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Buy High Quality Cock Rings Online For Erection Strengthening, Longer Lasting Sexual Intercourse And Premature Ejaculation Prevention

A cock ring is a penis enhancement device used by many sexually adventurous men to improve the strength and duration of their erections and to prevent premature ejaculation. A cock ring has been proven to provide fuller, firmer, stronger erections, more powerful and longer lasting ejaculatory orgasms, and enables more staying power before ejaculation. In short, cock rings enhance the exual experience of both the wearer and the recipient, and are used to enhance the sex lives of heterosexual and homosexual couples.

Buying Cock Rings Online: Men who want to experience super hard erections, stronger orgasms, want to stay harder longer and enjoy more intense sexual experiences should try one of the high quality cock rings offered for sale online from this web site via GameLink and JT’s Stockroom. For the uninitiated, cock rings are most often used -

To make an erect penis firmer and bigger,
To keep an erect penis hard fo longer,
To delay ejaculation and heighten male orgasms.

In addition, many men - and their sexual partners - are aroused by the unique sight of an erect penis - and testicles - encased and constricted in a cock ring.

Stronger Erections And Delayed Ejaculation: Cock rings work by constricting blood flow, keeping blood in the shaft of the penis and thus enhancing the hardness and duration of the wearer’s erection. When a cock ring wearer finally ejaculates, the orgasmic sensation is often more intense, since it takes longer to come and because the penis is filled with additional blood. Cock rings can either be worn on the cock itself or behind the testicles. This has the direct benefit of making sexual activities last longer and more enjoyable for both partners. Wearing a cock ring behind the balls has the effect of pushing them up and making them more pronounced.

Benefits Of Cock Rings: Cock rings promote erections stronger because they restrict the flow of blood in the penis. By placing a cock ring at the base of the penis behind the scrotum both erection and ejaculation can be controlled. Normally, once a man experiences an ejaculatory orgasm, he usually loses his erection, but a properly fitting cock ring can maintain the erection until their partner also reaches orgasm. Cock ring wearers will experience a firmer erection and a heightened sense of arousal, making them ideal erection enhancement aids for older men or anyone who wants to extend sexual pleasure.

Correctly Fitting And Wearing A Cock Ring: Cock rings are placed in position by pulling the scrotal skin through the cock ring and then inserting one testicle through the ring and then the second, and finally bend the flaccid penis down and pull it through. Your penis must be flaccid when putting on a metal cock ring. To take it off, simply reverse the steps, pushing the cock back through the ring first, followed by the balls and finally the scrotal skin.

Women Enjoy Better Sex When Men Wear Cock Rings: Many women like their male partners to wear cock rings during sexual activities. This is because most women need direct clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and a cock ring can help such women reach a climax during penetrative sex. A cock ring promotes a stronger, longer lasting, and fuller-feeling erection during vaginal or anal penetration. Simple non-vibrating cock rings offer more subtle stimulation, whilst vibrating cock-rings offer more intense clitoral stimulation!

Cock Ring Pleasure Preparation: Since cock rings are worn at the base of the penis, behind the scrotum, or around the shaft of the penis only, most men find it easier to put on a cock ring when their penis is flaccid or not fully erect. In addition, wearers may want to trim or shave the pubic hair around the penis base and / or scrotum to decrease the likelihood of catching hair in the cock ring. It is recommended that cock rings should be worn for no longer than they are comfortable, or 20 minutes, whichever is shorter. If you are using a cock ring for the first time, you may want to remove it after five or ten minutes so you can become familiar with the various sensations cock rings provide.

Cock Ring Usage Warning: Do not use cock rings if you bleed easily or have a blood clotting disorder, if you are diabetic, or if you suffer from any peripheral vascular or nerve disease. Do not use cock rings if you are taking anti-coagualants, aspirin, or any other blood-thinning medication. In the event of discomfort or any unusual body changes while wearing a cock ring, including bruising, pain, bleeding or loss of sensation, discontinue use immediately and check with a sex-positive physician. Do not place a cock ring over sore, swollen, or infected areas or areas without sensation.

Wearing A Cock Ring: Despite the simplicity of the name, there are many different types of cock ring available, most of which can be purchased through this web site -

Single cock ring - adjustable: Place behind the scrotum and fasten over the top of the penis. Adjust fitting  for snugness. Because these are economical, easy to put on, and quickly removable if sensations become too intense, these are  recommended for men who are trying cock rings for the first time.
Single cock ring - solid: Only men who have experience of wearing other types of cock rings should use these. When the penis is soft, tuck the testicles one at a time, then the flaccid penis, through the ring. A lubricant can be helpful in removing solid cock rings from an erect penis. In addition, semen ejaculation, cold water or an ice compress will reduce the size of an erection and may also aid in removal. As a further precaution, users may want to keep a pair of blunt-tipped safety or paramedic scissors on hand to cut the cock ring, if necessary. To remove from a flaccid penis, push the penis back through the ring and untuck the testicles.
Testicle-spreader - Double Crown: Place the longer strap behind the scrotum and snap closed on top of the penis, forming a ring. The short straps should be hanging down, behind the scrotum. Snap each short strap to the ring, using one hand to hold a testicle and the other to bring the strap between the testicles to the side of the ring.
Ball-stretcher - Triple Crown: Place the longest strap behind the scrotum and snap closed on top of penis. Pull testicles to the bottom of the scrotum and snap the ball stretcher – the widest piece of leather – around the scrotum above the testicles. Bring the thin strap between the testicles and snap to the ball stretcher. Sensations of pressure can be increased by adding small weights or a leash to the attached D-ring.
Double-strap - Duet Crown): Place the longer strap over the top of the penis and behind the scrotum. Snap closed with the strap connecting both rings on the top of the penis. Snap the smaller strap around the penis shaft.

“Now, I can delay ejaculation and prolong my ejaculation because wearing a cock ring gives me harder erections and stronger orgasms. During penetrative sex with my partner, I definitely think the use of a cock ring enhances the experience for me since I am able to last longer and the orgasms feel more intense. Also, my erection does not subside as quickly as occurs without the constriction of the cock ring, which allows for additional strokes after I have come. Now, my girlfriend can’t go to work without having a taste of my cock!”

“While wearing a cock ring during masturbation sessions I enjoy a larger and harder erection, I am able to last longer, stay hard longer and the orgasms are more intense. The sensation of masturbation is pleasantly different with my balls and penis encased inside the cock ring which changed the motion while stroking.”

“My boyfriend usually does not want his balls touched during arousal as he says they hurt. With the cock ring in place his erection is stronger and he delays his climax somewhat though he says he feels that he is ejaculating but actually isn't prior to climax.”

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