The Taking of Christina DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
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The Taking of Christina DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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The Taking of Christina - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
In Armand Weston’s The Taking Of Christina, the heroine is kidnapped by two psychopaths. They keep her captive at a remote cabin where they sexually abuse her. To avoid being murdered, she gets them to take her as they travel the country committing mayhem. When they finally take her home she proves that revenge not friendship is what is on her mind. This shocking thriller is based on a true event in California in 1974. The Taking Of Christina is a really powerful movie with hot sex scenes.
Starring: Bree Anthony, Roger Caine, Eric Edwards, Jack Thompson, Terri Hall, C.J. Laing
Director: Armand Weston
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘The Taking of Christina’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

Armand Weston is a movie director who seems incapable of making a bad film and The Taking Of Christina aka Adult Abduction or A Date with Death is no exception. The film is supposedly based upon an actual event that happened in California in 1974.

It is upstate New York in winter: We open with Christina, played by Bree Anthony, sitting alone and nude on her bed. She gets up, goes to her closet, takes out a wedding veil, puts it on briefly, admiring herself in it in her mirror, then removes it and goes to take a shower. There she stands, the water pounding on her flesh, imagining having sex with fiance, Larry, played by Jack Thompson. Christina is looking forward to her forthcoming wedding to her beloved Larry. The couple are both virgins, Christina insisting they wait for their wedding night before they have sex.

Christina and Larry are next shown leaving a movie theatre where Christina works. She complains to a the snack bar vendor of the violent nature of film they’ve just seen, which happens to be The Godfather II, to which her fiance responds that violence is the in thing in movies. They next head up to a local lovers lane where he fiancé pleads to let him have sex with her. She denies his request, wishing to remain a virgin until they are married. He takes her home where she is greeted by her grandfather who sits in the living room polishing his shotgun.

Frank, played by Roger Caine but credited as Al Levitsky, and and Sonny, played by Eric Edwards, are two recently released convicts. They are heading south to Florida and stop at a gas station. While the attendant is filling their car, Frank robs the cash register. However the attendant catches him and Frank quickly slashes his throat and he and Sonny speed off.

They end up at a local tavern for transients, lonely older men, and prostitutes. One of the hookers is Mary Jo, played by the gorgeous Terri Hall. This elegant hardcore star has a stunning, full breasted on-screen presence. The other is CJ Laing, who plays Louise.  Mary Jo and Louise head out to a small motel room near the bar where they begin to have sex with the violent robbers. However Frank soon becomes too brutal with the girls and is kicked out of the room. He feels rejected, saying he can get any girl he wants.

The next night Christina is standing in front of the movie theatre waiting for Larry to pick her up. Frank and Sonny rive past and Frank spots Christina. After trying to pick her up and failing to do so, he pulls her into the car, gagging and tying her up. They take her back to their shack where Frank brutally rapes the virginal Christina, ripping off her clothes as he does so. He leaves her alone with Sonny who is not quite so violent, but also forces her to have sex. The Taking Of Christina brutally and unflinchingly depicts her ordeal as kidnap and rape victim over the course of two days.

Now no longer a virgin, Christina manages to persuade the duo that, with her life in tatters she would rather go with them on the road than go back to her family. She tricks them into taking her home by telling them her parents are away and there are valuables they could steal. Christina takes her father’s shotgun and shoots Sonny in the face and pumps lead into Frank's genitals with the same mercy he showed her.

Bree Anthony gives a credible performance as Christina. She not only presents true versatility as an actress, going from an unassuming theatre employee engaged to be married,to her shockingly violent acts of revenge at the film’s conclusion. Co-stars Eric Edwards and Al Levitsky are also perfect as the two kidnappers. Levitsky, the more cruel of the two, is chilling as he attempts to terrorize and manipulate Christina. Edwards is strong as the kinder and gentler  criminal, who claims he really isn’t a bad guy but just got caught up in a bad situation.

Director Armand Weston skillfully crafts The Taking Of Christina into a part buddy film, part rape and revenge thriller, bringing in both sexexploitation elements and occasional moments of sentimentality and humanity. However, there is no getting around its dark and depressing nature.

Al Levitsky and Eric Edwards make for a contrasting pair of hoodlums. Most surprising, considering she was making her dirty movie debut, is Terri Hall’s sympathetic performance as the kind and classy lady of the night. A trivia in-joke occurs when her character tantalizingly strips for Larry and he remarks on how well she moves and asks if she’s a dancer. Though she smiles and denies this, in real life Hall had a background in ballet.

There is something very cold and distant about how Armand Weston presents all of the characters in The Taking Of Christina. In addition, his setting the film in a small town in the dead of winter perfectly compliments the coldness of both the situations and characters. The chilly cinematography by Joao Fernandes helps in keeping the film atmospheric, showing the emptiness of the town and the emptiness of the people living there.

Armand Weston pretty much abandoned this type of edgy, risk-taking material for the remainder of his movie making career. Like many porn movies made at the start of the so-called Golden Age, The Taking Of Christina contains scenes of rape and sexual violence that would not be tolerated in modern day pornography. Armand Weston seems to have no qualms about depicting scenes of brutal violence in this and other movies made by him.

The Taking Of Christina packs a very potent punch and is definitely not a couples film.

The Taking of Christina DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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