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Classic Porn Movie The Opening Of Misty Beethoven - Wikipedia Entry
The Opening Of Misty Beethoven is an award winning American hardcore pornography film released in 1975. Produced with a relatively high budget and filmed on elaborate locations in Italy and New York City with a musical score, it owes much to its fastidious director Radley Metzger, directing this film as Henry Paris.

Themes: Classic porn, oral sex, penetration after climax, orgies, strap-on male anal sex aka pegging, dirty talk, lesbian sex
Studio: VCA
Directed by: Henry Paris
Starring: Constance Money, Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline Beudant, Gloria Leonard, Terri Hall, Jenny Baxter, Mary Stuart, Ras Kean, Casey Donovan, Cynthia Gardner, Helene Simone, Marlene Willoughby, and Nancy Dane
Running Time: 1:24

In an era in which pornography was just beginning to be widely released in adult cinemas, most movies of that time were expected to have at least minimal plots. The Opening Of Misty Beethoven’s plot was more elaborate than most - it was based directly on the Pygmalion legend and, more recently, George Bernard Shaw's play of the same name, as well as the Broadway and Hollywood success My Fair Lady. It was also satirical, with many added comic touches and dialog designed for laughs.

The Opening Of Misty Beethoven has the distinction of being the first widely released porn movie to feature pegging, which is female-on-male penetrative anal sex via a strap-on dildo.

The Opening of Misty Beethoven is clearly an adult movie but it is distinctly different and it was just as different when it came out.  It may be the only adult movie where the story is more important than the sex action.  It was a big budget movie with many scenes in quite a variety of locations and with many extras.  There is some genuine humor in the dialogue.  The acting is as good as it gets in an adult movie.

Jamie Gillis is a sex doctor and author who finds Constance Money in a Paris theater.  She is low class hooker who says "Listen, I do a traight fuck, I don't take it the mouth, I don't take in the ass."

Jamie Gillis describes her as the "absolute nadir of passion, the most unexciting thing God has ever created, a sexual civil service worker."  The story is about the challenge of turning Constance Money into an erotic sensation so she can become the next  Goldenrod Girl.  

There are only four major sex scenes that are five minutes or longer but there are dozens of short sex vignettes, mostly blowjobs, with some very mild facials, and pussy licking but also some sexual novelties.  In one, an airline stewardess raises her skirt to expose her bare ass.  A male passenger inserts an aluminum cigar tube into her ass and the stewardess then walks away.  The passenger's companion asks why he did that and he responds “It was to smuggle a cigar past customs.”  The companion says that's not illegal and the passenger replies "But she doesn't know that."  

Most of Misty Beethoven's training takes place at an ultra-modern New York apartment and a lavish French chateau.  In both locations there are numerous shots of servants engaging in a variety of sexual activities and servicing their employers.  These sexual vignettes are not the focus of the scene but simply background.  Frequently while Jamie Gillis rambles on about various sex related topics, a female servant is sucking his penis.  In most of these shots the participants are largely or fully clothed with only a fly unzipped or a skirt pulled up.

The first extended sex scene with nudity is almost halfway into The Opening of Misty Beethoven.  It starts with a brunette fondling then eating Jacqueline Beudant's pussy while Jamie Gillis watches as servants give him a blowjob.  This is followed by brunette sucking then fucking Jamie - both naked - in several positions including reverse cowgirl.  There is no question that there is penetration but between the lighting, poor angles - except reverse cowgirl - and pubic hair you really don't see much.  The scene ends with Jamie ejaculating on the brunette's belly.  This is part of Misty's training and there is a good bit of sexy talk.

In the next scene Misty puts her sex lesson to use when she seduces a gay male art gallery owner when they are trapped in his gallery after the lights get turned off.  There is a fair amount of foreplay and then Misty sucks and fucks the gallery owner.  She is cowgirl and this the first clear, properly lit penetration shot.  He is wearing an open robe but she never removes her sweater.  He ejaculates on his own belly.

Following this and other of Misty's triumphs, there are captured "man on the street" conversations suggesting that Misty is the talk of the town.  These are typically mixed with more sex training scenes.

The next major sex scene is at a party and is a three way with Constance Money, Gloria Leonard and Ras King.  Gloria licks Constance Money’s vagina and then they switch.  Both are fully clothed with only raised skirts.  Ras King joins in and all get naked in a tumble of body parts.  Constance Money puts on a dildo in a harness and then while Gloria Leonard blows Ras King, Constance Money lubes his ass.  Then Constance Money mounts Ras King from behind while he screws Gloria Leonard who is now on her back.  The dildo penetration is shown but the angle is poor.  There are no cum shots of any kind in this scene.  Following this there is a very brief four way with Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline Beaudant and others with no detail shown.

In the final sex scene of any duration, Jamie Gillis in on top of Constance Money and there is the fourth and final penetration shot.  Constance Money sits up and they continue face to face and there are more close ups and body part shots.  Jamie Gillis eats Constance Money and sucks her nipples.  At the end of the scene, semen drips off the screen and only the crew knows where it landed.

The leads were Constance Money playing the title role, Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline Beaudant, and Gloria Leonard.

According to the The Opening of Misty Beethoven DVD commentary, cinematographer Robert Rochester would later win an Academy Award, under a different name, for his work on a documentary he had filmed previously.

The Opening Of Misty Beethoven Awards

Awards of the Adult Film Association of America:
Best Actor (Jamie Gillis)
Best Director (Henry Paris, aka Radley Metzger)
Best Film
AVN Award:
2002: Best Classic Release on DVD

Radley Metzger, who directed The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976) under his nomme de plume Henry Paris, renamed Susan Jensen "Constance Money" since she was constantly asking him for money.

Few adult-film performers have had such an auspicious debut in the business as Constance Money did. She was hailed as the new rising young star of adult films due to several factors, not the least of which was her fresh-scrubbed, girl-next-door appearance, which contrasted with the energy with which she tackled her sexual performances. However, after just a few more porn films - she only made eight altogether - she left the adult-film business. She returned in 1982 and made one more, A Taste of Money (1983), then left the business again. When last heard from she was running an air freight business in Alaska. To this day she remains one of the most enigmatic figures in the adult-film industry, a beautiful and talented actress and performer who gave it all up and went out while she was still on top.

According to Constance Money :"My favorite novelist is Jerzy Kosinski. I read his 'Painted Bird' right after shooting The Opening of Misty Beethoven. It probably saved my life. I was so depressed after that movie. The book lifted me out of it. I didn't get paid for The Opening of Misty Beethoven. Nor did I sign a release. I didn't have a good attitude and I didn't like Henry Paris. The Opening of Misty Beethoven is a good movie because it is real. The incidents in the film were happening to me at the time, especially my relationship with Jamie Gillis. Henry Paris made me that character. He told me I couldn't act so I fit the part."

The Opening Of Misty Beethoven Remake

In 2004, Misty Beethoven: The Musical, a musical remake, was released. It featured Sunset Thomas, Randy Spears, Julie Meadows, Asia Carrera, Chloe, Dave Cummings, Mike Horner, Evan Stone, and Tyce Bune. It was directed by Veronica Hart.
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Golden Age Porn Movie ‘The Opening Of Misty Beethoven’ - Wikipedia Entry
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