Victoria's Secret Desires DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Victoria's Secret Desires On Re-Mastered High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Victoria's Secret Desires DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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Victoria's Secret Desires - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Victoria Slick’s lustful desires are secret. They have no special time only a special place,. Victoria's lustful desires are intimate and passionate, so they are a secret to her and a very few of her intimate friends, but they are stunning, erotic and can be shared by all who enter her secret world in Victoria's Secret Desires, a breathtaking, pulse-pounding porn movie feature from 1983 that will surely satisfy her - and you! Come in and discover exactly what Victoria's Secret Desires really are!
Starring: Victoria Slick, Lili Marlene, Mike Horner, Jon Martin, Blair Harris, Susan Hart, D Anne Pierce
Director: Gerald Graystone
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Victoria's Secret Desires On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Made by Gerald Graystone for VCX in 1983 at the end of porn’s Golden Age, Victoria's Secret Desires is a little known movie with an equally obscure cast.

Very little is known about the star, Victoria Slick, except that she was a brunette with large, natural breasts. She made a few porn flicks in the mid-1980’s and disappeared back into obscurity.

He co-star, Lili Marlene is described in IMDB as: A lusty, busty and energetic dishwater blonde who was born in 1954, in Ohio. She began her career in the adult-film industry doing 8mm loops in the late 1970’s. Best known for her ferocious and insatiable penchant for wild, raunchy and uninhibited anal intercourse, Lili also specialized in oral sex, group sex and interracial couplings. Blessed with full breasts, a lovely face with high cheekbones, a shapely figure and a remarkably dynamic and voracious persona, she worked prolifically throughout the 1980’s in well over 100 films. Lili retired from the adult industry in the early 1990’s. Lili performs one of her typically enthusiastic anal sex sessions in Victoria's Secret Desires.

Short haired brunette Kathy Kay is billed as Susan Hart in Victoria's Secret Desires. According to IMDB she appeared in 12 porn movies in total, including Victoria's Secret Desires.

Curly haired blonde Anna Pierce is billed as D Anne Pierce, and is as obscure as everyone else.

Victoria Slick sits in a chair in the corner of her room, fondling her breasts and casually working a vibrator over her clitoris, moaning while she tells the audience stories of what turns her on. These are Victoria's Secret Desires.

Most of the performers give the appearance of being ordinary women, leading suburban lifestyles. They are prototype MILFs if you will, in scenes which jump right into the sex action, the return return to Victoria Slick talking and masturbating some more before switching to another sex scene.

The two three way ses sessions generate plenty of fire, one being female-only on a kitchen table, and other being Victoria with another couple. Tongues diving into hairy snatches tends to dominate here, but it is like watching your parents fuck. This is what makes the sex look real, and is what gives Victoria's Secret Desires its appeal. Not a great Golden Age porn movie, but one worth adding to the DVD collection of porn completists and historians, and fans who have more than a passing interest in the genre.

Victoria's Secret Desires DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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