Teenage Twins DVD- Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Teenage Twins’ On Re-Mastered High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Teenage Twins DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCA
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Teenage Twins - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
The notorious Teenage Twins porn movie from 1976 stars real life lesbian sisters Brooke and Taylor Young who are connected by a sexual link which means they experience each other's desires and pleasures! These horny Teenage Twins indulge in a series of sexual perversion involving men and women. Not only do Brooke and Taylor really fancy each other and consummate their lust, they also seduce their step-dad, father and brother, who are all heavily into the occult and are preparing a sex ceremony with our heroines which could grant them all eternal youth
Starring: Brooke Young, Taylor Young, Eric Edwards, Tina Von Davis
Director: Carter Stevens
Studio: VCA
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘Teenage Twins’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Carter Stevens’ Teenage Twins is a legendary Golden Age porn movie which caused quite a stir because the identical twin stars, Brooke and Taylor Young, actually went to bed together; and intimately kissed, licked, fondled and fingered each other! Teenage Twins will transport you to a land where every caress is multiplied by the magic number two. The chemistry between the twin sisters will captivate your senses, as they become the focus of a mysterious sexual ritual.

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to watch this classic late 1970's porn movie. For instance, you can see porn stud Eric Edwards in his prime.  Or how about Tina Von Davis as the mother who prepares a real dinner on the stove for her movie family during the opening credits? But the real reason to buy Teenage Twins is because of the real life twins, Brooke and Taylor Young, who star in this typical Golden Age porno with a perverted twist. They actually do get it on with each other sexually. You might think that the girls must be unattractive to have to have lesbian sex with each other to make a buck, but they are very cute, being petite brunettes with short hair and natural tits.

The Teenage Twins plot revolves around the identical Young twins, playing the characters of Prudence and Hope. Prudence is something of a prude, disapproving of her sister's loose ways.  But it turns out that Prudence isn't as innocent as she claims to be. From masturbating with a Bible to getting fucked in the ass by her stepfather, Prudence is what the story terms a virgin harlot. On the other hand, Hope is an unashamed nymphomaniac, getting eaten out by her sister's boyfriend and engaging in a threesome with her mother. And because they are also teenage lesbians, the twins have sex with each other. Although the girl on girl sex action is probably explicit enough to be illegal in many states, if you take away the fact that they are related, the scene is pretty lipstick lesbian by today’s extreme standards.

The story is that Prudence and Hope's college professor stepfather has located a copy of the Necronomicon, an ancient spell book. In the meantime, his research partner, Professor Petrie, played by porn stud Eric Edwards, is having an affair with Professor Petrie's wife and his step daughter Hope.  It turns out that this spell book makes them do strange things, including a six-way orgy with all of the members of the cast.

Says Carter Stevens: “Annie Sprinkle introduced me to one of the Young twins at another porn shoot we were all on. In talking to her I found out she had a twin sister and I asked if the sister might be interested in doing porn too. They had both been stewardesses for a couple of  southern airlines and had been laid off. Actually I think they might have been fired because they were so flaky. I met the sister and she said she might be interested. I called my distributor in Detroit and told him I needed money right away to make another film. He balked as I hadn’t finished the movie I was doing at the time, but when I said I have a pair of teenage female twins who are willing to fuck each other his wallet dropped open faster than his mouth. Sean [Costello, fellow 70s director] got it right when he said they liked Quaaludes. in fact we all called them the Quaalude twins. Sexually they were rather unschooled. They did not fool around with each other off screen and it was strictly my idea to pair them up on screen as I had never heard of it done in any movie before that.”

Scene 1: Prudence solo - Prudence, Mom & Stepdaddy Gerald are eating dinner without her sister, Hope. Here we learn two things: (i) Gerald is a book hound who’s about to find a real version of the Necronomicon, an ancient book sharing the secrets of the dead, and (ii) Prudence and Hope share a special real-time sexual telepathy, and apparently Hope is out fucking a random truck driver. Feeling aroused herself, Prudence retires to their bedroom to read the Bible. Unfortunately, her sister’s carnal lust is getting her hot and bothered enough to use her Bible for solo orgasmic salvation

Scene 2: Prudence and Hope - This is the notorious incestuous lesbian scene Teenage Twins is remembered for. Prudence is asleep when Hope returns from fucking the truck driver. She disrobes and gets into bed with her sister. As was the fashion back then, they both have beautifully hairy bushes. As they talk, it becomes obvious that they know each others lustful thoughts. Prudence describes Hope as a loose degenerate, while Hope calls her a hypocritical slut. Soon Hope is forcing herself sexually on her sister, hairy bush and all.

The twins weren’t very experienced about lesbian sex, as we learn from Carter Stevens: “It was a real challenge making ‘Teenage Twins’ as neither girl knew much about sex. I remember Mary Stuart sitting in my kitchen with a dildo trying to teach the girls how to give head. And I swear I’m not kidding when I say up until then they thought the term ‘Blow Job’ was literal.”

Hope is clearly the dominant sister here. Some have speculated they are not sisters. It is true one has a more distinctive twang to her Southern accent, and one is skinnier than the other. Carter Stevens thought they were real twins, so viewers should take a leap of faith and believe it too.

Scene 3: Mom, Hope and Prof. Petrie - While Gerald goes off to deal for the elusive Necronomicon, Mom entertains his research associate Professor Bob Petrie. Daughter Hope enters and decides to chide her mother for being falsely virtuous, at which point she lies in Mom’s lap while the professor drills her pussy.

Says Carter Stevens: “I remember Eric Edwards coming up to me during shooting and telling me that he had a real problem. He had asked one of them to go out with him after the shoot and only after she had said ‘Yes’ did he realize that he had asked out the wrong twin.”

Scenes 4 and 5: Hopeand  Jason / Prudence & Gerald - A double scene where Hope goes after Prudence’s boyfriend Jason, but he must not make any sounds so thatt her kinky thoughts are not projected to her sister. Jason eats her pussy like there’s no tomorrow. He does it so wel that she can’t help but blurt out his name. In the meantime, Prudence is visiting step daddy in his study. Inevitably, she pulls down his pants and sucks his dick. Since Prudence is still a virgin, her step daddy has to fuck her in the ass. Amazingly, she blurts out her boyfriend’s name right after her sister does, even though she’s far far away.

Says Carter Stevens: “The whole ‘Teenage Twins’ movie was shot in one long weekend. We saved money by renting the camera equipment for a Friday and it didn’t have to be returned till Monday morning - all for one day’s rental fee - so we shot it in one spurt. The kitchen and dining room shots were done in my real kitchen and dining room. the rest was shot in my studio on sets.”

Scene 6: Hope, Gerald, Professor Petrie - The bookworms are learning the secrets of the newly acquired Necronomicon, when Hope enters and shows an interest. Since the twins know who is fucking who, a little mistaken identity ensues, and soon everyone knows. Through much of the 1970’s, lesbianism was considered a psychological disorder, and was often treated with drugs. Shortly Hope is tasting the board of education while Daddy bangs his other stepdaughter in the ass, of course.

The Necronomicon, by the way,was an invention of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Scene 7: Everyone - The twins are now sick of each other, and Gerald discovers in the Necronomicon that there is a way to separate twin sisters, as long as one of them is a virgin, and miraculously this separation also leads to eternal life. Amazingly, the ratio of boys and girls in this kinky group is perfect for the ritual. Mom takes a turn on her daughter’s pussy, as does everyone else. At the end of this orgiastic ritual, Gerald realizes that the professor has mis-translated the Necronomicon text. Instead of promising eternal life, it grants eternal potency!

The sex in Teenage Twins is very good if you can get past the family ties and adultery themes.  It is classic stuff from porn’s Golden Age. You get the traditional camera angles, such as the female POV missionary and side-view insertion, much coverage of facial expressions and softcore sex action footage, and mostly tummy or back pop-shots that come spontaneously without any jacking off.  Plus, the rare practices, back then, of anal sex and facial cumshots.

If you are a sucker for Golden Age porn, you will enjoy watching Teenage Twins. Beyond the slightly perverted fascination of seeing the twins Brooke and Taylor Young naked and having sex with each other, there's some solid heterosexual sex here.  But despite the anal and the good pop-shot that one of the twins takes, the explicitness of Teenage Twins is a far cry from the extreme and gonzo hardcore porn releases of today. Watch Teenage Twins  if you are a classic Golden Age porn aficionado or if you rwant to see identical twin sisters have sex with each other. But you had better hurry since Teenage Twins is one of those porn movie titles that could fall victim to increased government scrutiny.

Teenage Twins DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCA
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