chained to the wall in the Count's lair, who never get involved in the sexual action but are decoratively nude.

Stopped at an intersection, the count is smitten by a lovely blonde, Miss Richman, played by porn superstar Carol Connors, Birch's real-life wife and mother of Thora Birch, who he follows home after accidentally bumping into her on purpose on the sidewalk. He later sends chauffeur James to give her a huge ring as a present, which truly amazes Carol Connors, although she is even more shocked that there's no card accompanying it in the gift-wrapped package.

The Count hypnotizes her from afar using the ring to transmit his thoughts, and while wearing a revealing nightgown she sleepwalks into a limo for James to take her to the lair. Meanwhile James has knocked out the plodding detective on the case and hogtied him for some more semen collection.

Carol Connors first achieved porn fame as the nurse, second lead actress in Deep Throat after Linda Lovelace, and starred several other classic porn films, including The Erotic Adventures of Candy and Candy Goes to Hollywood.

Most of the Bride’s Initiation cast returned in the adult feature Cousin Betty, which was filmed back-to-back with this one.

Bride's Initiation DVD - Cult Golden Age Porn Movie Reissued On DVD From The Vaults Of VCX
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