A Taste Of Sugar DVD  - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘A Taste Of Sugar’  On Re-Mastered And Reissued DVD From Gamelink
A Taste Of Sugar DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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A Taste Of Sugar - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Beautiful, busty blonde porn slut Serena, the former Playboy, Oui and Hustler Centerfold nude model plays the role of Sugar, a Virgin Bride at the most spectacular wedding orgy ever filmed, where every guest gets A Taste Of Sugar!  From Porn’s Golden Age, A Taste of Sugar which was produced in 1978 by Kirdy Stevens is a classic sex movie with all the plus points you would expect, including women who looked like real women, plentiful pubic hair - and loads of enthusiastic sex action..
Starring: Serena, Joey Silvera, Mike Ranger, John Seeman, Eileen Wells, Pat Manning, Ray Wells, China Jade, Jon Lewis, Marlene Munroe
Director: Kirdy Stevens
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘A Taste Of Sugar’  On Re-Mastered   High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Taste Of Sugar was filmed during the time of the 1970’s sexual revolution. Society was moving toward more liberated and relaxed sexual norms. The women in Taste Of Sugar are all natural: with natural breasts and unshaved pubic bushes. We are even treated to Serena's signature naturally hairy underarms. The guys all have normal physiques. There are no overly muscular performers here. That makes it easier for viewers to relate to it. Serena is a goddess of beauty: perfect body, gorgeous face, luminous skin. The whole tone of Taste Of Sugar is sweet and good natured. The music is a bit cheesy at times, but tolerable. The sex is very hot, with Serena in the movie it couldn't be any other way.

Scene 1: The Taste Of Sugar story begins with the host and hostess of the Wedding Party discussing the plans for the rest of the afternoon. There's not much talk before things take a turn for the more interesting. He starts off by giving her a good licking up and down her pussy and then she repays the complement, keeping herself hot with her fingers. He penetrates her pussy in a couple of different positions before blowing his load onto her lovely unshaved peach fuzz. The scene is erotic and the actors look as though they are enjoying the sex.

Scene 2: Louise and Larry are now dressed and waiting for their party guests. Coach and Teach have a dangerous car drive across town, which must be difficult with a mouth wrapped around your cock, and arrive in time for some hot wife-swapping. Both girls give a good bit of head before some decent penetration.

Scene 3: The second scene has hardly finished when there’s a knock on the door. Larry pulls himself away from Teach’s mouth to answer the door to Mitch and Mona, getting himself a new suck and fuck partner in Mona. Mitch gets right on with screwing Teach, whilst Mona gives Larry the longest blowjob of the movie. Coach blows his loads on Louise’s snatch. Mitch doesn’t last long before blowing his load somewhere between his hand and Teach’s pubes before Teach resumes the reverse cowgirl penetration. Louise seems to enjoy watching this but her voyeurism is interrupted by the door. It is an ugly chap with a cake!

Coach is ready for more sex action and cuts in on Larry’s blowjob. Mona goes at them both; Coach gets the tongue, Larry gets the hand. Larry then takes her from behind while she continues to suck coach greedily. Larry pulls out and creams on Mona’s butt, but is able to resume the position afterwards like a trooper.

Scene 4: We get our first glimpse of the happy couple leaving the Registry Office. Sugar gives her husband his first ejaculation as a married man in the car and he makes a mess of his suit.

Scene 5: Louise has clothed herself once more to open the door the the guests of honour. There’s a few minutes of mock reluctance before the sex orgy begins. This is a really erotic scene, when the guys cum, their cocks are only out long enough to shoot their loads before piling back into the action. There’s a short double penetration scene before the delivery boy comes back for his tip. He’s not disappointed when Louise and Teach go to work on him. Teach cleans her post orgasm pussy.

The film is drawn to a close by the bride having her hairy pussy smothered in the wedding cake before the credits rolled.

This version of Taste Of Sugar is a transfer to DVD of a 1978 film shot on actual film. The sex is enthusiastic, the orgy scenes actually have some variety, and there is none of the trash talking many porn fans have come to loathe in modern films.

A Taste Of Sugar DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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