Wire Cock Trap - For Cock And Ball Torture Fetish Sex Pleasure
Wire Cock Trap - For CBT Fetish Sex Pleasure

The Wire Cock Trap is an exciting new device designed to capture, confine, tease, and torment the cock. The cock trap is made of 100% stainless steel mesh and is available in four different sizes. This is a very cool new way to perform and enjoy CBT.

After inserting the penis inside the Wire Cock Trap, it can be gripped loosely, or very tightly and firmly, depending on the amount of force applied when the device is pulled. Compress the Wire Cock Trap and the diameter will increase. You can then insert your cock into the Wire Cock Trap. You can also put the penis in from the other end, using the stainless steel ring as a base against the testicles. The base ring has three attachment loops that can hold weights, leads, leashes, or any attachable fetish or bondage toy you desire to use.

Stainless steel construction means the Wire Cock Trap is totally compatible with all lubricants, so even though this device is specifically designed to grip, it is also great to use as a lubricated sleeve. After lubricant is incorporated, the Wire Cock Trap will easily slip and slide.

This is a great way to restrain the cock by inserting into the trap, and attaching the trap to a fixed object. Once gripped inside, the penis won’t be going anywhere. Two inserted objects can be pointed at one another by going in from both ends simultaneously. If the trap is hung by its loops, the cock will be pulled and lifted once it is securely gripped. The wires are fine enough to indent into the shaft and head of the cock once inserted. The wires are also strong and exert great pressure making the penis bulge beyond the extremities of the wire mesh.

Once inside the Wire Cock Trap and erect, the bulging cock can be stroked, spanked, slapped, whipped, or touched in any way imaginable. It is terrific to use in a variety of ways with a partner, and may also provide an inventive and erotic method of masturbating. Stainless steel also conducts electricity, so it is perfect for electrical play and stimulation.

Four different Wire Cock Trap sizes are available.

C020 Narrow and Long- Width: 1 1/8”- 1 ½” (28mm-38mm) Relaxed Length- Stretched Length: 9”- 10” (228mm-254mm)

C021 Wide and Short- Width: 1 1/4”- 1 5/8” (32mm-41mm) Relaxed Length- Stretched Length: 4 ¾”- 5 ¼” (120mm-133mm)

C022 Wide and Long- Width: 1 1/4”- 1 5/8” (32mm-41mm) Relaxed Length- Stretched Length: 9”- 10” (228mm-254mm)

The Wire Cock Trap is a fantastic, exciting, and innovative way to add adventure to sex, scenes, and playtime.

Wire Cock Trap For CBT Fetish Sex
Online Price : $102.00
Wire Cock Trap - For Cock And Ball Torture Fetish Sex Pleasure

The Wire Cock Trap is a stainless steel mesh CBT sex toy that provides an incredibly powerful and sensual grip that totally surrounds and encases the cock. I have seen quite a few people take a look at this product and seem slightly horrified at the thought of inserting their penis inside it. I will admit that from a purely aesthetic point of view, the cock trap is somewhat intimidating. I looked at it much the same way and saw a cold, metal, industrial looking device that did seem designed to basically torture the male organ. Although I had these thoughts when I saw the trap, I also immediately wanted to try one. After extensively using this product in a number of different ways, I can honestly say that the cock trap is only as cruel and sinister as you want it to be. When your penis is wrapped tightly in the firm grip, it also feels, secure, safe, and nice. The mesh pattern is designed in a way that allows the penis to bulge through the wires, so you can feel and be stimulated by everything that touches the cage, and your cock. It creates an incredibly erotic sensation that is amplified when you add lube. The material you’re playing with is 100% stainless steel, so it can be used with any kind of lubricant on the market, and cleaning is super easy.

“There are a number of ways to use this Wire Cock Trap with a partner. It’s easily incorporated into and great for scenes and role playing, all kinds of cock and ball torture, punishment scenarios, and orgasm tease and denial. If you are slightly less masochistic, trust me, there are a large number of fun ways to play with the cock trap that don’t hurt at all. It heightens the sense of touch, and focuses the feeling and sensation of the penis in an incredibly centralized way, so it enables you to feel more attention on the cock. You can slip and slide inside the sleeve once you get it lubed up, so you and a partner can play. It takes the traditional hand job to a totally awesome new level. It is also a fantastic way to make masturbating really exciting. It is a completely innovative new way to play with your self. Personally, it’s currently my favorite way to jack off. I totally love it, it’s awesome. You can pull, stretch, or lift the cock using weights. The Wire Cock Trap can be entered from both sides if there is another penis you want yours to play with. You can now get a Wire Cock Trap in four different sizes. Put the power in your partner’s hands or keep the fun all to yourself. It’s all good.”
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Wire Cock Trap- High Quality Cock & Ball Torture / CBT Device
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