Never So Deep DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘ever So Deep’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink
Never So Deep DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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Never So Deep - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now On DVD
Gerard Damiano’s porn classic Never So Deep from 1981 has plenty of oral sex. Private eye Loni Sanders and sidekick Mike Ranger are engaged by girlie magazine publisher Huge Heffer to track down a hooker he met one drunken night. She had a butterfly tattoo on her butt and the ability to swallow his huge penis! The assignment takes them to the seamier side of San Francisco with all sorts of hot sex action along the way.
Starring: Loni Sanders, Randy West, Kelly Nichols, Hillary Summers, Kandy Barbour, Dana Dennis, Jeanette James, Renee La Paz, Roberty Lyon, Silvia Moser, Roxanne Potts, Maria Tortuga, Serena, Linda Reeves
Director: Gerard Damiano
Studio: VCX
Buy Classic Hardcore Porn Movie ‘ever So Deep’ On Re-Mastered And Reissued High Quality DVD From Gamelink

The leads in Golden Age porn movie director Gerard Damiano’s Never So Deep are Loni Sanders as private detective Ginger Truehart and Mike Ranger, who was her real life husband at the time, as her sidekick and lover, and both give great performances.

Never So Deep is recommended viewing for porn fans who enjoy watching the best oral sex scenes, and is also excellent porn fare for everyone else. Paul Thomas plays Huge Heffer, a send up of Hugh Heffner, who is disinterested in sex since the disappearance of the finest fellatio artist he ever knew. His secretary. The lovely Serena, calls on famous female detective Ginger Trueheart and  Sam Strong  to find the girl.

In the course of their search, Loni and Mike encounter Tara Aire, Brooke West, Victoria Slick, Lysa Thatcher, Richard Pacheco, and Mike Horner, among others. All the supporting cast does well. In a non-sex cameo role as a brothel Madame we see big breasted Carol Doda, the 1960's stripper who became notorious as the first of her profession to get her boobs surgically enhanced for career enhancement purposes.

The best sex scenes are the first with Loni and Mike, and the last with Maria and Paul. Both rise to the level of heat combined with real romanticism that is not unusual in 1980’s Golden Age porn movies but rare in the fuck and suck production line porn of today. The rest of the sex is also very watchable, especially a four-way with Mike and three of Carol Doda's girls.

In his day, Mike Ranger was overshadowed by the huge cocked porn superstud John Holmes, but overall Mike was the better sexual performer because Holmes had such a huge cock that he often had problems getting it fully hard. In terms of being a sexual athlete, Mike was on a par with Rocco Siffredi.

Armed only with the major clue that the top cock sucker has a butterfly tattoo on her ass cheek, they set out to earn the twenty grand bonus. The search takes them through a tour of the seamier side of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District and the notorious sex shows of the North Beach area.

A number of candidates are found, which leads to their oral technique evaluation and some slow motion cock sucking from Brooke West and Maria Tortuga via flashback. Richard Pacheco is hilarious as a swami, Carol Doda is an escort service manager, and Lynx Canon (formerly Jean Damage) is the booth babe who touts them to Maria.

Never So Deep was written, produced, and directed by Gerard Damiano, the man behind porn classic Deep Throat. You will be entertained as well as aroused throughout the entire running time. The acting is solid, and Loni Sanders is adorably giggly. The camera was manned by Harry Flecks, who was mainstream Hollywood cameraman Joao Fernandez, so the movie looks good too. What you see is what you get, typically enthusiastic Golden Age porn that is fun, fun, fun !

Never So Deep is nostalgic for anyone who enjoys classic porn, or fans who live in or know San Francisco. The city scapes, Bay Area views, and especially the shots of North Beach sex clubs of 30 years ago, are a trip down memory lane.

Never So Deep DVD - Classic Golden Age Porn Movie Now Re-Mastered And Reissued On DVD By VCX
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