Ultra Flesh DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Ultra Flesh’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Ultra Flesh DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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Ultra Flesh - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Seka is Ultra Flesh! An alien comes to Earth to save the planet by curing its men of impotence. In a bleak future world, the Earth's male population has been rendered impotent by invading space aliens bent on conquering the world. Things begin to look up for the Earthlings when the Intergalactic Council sends space vixen Ultra Flesh and her Legion of horny Fleshettes to Earth to foil the invaders' plans and re-energize the world's male population.
Starring: Seka, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Serena, Little Oral Annie, Kelly Nichols, Candida Royalle, John Seeman, Angel Cash, Tawny Pearl, Lorri Smith, Terri Hannon, Tyler Home, Nancy Racetor, Marian Walter
Director: Svetlana Marsh
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Ultra Flesh’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

There have always been crossovers between the world of adult movies and mainstream cinema. Almost every every major fantasy, horror or science fiction film has been parodied in one way or another. One such crossover is Ultra Flesh, made just before the business of presenting hardcore sex on screen moved away from film and embraced the burgeoning home video market. As such, Ultra Flesh was one of the last wave of porn films to have debuted in a specialist sex cinema rather than in the privacy of ones own home.

Porn movie Director Svetlana “Sweatlana” Marsh made Ultra Flesh in 1980, right in the middle of porn’s Golden Age. It is a science fiction sextravaganza and if you like campy adult movies that are genuinely funny, this one is worth adding to your DVD collection. Ultra Flesh was made during the time when adult movies were shot on 35mm film for exhibition at adult movie theatres and drive-ins during their winter season.

In summary, Ultra Flesh is about a galactic babe, played magnificently by porn legend Seka, who comes the earth to battle an evil race of space aliens. He has made all the males on earth impotent. Ultra Flesh and her Legion of Fleshettes bend over backwards to make sure the the men - and women - of Planet Earth are saved from such an evil force. Since this is a porn movie, saving the worls involves a great deal of sucking and fucking.

Ultra Flesh is set in a bleak future world in which the earth's male population has been rendered impotent due to a nefarious plot by space aliens who are bent on conquering the world. Things begin to look up for the earthlings when an Intergalactic Council dispatches sultry space vixen Ultra Flesh to earth to foil the plan and re-energize the world's stock of limp penises.

If Seka can somehow have sex with the head alien, played by Jamie Gillis,, he will disappear and the men of Planet Earth will get their erections back. And who could resist the sultry charms of the endlessly enticing Seka?

Superhero Ultra Flesh can emit a powerful laser beam from her pussy that inspires instant hard-ons. Supported by an army of aptly named Fleshettes, including the likes of superstar Serena, Kandi Barbour and Little Oral Annie, confusingly billed under her real name Andrea Parducci, Ultra Flesh sets about re-invigorating the world's male members, starting with those belonging to the US president and the Russian and Chinese leaders, with the presidential aid watching. Every man is invited to stand in a line for treatment.

Among the other Ultra Flesh sex highlights is a voracious threesome between Seka, Laurie Smith and another delectable space damsel. Candida Royale turns in one of her most memorable scenes, romping on a trapeze with porn stud Mike Ranger. Kelly Nichols shares her ample curves with Ron Jeremy in another searing sex session. But it's Seka who is the center of attention here. In scene after scintillating scene, she shows why she was and still is one of the sexiest and most alluring porn starls ever.

Sexual fireworks are provided by Candida Royalle, who is lowered from a trapeze onto a ready, willing and obviously very able Mike Ranger for an outlandish sex scene, set amidst a timely flurry of furiously flapping disco dancing extras, that just about defines what porn’s Golden Age was all about.

Topping Ultra Flesh off is randy midget Luis De Jesus licking tightly bound Angel Cash’s hairy pussy under the table.

Porn films made before the advent of video were often a lot more inventive than they would later become. From the late 1980’s onwards the sex became everything and the stories either disappeared altogether or just became tired rehashes of all that had gone before. Ultra Flesh certainly has plenty of kink to go round - dwarf sex, the super-heroine firing lasers from her pussy, Jamie Gillis in a ridiculous moustache and the daftest chase ever filmed in which the participants pursue each other in prams and on bicycles.

Yes, Ultra Flesh is very silly but it knows this and emerges as a rather good hearted porn romp in which everyone overacts wildly and seems to be having a great time together, even in the non-sex scenes. Highbrow Ultra Flesh certainly isn't, but it's a fun knockabout Golden Age porn movie with everyone entering into the spirit of things and hamming it as best they can.

Ultra Flesh DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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