Sensual Clitoris Decoration - Buy Adjustable Non Piercing Clitoris Clips, Clitoris Clamps And Clitoris Enhancement Jewelry At Online Prices

A woman’s clitoris is a precious jewel at the heart of her beautiful vagina and now women can promote their sensual clitoral beauty with non-piercing clitoris enhancement jewelry. Yes, sexually adventurous women can now accessorize and decorate their clitoris with beautifully erotic non piercing, adjustable clitoris jewelry. Our sexy but safe clitoris clips and clitoris clamps will inspire intense eroticism in a woman's most sensuous area. Clitoris jewelry not only looks good but feel great when it is worn all day long and displayed with pride when a suitably sexy occasion arises to proudly display your vagina to someone you love.

Clitoris Decoration And Clitoris Enhancement Jewelry Looks Beautiful, Feels Incredible To Wear And Touch And Inspires Intense Sexual Passion

All of the beautiful clitoris enhancement jewelry on sale from Eden Fantasys via this web site is adjustable and comfortably slips over the clitoris easily and painlessly, creating wonderful stimulation and at the same time a most delightful visual effect. Clitoris jewelry fits right around the clitoris and inner labia lips. Simply part your outer labia and slip the clitoris clip or clitoris clamp behind the clitoris and around the inner labia lips until the curved top achieves a snug fit. The pressure of the clitoris clip will hold your clitoris jewelry in place. The additional pressure and friction the clip provides will cause your clitoris to naturally swell and increase in size. This brings increased sensual awareness and sexual arousal.

Clitoris jewelry is non-piercing and designed to remain in place without inflicting pain.
Clitoris jewelry is used to add to a woman's sex appeal.
Clitoris jewelry gently slides onto your clitoris while the delicate fingers hug your labia lips.
Clitoris jewelry heightens clitoral sensations.
Clitoris jewelry is easy to adjust for comfort.
Clitoris jewelry can be worn under any type of underwear, sexy lingerie, clothing - or nothing at all!

Clitoral Decoration With Clitoris Jewelry Has An Intensely Erotic Feeling

Enhance the look of your vagina with clitoris jewelry to ignite passion and invite erotically sexual intrigue. Provoke pleasure whenever you adorn your vagina with clitoris jewelry - with or without clothing. Wearing clitoris clips or clitoris clamps will create an exciting and provocative new look to your most private and intimate body parts. Surprise your lover by proudly displaying your enticing vagina, exquisitely adorned provocatively with a beautiful piece of clitoris jewelry.

Your whole vaginal area will look magnificent when it has been highlighted by your clitoris jewelry.
You will feel sensually empowered and sexually aroused by wearing your clitoris jewelry.
The extra weight of beautifully erotic jewelry on your clitoris will provide you with extra sensual stimulation.
Your partner will be sexually turned on by the sight of your vagina decorated with a beautifully erotic piece of clitoris jewelry.

How Clitoris Jewelry Enhances Clitoral Stimulation

It is an anatomical fact that most of the clitoris is hidden from view and touch, and external stimulation of the visible clitoris area can result in an exceedingly profound sexual pleasure. There is considerable variation among women with regard to how much of the clitoris protrudes from the clitoral hood and how much is covered by it, ranging from complete, covered invisibility to full, protruding visibility.

Additionally, the size of the external clitoral shaft varies greatly between women. It may be smaller than a pencil eraser, or larger than a grape. During sexual arousal, the clitoris enlarges - or engorges - as its erectile tissue fills with blood. Shortly before orgasm, this clitoral erection often increases further, drawing the clitoris upwards, so that viewed from the outside it actually appears to shrink.

Order Exquisitely Pleasurable, Beautifully Crafted Clitoris Jewelry Online

Janine From New England On Discovering The Intensely Erotic Pleasures Of Wearing And Displaying Clitoris Jewelry: “I was initially shocked and apprehensive when my husband first brought home a piece of clitoris jewelry that he had secretly ordered for me online from Eden Fantasys. We are a sexually adventurous couple and have successfully experimented in the past with sex toys, but this seemed a bit too much! I mean - clamping a piece of jewelry to my precious clitoris! The I tried it. Frankly, I never thought that a small piece of clitoris jewelry would give me so much intense pleasure - not just instantly, but for as long as I was wearing it. My clitoris clip just drives me wild with lust and leaves me hungering for hard, wild love-making. If you are a woman looking to reinvent yourself sexually, I strongly recommend buying a selection of clitoris decoration jewelry - adjustable, non-piercing clitoris clamps and clitoris clips - to be worn on your pussy wherever and whenever you dare. That’s what I am going to do.”

Squeeze Every Ounce Of Orgasmically Teasing Pleasure From Your Clitoris With A Beautiful Non-Piercing, Adjustable Clitoris Clip Or Clitoris Clamp
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